Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm back... Or experimenting I phone blogging...

Ok I have a few things to report...I shall start with I purchased an I attempting to blog from it

Now this is interesting , so we shall see how it goes...not only trying to figure out blogger on this thing ...I'm also still learning it..I do want to say its better than the blackberry.. But I seriously feel like a Grandma learning new technology...and this small print is killing my eyes!

I also got into the water Saturday, for 1 1/2 hours. Went to Blackies... Very choppy a bit breezy and lots of close outs. .... I rode 4 close outs.. 2 just on my knees... I was having problems popping up on that bumpy crap..I had 1 wipeout , which was my first wave.,, but the water was warm and I worked my paddling muscles... And it was just plain nice to be out there!!

However of course Saturday at Blackies and the start of summer equals crowds and the "Shoobies"

Crowds can = crowded surf line and that is no fun... I almost had a bad incident.. I was going after a wave and was in motion and just about to pop up and I guy behind me yells look to your left!!!! I did and this guy was whizzing down the line comming right at me!!! He was coming from far away but fast! I backed off my board I swear it was like mid drop !!! And the nose of my board almost j
Kissed his board.. It was a very close call!!! But whew... No incident!!

My arms were feeling it surf was getting worse.. So I came in.

I had to spend the day out there. We went to a fun going away/pacquio fight party that night.

Complete with a Tahitian fire dancer and amazing food and the best people! Funny a lot of people who surf Blackies were there, who I see all the time ...but just met that night! Great fun!!!

In other news filed for unemployment "payment is a joke" and got the amount for Cobra and it cost $100 more a month then what I receive in unemployment benefits!!! So looking into "affordable" "cough cough" medical insurance "is that even a real thing?" ha! Also sent out a few resumes.... :-)

Ok so there's my update! And I actually have been in good spirits through all this .. Just wish had more gas $$ and surf time!

I have NO idea how to post pictures from the I phone to this blog!!!