Monday, August 8, 2011

Still Out of Commission =(

So the shoulder is still not working.. been going to the chiropractor for a week now. My schedule is every other day. Some things feel better and some things feel bruised and feels like the pain is traveling, as he is working on one area, the next day I feel pain in another. Apparently I am pretty out of sorts... 2 pinched nerves in the neck. 2 ribs out of alignment a few discs out of whack. I guess that is what happens when you get thrown off your surfboard when you are in your 40's. BUT even though it hurts to lift a 1 liter water bottle with my right arm... AND... I have been put on hiatus from surfing and running till further notice. I still want to go out in the water even if it is for 20 minutes. I AM DRYING OUT HERE! I need it!

I think I may attempt a lil something tomorrow just to get wet. Doc did approve for me to attend a paddle out for my husbands friend this Saturday. Just wish it was happier circumstances to get on my board.

Any other surfers frequent chiropractors? I would like to hear from you and your stories. This is my first chiropractic adventure and was not sure about it. GUESS I am or was expecting immediate relief. ALL I have to say it Thank Goodness I finally got some health insurance and he takes it.