Saturday, October 27, 2012

OK.. who is responsible for this???

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a writer from Shape Magazine..
She told me one of my blog readers suggested she interview me...
She informed me she posted on a fitness board stating she was looking for fit grandmas...and one of MY blog readers suggested she contact me and sent her my link.. said she was told "she hopes she can be you when she grows up"...and that is all I was told.

I was ecstatic and honored someone would suggest me!!! Thank You whoever you are! THAT WAS SO COOL OF YOU!

So after a few back and forth e-mails...I also submitted the only picture I have of both my grand kids and I. Because as you know my oldest son is in the Army and lives on base in another state. I have only seen my grand daughter 4 times. She is now 4! So the picture I submitted was a year old..I didn't want to leave her out.. I love BOTH my grand babies with all my heart!

She came up with this little piece on me.. I am Grandma #6 and the only one in this article who surfs.. ALTHOUGH I personally know some other amazing surfing Grandma's!
I also want to say ALL the Grandma's in this piece are pretty awesome!!

It is under 10 fit grannies who rock..

Now lets see if I can post it..

If the link does not work.. I am posting the page to check it out.. pretty cool if I do so so myself!"

In other news.. I am doing the Halloween Surf tomorrow with my surf club.. PICTURES TO COME.. this should be fun.. so stay tuned....


  1. Since BLOGGER changed..I have not been able to attach links..and I cant figure it out.. ANY ONE KNOW so I can just post the link and you can click it and it opens the page.. I have tried on previous posts in the past..but no luck. IT USE TO BE SO EASY!! What happen?

    I am not a reader of Shape magazine but I would have definitely suggested you because I am a big fan of yours :)
    cool article! Congrats

  3. Not sure about the posting links situation, but THAT IS AWESOME that you got an article done about you. I'm sure you'll be an inspiration to those that read the article. Too bad you couldn't submit a pic of you getting barreled too!

  4. Great article and really cute picture! Congratulations on having a story done on you, that is awesome! Bron :)

  5. ME!!!! As soon as she asked for suggestions, you were the first person that came to mind. I was wondering if she reached out to you! Oh Michelle!! This makes me so very happy to hear! Going to check out the article now!

    1. Thank you Christine!!! That was so cool of you!!
      I was do surprised to get the e mail from Charlotte.. And when she said the reader wanted to be like me... I seriously blushed! You are too kind!
      Also so glad to hear you and your family are safe!!! You were on my mind the whole time during the storm !

    2. You're so welcome and thank you for thinking about us this week. PS I love that picture of you and your grandkids. You all look so happy!