Friday, December 21, 2012

A winter dip in the cold pacific

I have surfed 2 times since my last post...
Tis the season keeping me busy and the weather.

I can't remember the last surf experience I know it was At Blackies.... Been surfing Blackies a lot... It's where hubs likes to surf... But I need to mix it up soon.. Lol

Any way the only thing I remember from the time before last was I caught all the waves but nothing too extreme ... My hubs got his first surf owie
He wiped out and took a fin to his ripped his wetsuit... But did not cut his skin... Just Left a red mark and bruised.

So yesterday we surfed Blackies was in traffic and the cold temps were making me think twice about this decision! Then surf sucked low tide and waves at 1-2 no shape and air temp 45 and water at 56..
It was cold and I did take a while to warn up... But I have surfed colder before.

I caught one left 3 close outs i just rode in like a boogie board and 1 wipeout..
I got out because the cold was making my right leg and hip cramp.. And I could not surf any more.... Guess its part of being a Grandma ;-)

Hubs didn't catch but 1... He was experiencing the intimidation you feel after a wipeout from last time.. I kept telling him he just needed to catch one just one even If he pops up in white wash... To get over it...
He caught one and we called it a day!

But the day was clear and you could see Catalina Island and I just needed to be out there!

So I'm saying it was a good day surfing..
Then I spent the evening with hub on the boat while he worked the Christmas parade.... houses and boats with extravagant decorations and lights.... Really helps to get you in the Holiday spirit... And the friendly company and wine helped too!!

Like I said Tis the season!

Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas from me and mine!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Felt A Need To Blog

So as promised I will update you regarding the last couple surf sessions ... But the last day I surfed was Thanksgiving and I have been in a bit of a fog since .. With all that has been happening .. So I'm going to try and remember ... I really can't tell you exact days but close to them...

I believe the weekend before
Thanksgiving is the best place to start although I have had a few surf sessions prior...

One hubs and I surfed Blackies and I just remember it being such a fun day!!! I knew I needed it too... I just don't remember anything other than I out surfed hubs..
;-)....That always makes it a good day!

Any ways.. I was house sitting and using my friends boards ... Custom by Todd of Art in Motion...
On Saturday I used her 9'0 pig at Bolsa.. Single fin and a shape I never used before...very big fat wide tail and also wide in middle but rails thin and light...
Waves were small and mushy hard to catch ....

I was really interested and eager to see what this board was all about..

The paddle out was so easy and the board was so floaty... I was a bit surprised because of how thin it was..

I caught 2 I believe that day... 1 I paddled twice and the board did all the work... Fricken crazy... I loved it easy to surf and fun!!

Second one ...a bit more challenging ... But not the boards really had to work for the waves..but I was oh wait I caught it.. And quickly popped up.

That's all I remember about that surf session.. Except it was with Irma "she brought her doggie Peter" and Val surfed too.. We had a great talk in the parking lot
and my daughter Tabi and I ate at Mitsuwa after... And it was cold surf session!!

Following Monday...
Hubs surfed the pig and I surfed Susan's 8'0 single fin .. I thought it was going to be just like surfing Mo... But it was not :-(... We surfed Blackies and I just was not feeling it... I caught 3 waves and 1 wipeout .
1st wave I had the hardest time trying to pop up... My balance was off .... I was off as soon as I was on ..

2nd one ... I stood and rode but seem like a lot of work to balance...

3rd my wipe out and a lot of swallowed water... I HATE those salt water cocktails!!!

4th a boogie board style ride in to throw up the swallowed salt water!!

My favorite part of that day ... Randomly running into Jen outside..we were both"Hey!!!!"

I have to say I was so not in the right state of mind to be learning a new thoughts kept straying to Lorri and how she was doing .. Especially since the night before I heard she was taking a turn for the worse :-(..

So I was done surfing for the day..I was over it...

However hubs was still out there and there were some head high sets coming in... He even went for a few!! I held my breath and said out loud... What are you doing??!?!?

He had a few wipeouts ... But kept paddling back out for more!! I was wondering if he knew how big they were..??
I was proud of him.. But yet still worried and my stomach hurt watching him . And all the boards around him flying in the air... Never a good sign .. One guy was leash less and his board almost hit hubs as he was paddling for a wave.... My daughter and I both gasped at the same time.. I was like a worried mom... Just wanting him to come in!!

