Saturday, January 21, 2012

Better Than Not Surfing

It is Thursday and of course my day off. I have to pick surf either Thursday or Friday..because I was not sure IF I would be able to surf both days. I decided on Thursday after I received a few text messages that surf was not too bad. SMALL but doable. At first I headed to the time I got there the only surf able spot was just North of the Pier... the rest was just mush!..BUT of course everyone was right where the waves were and crowded in like sardines. SO I get another text.. Cliffs look good. SO I make a phone call to my friend who was headed to Blackies to meet me, nix Blackies meet at Cliffs. We meet up right at where the dog beach ends.

Waves looked good, saw some guys on rides no bigger than waist high..and even though they were not the best conditions. People were out.. so we suited up. The tide was low and we had a bit of a paddle out to get outside. But the paddle out was not too hard. Just long.

The Husband tagged along and did some fishing from shore. He is suppose to attempt surfing soon. BUT I am not sure how I feel about that yet. THAT I will save for another post. HA!

Any way the waves are soft like marshmallows. THEY looked big and were breaking far out. BUT they were hard to catch. I got one from the outside a nice long left.. It started to peter out a bit..but I can feel there was still something, SO I pumped my board ..the best you can a 9'0..and a little wave reformed inside... So I got a little longer ride.. Not all the way to shore. I didn't want to tire myself out paddling.

OK that felt good.

I try for more and nothing. They looked like they were gonna be BIG and I paddled and paddled and paddled nothing. Most of the waves outside had big drops and were closing out.. I decided to try inside. Inside the waves had a little more shape..BUT SOFT AS HELL. I just could not get any. SO back out I went.. I caught one more ride. It was short and slow right..but it was a ride. I jumped off my board when my board just stopped.. Still not too far inside..but again. It was a ride.. AND really that was it. I was out a little over an hour and had two rides. Nothing amazing..but better than nothing.

My friend got a few rides.. she also had a bit of a wipe out. Here are her words on that day.
"goldenwest wasn't bad it was soft but if u caught outside had some fun fast pitchy drops not long rides though fast close outs i was on one looked back at face and it dropped out so fast i got hurled under did a nice back somersault came up with board behind me. waves definitely not dribblers! nice sunny day and am glad we surfed"

So All in all it was a good day.

I ended up not surfing Friday. Heard conditions were not so great any way. I had to do some errands in the morning and was hoping maybe some afternoon surf would appear. BUT I just stayed home and did grown up responsible things. Maybe the universe way of saying next week you have vacay and surf and weather will be great.. lets take today to get caught up on things. LOL

THEN we get out and get dressed.
My husband is a Captain and works the fishing boats and whale watch boats.. So he has this keen eye.. and on his day off .. still watches the sea.
We see a pod of dolphins show up right where we were surfing..If we stayed a few minutes more we would have been playing with them.

BUT also My husband shouts whale!! There is a whale, right outside the surf break. He said it jumped and then we saw his spout. THEN AS IRMA AND I WATCHED IT JUMPED AGAIN! I almost started crying it was so beautiful. Irma loved it too... But she said she would paddle in if she saw that so close. Don't want to be jumped on by a whale. HAHA!.. It was amazing though.. and made the surf day end with a bit of magic.

I was trying to take a picture of the whale..but of coarse he or she didn't perform again. IF you have a keen eye you can see the slick of where it is in this picture and the dolphins are right out past the surfer there. The whale is to the right kind of left of the lifeguard tower in between the oil rigs, right past the surf break.

Sorry best picture I could get with my Blackberry. But at least it is something.