Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A lot of surfing!

View of Newport from Superior...on Tuesday I think?

This blogging from the I phone is a pain! I got my laptop up and running.. But no Internet yet! So when I have time will add pictures to this post when I get near some wifi.(found some wifi..hence the pix)

I do want to say... I have surfed A lot lately .... At least for me!

Thursday Cliffs again! Not the best day. Nothing like the day before, and it was June gloom! But still any day surfing is better than not!

Friday was gonna surf, we house/pet sat 5 miles from the beach and I planned on a sunset surf... That did not happen! Just was too tired after all the packing and unpacking and driving in traffic with 2 teenage girls!
Saturday did a Birthday surf for my friend Laurie..Bolsa... I was rocking it that day! Best surf day of week! I stop counting after my 5th wave!
Then I had to run home and check on the doggies I was watching.. Well not my home but you get it! Then drive back to HB and had a birthday luncheon at Fred's, for the Birthday girl! Then we walked around Main Street for a bit!

Sunday yet another Birthday surf for another friend.... Cathy, at Bolsa again... Same time same tower a day later.. Surf conditions so different .... I caught 2 rides and nothing great! I did jump off my board after a wave and stepped on something slimey that moved!! Eeeewww. prob a ray! Lucky I did not get stung! Laurie said she did the same thing right after me! She says ita a flounder haha! Hubs surfed with me that day and we both went after the same wave and were gonna go straight.. And we both went over the falls! My friend said she was wondering where we were and when she looked down the line she saw 2 boards flying up in the air... She said oh there they are! Haha well a couple that surfs together wipes out together!

Took Monday off to rest!

Tuesday ... Today Back to HB. Irma,Jen,Cathy and I were gonna meet,South of Pier but the NSSA championships were happening.The other girls ended up surfing North of Pier, but, I went to the cliffs yet again and met Irma. Met the guy who was folding his wetsuit the last time I was there. He came up to me on his skateboard today, his name is Calvin and he is such a mellow dude with a good vibe!

Well surf was small but there was some shape! But not a lot of push really.. Still fun! My wave that stood out today was... I caught it, went left.. Thought my ride was over, but it reformed inside and went right! That was very cool!!! I went left saw the face reform on my right and so I turned my board and took it to shore!

Dolphins came out to play and there was a momma and a baby. That was so cool! Then there were the Pelicans again! They were dive bombing us! I screamed one time scared the crap out of me! Big splash right next to me! Then a few minutes later one made Irma yelp as it dived right next to her! The other day when we surfed I can't remember which day but the Pelicans were flying right over us while pasdling out! I swear if you lifted your head at the right moment... A pelican would have taken you out! Can you imagine having a pelican take you off your board! They are like mini pterodactyl!!

Whew so much surf! I'm surprised my arms have not fallen off!

Well I was thinking of surfing tomorrow, but I won't have a ride! But I have surf plans for Friday and a am and pm surf planned for Saturday!... So stay tune and check back later for pictures ...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy International Surf Day!!! & First day of Summer

Ok so in this pix.. i need to work on looking up and not down when I surf.. LOL!! I wish I had a bit more style.. But Hey I am standing up and riding so!!!

Yay I got to hijack my friends computer!!! So I can blog about today and add pix to the blogs that were lacking them =),, go ahead go back and look..You know you want to!

Any way had a very fun surf session today on this international day of surf.

Girls from my surf club planned on meeting and surfing at the cliffs (HB)which by the way is now becoming my favorite surf spot. Even though surf conditions are sooo lacking lately. I just always have fun at that spot regardless.

Any way there were like 6 or 7 of us girls out there. Just having a good time in what surfline calls 1-3 poor waves. Yes again with the bumpy close outs. I caught and rode a few of those today.

I have 3 that stood out.(not necessarily in a good way.. ha)

1 wave I caught trying to paddle back out and go between Laura and Cathy who were coming at me. The wave took me and I almost got the back of Cathys board. I was on that bumpy ride and stood up at the end.. ha!.. not bad for an accidental ride.