After that we returned Susan's boards and went back home ..

Then we surfed Thanksgiving morning..
Hubs grabbed the wrong wetsuit so he could not go in...

It was seriously Crazy crowded!! I could not believe how many people were out there...

My friend Laura and Artie showed up.. We surfed South side of pier.. Less crowds.
I caught 2 I think.... I just know 1 was amazing a real fun easy long left!! My wave of the month honestly!!

You know when you just get that one wave... THE ONE that just makes everything better?.. Yep I needed that!
Didn't stay out long but was very happy with that session..

Had to get back and make Thanksgiving dinner for Hubs family.. Our first without Uncle Gene.. Already an emotional time... Was preparing my veggies and Turkey..
But then I got the phone call I really did not want to hear.... Lorri left us that morning...

I have to say that wave was probably a heaven sent gift from my friend ....she knew I would need it!

Following are pix of the boards and my Udon noodle lunch from Mitsuwa--- that's for my boys KK and DD ;-)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Difficult times

I have not posted in a while... Since my last post... Me and my family have been hit with a few challenges... I don't know if that is the right word??
After the last surf session you read about I got a phone call a dear family member uncle Gene was in the hospital again...not doing well... Early within October...he was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer.We thought we had more time... It was only stage 2...
However the next day he came home..
He was put in Hospice care.. The following week (2 weeks ago)he passed away peacefully..

Hubs and I have surfed a few times to clear our heads and center ourselves...

On top of all this my unemployment ... More rejection e mails from job prospects and hubs work slowing down ... Really taking a financial toll on our household...This has put me in a not so great place... I'm not sure what we are going to do and what direction I should take. I'm feeling very misplaced.

My friend Lorri was gonna help me put things in perspective after the funeral and help me reinvent myself and get back on track.

The ocean is so healing and soothing and there when you need it most..
Non of the recent surf was very eventful...
But it was very healing and helpful...

While we were getting ready to attend Uncle Genes wake/rosary.... I got more sad news... That tore me apart.
My dear friend Lorri suffered a ruptured brain aneurism the outlook for her was not good...
But she made it to the hospital and survived surgery and every day seemed like a better day..however.. She was in critical condition and in coma the whole time...

My friend Susan and her family needed to go out of town last weekend and I pet/house sit for her.. She lives close to the beach... It's our little get away... I call it our Pseudo vacay home;-)
She always is so grateful we stay and take Care of her home and doggies... But I always feel its such a treat when we do! Plus she has a well stocked wine fridge we are allowed to raid... As long as we stay away from the top shelf :-D
Something we needed Perfect timing... She also let me use her state pass to get into Bolsa and use her Custom boards by Todd of Art in Motion.
Last weekend I surfed Bolsa... And Blackies using 2 of her boards ...
( I will do another post on that)

We came home from the beach on Monday...
I been getting ready for Thanksgiving ...during this time I have been trying to understand and cope with my friends condition.... We had a wonderful prayer group gathering on Tuesday for Lorri organized by a family that has become dear to me during this time as well.

The next day the Doctors met with Lorri's family and shared a poor prognosis ..

She left this earth yesterday... :-(

So... I have not been in a state of mind to blog...but I did receive an email last night from Bron in Australia.... Checking up on me.... And wondering where I have been??.

So I thought I would update you all...

I'm here...time will heal... The Ocean will soothe ...And I have amazing friends who are giving me love and support...I will be fine!

Right now I need to try and get some perspective on all this...

Here are a few pix from the last couple surf sessions and a walk I took in back bay by Susan's home.
And a pix of Lorri and one of Uncle Geno.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Surf at Bolsa

It was so much fun!!!!!

I was going to attend both Newport Beach Blackies and our Wahine Kai Bolsa Chica Halloween surf.. However being unemployed and gas prices... Left me to choose one or the other... So I chose the surf club event.

We had to wait till 10 am due to high tide.. Surf was not the best... But good enough!

We had a lot of fun... However I feel I did A lot of paddling and not a lot of catching waves...

I caught 4 ... They were not great.. One was short and sweet... One i stood up and the momento stopped so i was just standing on my board for a minute.. Not moving or nothing... Sort of funny. One i had great style and not a picture!! Then i had one where i did a lil jig on my board ... Lol and my last one I did not stand up.., just put my arms out while on my belly and flew in... All the way to shore!

