Monday, December 12, 2011

Surfing Safari..Celebrity Style

awww The infamous words from the beach boys.

I have been reading about a lot of female celebs trying surfing lately..and I have also read a lot of negative comments about it. Got me thinking is all...

I have read. Lindsy Lohan, Lady gaga..( < honestly that one surprised me, along with the next one) Reese Witherspoon, have all recently gave surfing a go. Also there is Minnie Driver, Vanessa Hudgens, Helen Hunt, Maggie Gyllenhal and Avril Lavigne to name a few... Don't believe me.. google it there are pictures.

What I don't get.. WHY are people so upset about it???.. Especially other surfers. Do they feel they own the ocean? I am an advocate for everyone should try surfing..maybe it is because of how much I love it and how much it does for me.. I want people to feel the same way. I am all for sharing the waves..However.. I would like to work out a time schedule at some of the more crowded breaks. Ha HA!

But really I just read on a Surfers Magazine Facebook Post regarding a picture of Lindsy Lohan with surf manager/agent Blair Marlin. There were some very negative comments. I know she has been in the news with a lot of negativity lately..BUT she is still a human a being.. and MAYBE surfing can quiet the fire in her soul and help take away the addictions and demons she is dealing with. Cut the girl some slack will ya!

With Lady Gaga... I read a few negative comments..that are too stupid and immature to mention. She actually looks like she got the surfing thing down. GOOD FOR HER!!

I really don't understand Why people are upset.. Are female celebrity's not allowed to surf? Is the feeling mutual about Male Celebrity surfers? I really don't see as much negative comments about them.... Is it mostly guys that feel this way?.. Is it because they are celebrities and more public figure that these comments are made?.. would they be made about me too as I am learning to surf if I was famous?

Just wondering.... as I read surfing articles..these thoughts are swimming through my mind..and wanted to see what others thought.