2 wave I was going after and Laura was paddling in..and I litterally dropped right on top of her, i was trying to go right..in a closing out wave.. and I went right over her and she had to duck under me. I was so worried I was gonna hit her head. I would never want to do that tooo anyone..let alone someone I consider a very GOOD friend...Again. I am sorry Laura.. love ya!(she was ok and thankfully, I didnt hit her)

3 wave... omg.. I caught it and it was like riding a bunking bronco..that wall of white water was bumping me right and left and litterally my board was smacking up and down. I just needed a cowgirl hat and a lasso!! Yelled Yee ha! I finally stood up at the end of that.

I also caught another wave.. where I am gonna do my best to describe this.. It was like floating on the white wall for the longest time.. then inside it actually turned into a wave with a bit of shape, and I went left down the face for a short time. The floating experience was a longer ride.

My friend Laurie said I should have seen my facial expression, my mouth was wide open.. I dont know if it was out of happiness or bewilderment at how I was on that wierd ride.. I really hope my description made sense!

Water was cooler but still clean and I still went bootiless. Sun was just starting to peak through as we were leaving!

Any way what a great morning with great girls!

Chatted up with some of the sweetest guys parked next to me. They were folding their wet suits all nice and neat.. and I told them i just threw mine in a bag and it was all balled up. HA! They also offered me a big bottle of warm water to clean up..but my friend Laurie gave me some.. so I used hers..I love when the vibe is good all the way around. What a great way to end a surf session!

Then said good bye to a few of the girls, others were still in the water.

My friend Laurie and I hit up the secret spot for after surf breakfast.. yummy.. pier bowls is what we both had!

Then I followed her home and took over her laptop! Thanks Laurie.. she rocks she always lets me use her stuff.. remember my birthday staycation.. I took over her house. ;-)! Yep I am lucky to have such great friends!

Well if all goes well this was day 1 of my 6 days of planned surfing extravaganza.. so stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2 surf sessions 2 different breaks

I really wish I could post pictures from the I Phone.

First Last Friday was my wedding anniversary and hubs woke me up At 5:00sh in the morning,to surf! His plans were to surf and then go out and have a nice lunch at a place called Sabatinos.

So we were in the water at 6:45 and surfed till about 9 am... Surf was again not the greatest. Water was warm and clean and the vibe was good!
I caught 1 fun right and again some close outs. Hubs came outside with me but was catching waves inside....He is still not comfortable catching outside. I saw him take one nice ride with good form! I cheared for him from the outside!

We also were surrounded by 4-5 SUP's that all of a sudden multiplied from 1 to like 5! They were cool to me when I went after waves they backed off. But poor hubs inside every time he went after a wave ..... A paddled boarder was already on it.

Waves were about 2-3 and the wind picked up right before we got out! It got very bumpy and hard to paddle out.

When we got out my friend Irma was running in for a quick session before she had to go to work! I saw her catch a fun long right.

We also saw a few other friends and then I got dressed and we went to hubs local bar for some bloody Mary's... Nothing like a liquid breakfast after surf..;-)

Then went to a friends house for a bit (we get to pet/house sit for her this comming weekend) yes less than 5 miles from the beach!!!

Then we hit Sabatinos had a nice bottle of wine and an amazing sausage pasta dish!

I had a very nice Anniversary day! Hubs did good planning it out! Later I made dinner and we rented some movies from redbox!

Then Saturday I woke up early again to meet my friend Artie to surf and do a beach trash pick up.

Artie wanted to surf at 7 am... Her employer organized a beach clean up from 9-11 am
So I get up early again , make the drive to HB state beach. I have never surfed here and we were just right of the river mouth.

Wow what a work out, long walk from the car to the water... That hike in sand carrying Mo, was a lil tougher than I thought! Than the paddle to get outside was a lil farther than I thought too, plus I was tired from the previous day events.