It was hard staying on my board in a maids costume... I kept slipping off my board sideways.. Yes I surfed in my bikini with a maids costume thrown over and some board shorts! Thank goodness water was warm... But at first it was a tad shocking paddling out.. I was worried it was going to be too cold... But the sun was out and I was actually very warm!.. I also wore booties on my feet!
The costumes were so cool!!! My friend Irma was Wonder Women my friend Tracy was a pirate.. My friend Susan who won best costume at Bolsa was Carmen Miranda... She got best wipe out for the Blackies contest..and our club pres was a cow.. And there were much more!

Well I will now put on a ton of pix!! Much better than words !!! Enjoy...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

OK.. who is responsible for this???

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a writer from Shape Magazine..
She told me one of my blog readers suggested she interview me...
She informed me she posted on a fitness board stating she was looking for fit grandmas...and one of MY blog readers suggested she contact me and sent her my link.. said she was told "she hopes she can be you when she grows up"...and that is all I was told.

I was ecstatic and honored someone would suggest me!!! Thank You whoever you are! THAT WAS SO COOL OF YOU!

So after a few back and forth e-mails...I also submitted the only picture I have of both my grand kids and I. Because as you know my oldest son is in the Army and lives on base in another state. I have only seen my grand daughter 4 times. She is now 4! So the picture I submitted was a year old..I didn't want to leave her out.. I love BOTH my grand babies with all my heart!

She came up with this little piece on me.. I am Grandma #6 and the only one in this article who surfs.. ALTHOUGH I personally know some other amazing surfing Grandma's!
I also want to say ALL the Grandma's in this piece are pretty awesome!!

It is under 10 fit grannies who rock..

Now lets see if I can post it..

If the link does not work.. I am posting the page to check it out.. pretty cool if I do so so myself!"

In other news.. I am doing the Halloween Surf tomorrow with my surf club.. PICTURES TO COME.. this should be fun.. so stay tuned....

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Surf surf and more surf

Wow!!! Something I have not done in a while... Surfed 3 days in a row..
.... And you know what if I had gas $$$ and time it would have been till Friday!!

Since I already wrote about Monday...(the best day) I will just update you all on Tuesday and Wednesday...

Tuesday I ended up at the Beach late... Like after 1 pm.. I had to run my son around .... A bit bummed because I did hear Tuesday in the a m was better than Monday morning:-(
Any way when I got there it was a tad breezy... Onshores... And 1 foot walled dumperamas!!!!!
I decided I really needed to build up my paddle muscles and the water was warm plus there were other surfers out there... so I threw on my long sleeve red rash guard and board shorts went and just paddled around for an hour and caught just one shoulder... A short little left.. Felt like as soon as I was on the board I was rash guard kept creeping up while paddling it was very uncomfortable... Note to self don't use red rash-guard again.
... And that was that for Tuesday!

Wednesday was a different story!!!
Hubs tells me the night before we are getting up to surf at 5 am... But if you read the tide.. It is not going to be good till like 9am... He is all about being early and missing traffic...
... But guess who got to sleep in till 6 am?? And yes we had terrible traffic :-(
We got to the beach about 7:30-7:45...
Tide was low and no shape they were a lot of walled close outs... I told hubs...let's wait it is not looking good to me... I think later wil be better.. ( I am so proud I'm finally really reading and understanding surf charts and reports and waves now) it took a while and I still question myself...
When we were driving down I noticed the flag at Hoag hospital was flying in the direction of offshore winds... But at the beach the flag was barely moving .. Bit when it did .. Everytime I looked at it .. Was a different direction.. But mostly the winds were coming from the south..

At this time I went to get a yogurt and noticed a familiar looking face at a van.. On my way back I said hey.. Are you the guys from the blog the Oh Sea? The one kid said yeah. I told him I enjoyed his blog and l love the pictures I introduced myself as the surfing grandma of the OC (ha like i'm anyone!! )Nice kids.. If you never seen the blog it is one I have on the right > here that I follow.. Check them out.. They seem to travel a lot too.. To me the blog is like a surf mag.. Pix are awesome!!

