Monday, February 6, 2012

Stay Cation Day 4

I was suppose to go back home on Saturday, But Sunday looked like it was gonna be a much better surf day, So Laurie invited me to stay another night.

So it is now Sunday..and the day I am suppose to go back home.

I am woken up by a very loud motor! I FB Laurie( Yes that is how lazy I was.. didn't get up and walk upstairs and ask..we were both ON FB in the same house, HA! My bed was so comfy, just didn't want to get out) and ask if that was a boat???.. because she lives on an island..and that sounded a lot like our boat motor when we owned a boat! She said no it was the guy who lives across the street, he has muscle cars and it is what he does on weekends. Well that is a joy to wake up to on Weekends. FUNNY her neighborhood is sooo Quiet on the weekdays..but I heard a lot of people up early on the weekends.

We get up and have some toast and string cheese for breakfast. We get our Coffee at 7 11 and head to Bolsa.

Everyone was gonna meet at tower 17. So we went down. Eric was there and said Kelly was out already. It really was looking a bit crowded.BUT the waves looked fun.

Laurie likes tower 23 so we head there. Her Crew is all there. She has not seen them in a while. I met a few of them before. Real nice guys. I think only one guy went out with us the rest either were just coming in or just came to look. THEY all gave her HELL for coming so late.. Laurie likes to sleep in. BUT she works hard so she is entitled.. and Seriously she lives right across from the Beach.. so she can.
We go and look and not crowded at all. Waves were a little smaller. Looked to be 2 -3 and mellow rollers. So we decide to suit up and go out. THEN my friend Rebecca shows up. I have never personally met her before. BUT funny she lives inland by me. We belong to the same surf club. We have tried to meet up to surf before. BUT it never worked out. She drove out here and we were able to finally surf together.
So it was me Laurie and Rebecca. I caught 3 waves. ONE was big. I thought that was gonna crash right on top of me. BUT it didn't, and ended up being a real fun and fast ride. Ironically the waves were hard to catch. THEY looked like they were gonna be huge, and break and you would paddle and paddle and paddle and nothing.... most of them broke on shore. BUT It was my best day surfing out of the last couple days.... and again The weather was amazing..Surf was so mellow, wind stayed away. I could have stayed out all day...BUT "Murphy's Law" I have to be at a Birthday lunch my husbands family was throwing for me and his uncle. SO I could only be out for a limited time. AND Laurie had to go into work.. Isn't that how it always seems to be? Rebecca had to get out early too, so she gets out about 20 minutes before we do. That day I got 3, Nothing too spectacular..and Rebecca I think got 3.. and I know Laurie got 2 or 3. So not bad.. especially for the short amount of time we had..and the waves were hard to catch.

Well after an hour and a half. I take Laurie back to her place.

I can't believe I spent all this time with my friend and we have not one picture together. So I really wanted to post a picture of the Hostess with the Mostess..This picture was taken on Christmas of us! I LOVE THIS GIRL! SHE SO ROCKS! But if you go back a few post you will see her again..All I am gonna say is.."It's a Head!!!" HAHAHA. IF you read my post last spring about our annual camping trip. YOU would get it and THIS is the same Laurie.

I head home for my Birthday Lunch/Dinner. On the drive home I heard it was postponed another hour.. I could have surfed more!! But that is ok I needed to get home unpack and I took a LONG HOT BATH. We had Fried Turkey and salad and mashed potatoes and stuffing. HA you would have thought it was Thanksgiving..and A really Yummy Chocolate Cake with Bavarian creme filling.

Then I went home and crashed..

Monday... even though I was still on Vacation.. I cleaned up my house and did some laundry and made a nice homemade meal. So nothing too exciting to post about Monday. SO I just thought I would throw it in at the end here... NEXT POST DAY 6 of my Staycation and my BIRTHDAY SURF!..That was a fun day... again.. stay tuned!

Stay Cation Day 3

Ok So here we are on Day 3 Saturday. Again after a late night out I am awake at 6:30. I do not need to be. But yet I am. This is the first day Laurie gets to surf with me. The other 2 days she had to work. SHE works a Lot..and since she is a CPA..She is REALLY gonna be working A LOT. So the girl could use some much needed surf time. We hear a bunch of our friends are meeting at Bolsa. But it looked a bit big on surfline, and if I remembered correctly a lot of shore breaks. However a few friends said they had a great day.

We walk to 7-11 to get some coffee and then walk to the Beach to check it out. You just have to look to the left to see what Bolsa was doing. IT already looked crowded too. As we were standing on the beach the wind gust kept coming and we were getting pelted by sand. The waves did look a bit intimidating but some decent shape. I really just was not in the mood to get pounded again. Not yet anyway..I heard later that day the cliffs were going off and there were long lefts. I "heart" lefts" =) Oh well...

Laurie nor I felt like dealing with crowds and we wanted a bit smaller and less intimidating surf. So we pack up our boards and gear and head over to Seal.

Says 2-3 but that was by the pier..where it was very crowded. On top of that a surf school with "A LOT" Of kids dragging their leashes were headed right to that same area. So we went a little North where it was more like 1' with an occasional 2', but no crowds. The wind calmed down and it was a really nice "Juneuary" day. It felt good to just be out in the water.

I cant believe how bad it was for me. I caught one ankle biter and pearled. REALLY I pearled? ON a 1' wave?!?!?!?!!?LOL. I caught nothing but a sunburned face after that. NOTHING!!!However there really was nothing to catch. I think Laurie got 1 or maybe 2 rides..BUT I am happy she really needed it. I think she said this was her first day out since November?

As we were out there I swear I saw Lola..Dont know Lola read the last post.. AND sure enough there was Tracy waving at us from the shore. We go in to say hi. She didn't go out with us. She stayed on the shore and Laurie and I went back to play for a bit more. I still caught nada!.

We sit in Lola and hang out a bit. Then decide to check out Harbor Surf. We also realize we could eat lunch. So we hit Surf Taco. It was delicious. I had one shrimp and one grilled fish taco. AND an ice cold Corona. Hit the spot. Perfect after surf food, Even if some of us really didn't "surf". Tracy's husband Charlie showed up, scared the crap of out me. Some guy walking up behind me, puts his hand on my shoulder and eats my chips. You should have seen the look on my face till I realized who it was.

After we finish eating we meet up with Charlie at BeachWood BBQ and he buys us all a small beer. That place is pretty interesting.. they brew their own beer and it is really good!

We say goodbye to Tracy. Head back to Laurie's. I go to read my book and end up crashing out. I think my body had enough. HA. Laurie apparently had a nap too. Then she was headed out to go to dinner with some friends. I really was worn and wanted to stay home. I just walked out again for another sunset.

There were some surfers out on their boards as the sun was setting and I took this picture after the sun set. It was a lovely scene. I want to watch the sunset from my board. Maybe this summer the hubs and I will!

Came back, warmed up my left over pasta from the night before. Read for a bit and was out by 9PM.

Was woken up to my door opening and a big plunk on my bed..And Laurie's Dog Otto, in my face. He didn't want to be alone. SCARED THE BEJESUS out of me. So he curls up and takes over the whole futon till his mommy comes home. Then I sleep again.