Surf conditions a lil better than Fridays..water still clean and warm... But still not a lot of shape to the waves... I got one nice left and again a few close outs. One was so bumpy I could not stand up for the longest time.. I almost was washed off my board my body was pushed off the side .... But I held on and almost at he end I did stand up and rode for a minute..... It was crazy! I laughed so hard after!

Artie rode a wave inside but it didn't take her in all the way. Her board hit her chin and she was bleeding... But thankfully it was not bad at all.

We did the beach clean up. I filled up a big heavy bag and I took a second small bag. Again what a workout walking on that sans and picking up trash for 2 hours! We had a nice pile of trash when we were done! I really wish people would pick up after their selves!! I also think all surfers and anyone who has a love for the ocean should participate in beach cleanups!

Well that's it for now... Was suppose to surf Sunday but I needed to do some chores and was told I surfed a lot this week! Which cost $$ for gas and parking ... So I took a few days off.. But I think I'm going to surf 6 days in a row starting tomorrow ( (International Surf Day)

Plus Friday - Monday house sitting close to beach... Hopefully get a few sunset surf in as well!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

HB & 1 Right

Basically that was my whole 20 minutes in the water today.

Met my friend Laura, South side of pier. Of course my luck drive all the way out there and the wind picks up...boo!

Laura was having difficulties and for her to be in that position I know it's yucky conditions! But I did take a shoulder and got a nice right...bumpy as all heck but eventually stood up and enjoyed the ride!

As I was paddling back out I see Laura perfectly position and pop up and that wave pitched her head first with the board coming down right on top of her! I was cringing!!! Whew, she is OK!!! After that she said ok time to go In..and If "Miss Trestles" says its time to go in.... Damn straight I'm right behind her!

After that she went to meet a friend for a bike ride and I was invited but, I went beach combing for sea glass!

Then decided to finally use a gift certificate I got for Christmas from Victory Koredry.. I got two rash guards for $50.. A short sleeve and a long sleeve.They really cater to the SUP Crowd, but the guys were chill product looks good for the price... So I say check them out.. Warehouse is located in HB.., website is victorykoredry.com

And looks like I should be surfing thurs.-sun woo hoooo!

Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm back... Or experimenting I phone blogging...

Ok I have a few things to report...I shall start with I purchased an I phone...an attempting to blog from it

Now this is interesting , so we shall see how it goes...not only trying to figure out blogger on this thing ...I'm also still learning it..I do want to say its better than the blackberry.. But I seriously feel like a Grandma learning new technology...and this small print is killing my eyes!

I also got into the water Saturday, for 1 1/2 hours. Went to Blackies... Very choppy a bit breezy and lots of close outs. .... I rode 4 close outs.. 2 just on my knees... I was having problems popping up on that bumpy crap..I had 1 wipeout , which was my first wave.,, but the water was warm and I worked my paddling muscles... And it was just plain nice to be out there!!

However of course Saturday at Blackies and the start of summer equals crowds and the "Shoobies"

Crowds can = crowded surf line and that is no fun... I almost had a bad incident.. I was going after a wave and was in motion and just about to pop up and I guy behind me yells look to your left!!!! I did and this guy was whizzing down the line comming right at me!!! He was coming from far away but fast! I backed off my board I swear it was like mid drop !!! And the nose of my board almost j
Kissed his board.. It was a very close call!!! But whew... No incident!!

My arms were feeling it surf was getting worse.. So I came in.

I had to spend the day out there. We went to a fun going away/pacquio fight party that night.

Complete with a Tahitian fire dancer and amazing food and the best people! Funny a lot of people who surf Blackies were there, who I see all the time ...but just met that night! Great fun!!!

In other news filed for unemployment "payment is a joke" and got the amount for Cobra and it cost $100 more a month then what I receive in unemployment benefits!!! So looking into "affordable" "cough cough" medical insurance "is that even a real thing?" ha! Also sent out a few resumes.... :-)

Ok so there's my update! And I actually have been in good spirits through all this .. Just wish had more gas $$ and surf time!

I have NO idea how to post pictures from the I phone to this blog!!!