After walking back to the wall one of our surf compadres ,Todd pulled up and asked how it looks ? I said a bit closed out.. He looked and said yep... It's walled but should get better a bit later.( Todd is Art in Motion and has really cool boards).. He actually commented on Mo,said it had a nice shape.. I told him how Mere Made Surfboards came to be.. And he agreed looks like V is a natural!!!

The line up was already getting crowded... I know there were peeps out who would come in at 8 am before they start charging at the meters... But there were a lot of people headed out to surf as well... So hubs decided we should go and get a place in the line up... So we did ..

Today I wore my shorty... After the annoying rash guard incident of yesterday.
The waves were 1-2 when we went out with an occ 3 and still not much shape... I paddled for a few but ... These guys out there were a tad bit of wave hogs and would not let me catch anything... They are men and have way more paddle power than I and I really felt like this one guy was paddle battling me ...every time I went for a wave so did he ...And of course he got it..I went and almost got one but as soon as it was gonna catch, I was on top looking over the falls I felt and heard rumbling under my board ..that wave was ready to just crash... So I backed off right before it dumped and closed out.. That was totally gonna be a wipe out..
I think hubs was having issues with the guys And moved down a bit, he called me to come over.. I was standing my ground with Mr. Wave hog!!! I wanted him to know he was not gonna chase me away!!! Really lets Bully a gal who is not gonna catch much any way... There will be plenty for all.. Not like we had to wait long for a set..
But... I was not catching anything... So I went inside to try and catch a few ..caught one in.

I stood out and watched where hubs was surfing... He caught a wave...they now were getting shape and were waist to chest high... With a few (i say this generously) over head... He kept waving at me to come out... Geesh he looked like a mad man waving his arms like I cant see him.. I Did the hold on gesture give me a minute..and no not with my middle finger!(don't think I don't know my surf boys kk and dd were thinking that) ;-)
I was watching and deciding where to paddle ... Waves were getting bigger but better...

I waited for a break, then paddled out
Sue was out there catching everything.. She amazes me.. She is a retired school teacher and I heard she comes down from up North to surf occasionally!! She is always there when I am just about..I don't always surf Blackies ... But it's where hubs likes to surf.. So I think it's funny when I'm at Blackies Sue is :-)

Any way we perched up next to a lady we surf with from time to time ,
today I got her name Kim... She was nice and another Asian gal was out... She was paddling for a wave I was encouraging her .. She kept looking back and I said don't look back just paddle you got this paddle paddle paddle .. She caught the wave I hooted and hollered she came back smiling, I said .., told you you had it! She said she loved the encouragement and cheering :-). I said yeah I'm better at calling other waves than catching my own! But she caught every wave she went for.. Not like she needed the encouragement.

I did catch one it was fun!
Hubs caught one with Kim .. She went left he went right.. Actually looks like he had been surfing for longer than he has... Hmph!! I have to admit he is out surfing me.. But I'm sure if he tried Mo it would be a different story.. I mean c'mon ... Any one can catch waves on a 9'6... Right???

Well as you can tell the vibe was much better.. We were having fun.. The ocean was so clear.. There were a few dolphins swam by way outside.. I saw a school of big a$$ fish walking back out.. Looked like one massive shadow and spooked me for a bit..Hubs said they were Corbina... And I spotted 3 dinner plate size sting rays and one crab! Sometimes I think it's better when you don't see what's under you.. LOL...
Well we were out a little over 2 hours... I just did not have paddle power left. Final score hubs 3 me 2!

We went,had some bloody Mary's at our watering hole.. Then stopped at crab cooker to get some smoked albacore for lunch... Headed home made lunch then took a nap:-)

Below are just a few pix from Tuesday and Wednesday... Too busy surfing to get any pix of surfing ;-)

Really I have to find a job?? This is much more fun!!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Blackies on a Monday Morning

So I am lil bummed about losing my job.. it really sank in..... I am unemployed!!!!
I am relieved.. but yet still wonder why they let me go?? What was it that made them make this decision? ALL I was told is that the job and I were not a good fit...BUT what made them say that? I have never been let go before... everywhere else I worked my employers really loved me!!! To this day I can get Rave reviews by them....
I know I should not happen for a reason.. it is done.. IT is a good thing.. I really was not happy there any way.. I should just move on!

