Friday, November 23, 2012

Difficult times

I have not posted in a while... Since my last post... Me and my family have been hit with a few challenges... I don't know if that is the right word??
After the last surf session you read about I got a phone call a dear family member uncle Gene was in the hospital again...not doing well... Early within October...he was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer.We thought we had more time... It was only stage 2...
However the next day he came home..
He was put in Hospice care.. The following week (2 weeks ago)he passed away peacefully..

Hubs and I have surfed a few times to clear our heads and center ourselves...

On top of all this my unemployment ... More rejection e mails from job prospects and hubs work slowing down ... Really taking a financial toll on our household...This has put me in a not so great place... I'm not sure what we are going to do and what direction I should take. I'm feeling very misplaced.

My friend Lorri was gonna help me put things in perspective after the funeral and help me reinvent myself and get back on track.

The ocean is so healing and soothing and there when you need it most..
Non of the recent surf was very eventful...
But it was very healing and helpful...

While we were getting ready to attend Uncle Genes wake/rosary.... I got more sad news... That tore me apart.
My dear friend Lorri suffered a ruptured brain aneurism the outlook for her was not good...
But she made it to the hospital and survived surgery and every day seemed like a better day..however.. She was in critical condition and in coma the whole time...

My friend Susan and her family needed to go out of town last weekend and I pet/house sit for her.. She lives close to the beach... It's our little get away... I call it our Pseudo vacay home;-)
She always is so grateful we stay and take Care of her home and doggies... But I always feel its such a treat when we do! Plus she has a well stocked wine fridge we are allowed to raid... As long as we stay away from the top shelf :-D
Something we needed Perfect timing... She also let me use her state pass to get into Bolsa and use her Custom boards by Todd of Art in Motion.
Last weekend I surfed Bolsa... And Blackies using 2 of her boards ...
( I will do another post on that)

We came home from the beach on Monday...
I been getting ready for Thanksgiving ...during this time I have been trying to understand and cope with my friends condition.... We had a wonderful prayer group gathering on Tuesday for Lorri organized by a family that has become dear to me during this time as well.

The next day the Doctors met with Lorri's family and shared a poor prognosis ..

She left this earth yesterday... :-(

So... I have not been in a state of mind to blog...but I did receive an email last night from Bron in Australia.... Checking up on me.... And wondering where I have been??.

So I thought I would update you all...

I'm here...time will heal... The Ocean will soothe ...And I have amazing friends who are giving me love and support...I will be fine!

Right now I need to try and get some perspective on all this...

Here are a few pix from the last couple surf sessions and a walk I took in back bay by Susan's home.
And a pix of Lorri and one of Uncle Geno.


  1. I am deeply sorry about your losses, Michelle. Thank you for keeping us updated despite the very sad times you are going through. Remember that my family and I care very much about you. We hope you will be able to let your mind find some peace soon.

  2. I'm sorry for your loss, but encouraged to hear that you have a support system of friends, community and surfing. Thanks for letting us know what's going on.

  3. Big hugs Michelle,
    Bron x

  4. Sending you some of my healing NorCal stoke to give you a give you a great big HUG...sorry to hear of your loss. Glad to know that you are with caring souls to carry you through this storm, it too shall pass. Pablo

  5. Prayers for you and your family during this difficult season in your life. I know there are no words that can provide comfort, but remember in your heart that there are people that care for you! I watched this video on you tube and found it encouraging. We need to encourage one another in words and actions! {{{{{{Hugs!}}}}} I would also totally agree with you that the ocean is a wonderful place to heal thyself both physically and emotionally!

  6. Oh Michelle. I'm so very sorry for your loss. I know that there isn't much to say that can make this better but except that we're thinking of you and sending our thoughts and prayers to you, your family and your friends. Sending big big hugs.