Thursday, January 3, 2013

Here Is To An Amazing New Year!!

I am starting my New Years off with a Positive Bang!!!

I put it in writing so i have to follow through and keep a journal everyday ... So yeah only Day 3 but I'm off too a good start! Today I did some fat burning Yoga.. And feel great!

I'm cleansing with a plant based diet detoxing and clearing my head and eliminating negativity and reinventing myself and I will be employed!!!

(oh and speaking of plant based diets I suggest everyone watch the documentary "Forks over Knives"... Enlightening!)

I surfed this past weekend ... I stayed at my pseudo vacay home near the beach!
Surfed my friends Art in Motion boards again...
They are fun and I did better on that single fin 8'0 but I love my MO... And I missed him terribly this weekend !

So Sunday I surfed Blackies and I surfed with my friends Irma , Kevin and Laura south side of pier because it was crazy crowded !!
It's been rainy and windy and the day before I drove through the lot and a surf school was giving lessons in the rain and wind... But waves looked good...only the school was there.
So I guess with the Weather and Holidays everyone wanted to surf the first sunny yet still cold day! Waves were about 3-4.

I surfed the 9'0 first and did not do well ... Must have been the waves ... The nose is flat also and it just didn't want to cooperate ... I did better next day in different surf conditions on that board.
Then I got the 8'0 and did better but I still need to work on balance with a single fin.. I caught waves inside with that.. I think 2 on the 8'0.. But nothing really worth mentioning.

Monday surfed Bolsa used the 9'0 and had 2 really fun long rides...
But the paddle out was odd I felt stuck and it took a lot to get back out.
I surfed with Artie, Laura and Terri ... Irma never showed up???
Any way I let Laura try the 9'0 And I tried her 7'0... Which was very difficult ... I had the hardest time just trying to sit outside with it... I didn't even attempt to surf it...
So after Laura caught a wave and tried the board with the big (butt) tail.... We traded back..
Yep 8'0 is smallest I'm going .... And I'm perfectly Happy with that!!!

After my second fun ride I could not get back out.. I paddled paddled paddled and did not get anywhere ... I was frustrated and worn from paddling so I stayed in and watched ... Waves were getting worse and no one was catching them where we were and I saw one guy struggling to paddle out same place I was ... So I am happy I came in :-) .. Tide was getting high and funky.
When we started surfing Laura said waves were small... But when we stood on the sand before going out... I saw some head high waves... And said to the others ... That's not small!!!
1-2 is small anything chest high and over I get a bit intimidated by... But have learned knee to chest is my favorite conditions !

Any way I did not get many pix... I took one of my hubs boat( he worked a whale watch trip and drove the boat that day) we watched as it was coming into the Harbor as sun was setting from the tide pools on Sunday. Also kids surfing in the rain and of my Detox plan in writing!
Sorry for not taking better pix.

Here is to a much better 2013!!! There is so much that needs to change this Year! And it will...
And here is to Fun Surf in 2013 as well!!!