So I reluctantly have.. I filed again for unemployment.. ugh! I also went on 2 interviews last Friday...

BUT today.. I had to clear my hubs was planning on surfing this morning before work.. and I decided to join him. He drove his truck and I our Tahoe. I beat him to Blackies...

When we first got there it was 1 foot and the surf report did say 1' and poor. BUT the water was warm and I just wanted to get out and cleanse my soul...

I packed my 3/2 and really wished I had my shorty..The sun was out even at 7 am I was already warm..and the water temp was amazing.

We paddle out and the paddle out was easy.. I went far outside.. I just wanted to sit a while and bask in it and meditate for a moment..MY hubs is yelling at me your too far out come in more. I said SHUT UP..I know, I want to be here.. DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!.. seriously I have been surfing longer than him..and duh I have a smaller board I know where I need to be!
The guys in the line up got a chuckle out of it.. and made some funny remarks... like whoa don't mess with her! I said HEY I have been with him for 17 years I earn the right to talk to him like that. LOL!

The ocean started picking up and the waves went from 1 footers to 2-3 and so clean and glassy!

I went after my first wave and rode it to shore..a lovely rather long left.. especially for that break! I needed that I MEAN.... I REALLY needed that!!!!

I paddle back out and was so happy..but noticed I really am out of shape with paddling..I need to build back up my paddling muscles.

I took another left and I took one that just broke on me and I rode the white wash in..and I had another left but as I was popping up a guy was on it coming right at me.. But it all worked out I got up and went left, right in front of him.. NO collision..but I think he was not too happy with me.. yikes.. SORRY DUDE!! I really didn't mean it..and honestly I didn't see him till last minute. WELL I caught four lefts in about an hour or so...

Hubs caught 2 nice rides...then his leash broke.. so we went in..

We had breakfast at charlie chili's I had egg white omelette with tomatoes, mushrooms and sausage with a side of fruit. Hubs had a breakfast plate with eggs, bacon, sausage and home fries and wheat toast.

Then after talking a bit with the blackie's crew.. we went our separate ways..him to work and me ...I went to the frog house and bought him a new leash...then..
I trotted off back to home to get some chores done and dreadfully file once again for unemployment!

I don't want to jinx it,..but I may have a good job lead!! The job I interviewed for on Friday..may be the one!! Maybe..but at this point.. I just say whatever happens... happens and what is meant to be is meant to be!!

Again.. I will try to get some more surf time under the belt.. I would like more of today please!!!!

Dory Fleet Fish Market

Thursday, October 11, 2012

What is really important!!

Well I lost my job today..
.. They said it was not a good fit! Yep I agree!! I was not very happy there...

So I feel relief! But I soo do not want to do the whole unemployment thing again!

Any way I guess I get some more surf time under my belt .... Just in time for gas prices to skyrocket :-/

Well as seen in this picture... I know what is truly important and what Makes me Happy!! Being A Grandma.... And the simple things in life :-D

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Doheny saves me again....

This was my wave of the day...I even rode it in with a cute stance and some style for once..but the only pix was after I was done and jumped of the back of my board.. I think it is a cool pix none the less!

It's been a while since I have been able to surf...write my blog.....exercise... Or do much of anything else.
Between being sick...working a new job, with longer hours than i am use too..also a bit stressed by my job.. It's not what I was told it was gonna be and I am still not a fan of it... But trying to go with the flow and put a positive spin on it... Keyword "trying". Also we have a very close family member who's is extremely ill.. That is a really hard one to speak about right now :-( plus everything is breaking around me ... Just recently my Tahoe... Which the repairs took up what we had in our bank account... (still at i hope its not more!!)Oh well at least it's getting fixed and it could have been worse!

It's all been taking a toll on me.. I was not doing well at all the last couple weeks!!
I am finally feeling better health wise but still have this lingering cough. As a matter if fact paddling out there today made me cough a lot.

So what I have been needing more than ever is to get a surf session under my belt!

I did!!!!I did!!! Doheny saves me again!!

It was not the best surf day... Was so hard to catch lots of paddling for nothing ... Only caught 2 closed out on me and then reformed inside and that was a fun ride!!! The other was a short ride I caught inside..
I almost had a perfect wave... But an out of place paddle boarder came and swooped it away from me..

He didn't know at DoHo the paddle boarders are not allowed to be where the surfers are...the lifeguard went on the bullhorn "after I was done surfing" telling him he needed to move to the other side... My friend Kathleen also had a lil word with him.. He had no idea why everyone was yelling at him... I kind of felt sorry for him... But still perturbed he took my wave!

Everyone was in the same boat we (our surf club) and my hubs and April's hubs all surfed ...we had like 12+ people out there. At one time it was all of us paddling for the same wave and not a one of us could catch it!! We were a cornucopia of surfers with various skill levels on boards ranging from 6 - 10 feet... And we all had the same kind of day..

But the water was warm!! I wore my shorty!!! The sun was out!! There were some off shores because when the wave broke inside and i was sitting outside i watched the beautiful spray dancing on top of the wave!. But it didn't feel very windy to me...
Of course.... Can never have a bad day when I'm with my surf girls!!!
I look like a neanderthal evolving in this

One of our gals my good friend Artie took a board to her face last week at San O and has a few stitches on her lip.. She sat out but came for support and was our photographer... I have no pix yet.. But If and when they get posted I shall add some !

So this day helped me a lot... It helped me clear my mind...focus on the positive and get some much need water time.

Since I have no pix ... I stole this icon from someone a while back... It fits this occasion ;-)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Well I should post something!

It was pointed out to me it's been awhile since I posted! Sorry no pix this time. I just added one I took a while back... It expresses what I'm feeling.

I have only been out one time since the last post.... That was almost 2 weeks ago...Just to paddle out and get that zen feeling... I was still feeling sick... And I still am... But I paddled for a few regardless... Even when I first paddled out... My lungs were burning... That's when I knew I had bronchitis... I caught 2 waves ... 1 wipeout and 1 I rode all the way in! I so did not have the energy to paddle back out... And only after 45min.

Well hubs last 2 surf sessions at Doho really burst his confidence ... He was catching a few waves from the outside at Bolsa.... A first for him!

As a matter of fact he went surfing today with MY friends!.... I am not sure how I feel about this.. I think I created a monster!!! Ha!

In other news working my new job and still sick! & Not a Happy Person... But I'm trying to put on a front...

Went to Doctors last week was diagnosed with bronchitis ... Prescribed a Z PAC ....
Thought Sunday and Monday I was getting better!
Today woke up nauseated and hot like my body was on fire and just worn!
Still went to work thinking I would feel better as the day went on... But I felt worse and kept getting dizzy! I went home from work early... And made another Dr. Apt for tomorrow... Im in week 6 of this!!
I took a nap when I got home and now I can't sleep... But still feel like crap .. Im sure my writing is probably giving off that vibe...


I am SO not me right now! And I'm at the point where I'm starting not to care about anything! My life is not a bowl of cherries currently and I can't even surf to center myself....

Well that is all...I just want to get well so I can get back on track and be me!!

Was suppose to go on a surf camp trip to San Elijo this weekend.... Its been planned for months and gonna surprise one I my fav peeps with a visit!!! Hmmm who could that be... ???

Anyway I just backed out.... So you know I'm sick if I am not going camping at my favorite place surfing with my best of friends :-('s what I live for!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A lil update

Last weekend I went to Doheny again... Waves were 2-3 and the water was so warm.... Like 75 degrees warm!

But I didn't get to surf.... No.... But my hubs got to surf with MY friends at MY favorite surf break! That is just WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

But I been sick and needed to save my strength for my first day at work...

Any way so I have been and still am sick ... My first day of work was not the greatest ... I coughed non stop all day! I was so embarrassed! :-(
So I am trying to absorb things while sick and not myself. I was drained and tired and stressed and was in bed before 9 pm.
As for my job.... I'm not sure yet... I don't even know what I'm suppose to do...things are not very organized.. Plus they use different computer programs and systems than I'm use to... Also the equipment in the office is a little more high tech than anywhere i work before... Which is kinda cool, but still frustrating at the same time....But hey it's only been 2 days I'm sure I will get it eventually.
Everyone In the office seem very nice and it seems like a fun nice place to work.
Also if I felt better, I probably would be looking at this differently. Plus I need to feel it out. And figure out my niche and when I do... Eventually I will be fine....I HOPE!

Why can't I just surf when I want and money magically appear???

Any way so here Are some pix from last weekend...