Sunday, June 30, 2013

Let's get caught up!!

So I have surfed Blackies... Doheny 2 times and Bolsa 2 times since the camp trip!!

Blackies was small and It was two days after San Elijo..
Not much to report ... It was cold and drizzly and I was happy to just catch a few waves...especially since I didn't catch any on my 3 day surf trip... I think I was out for almost 2 hours.. But I remember I had fun and only hubs was with me... Seriously barely anyone in the water. 

The following week hubs and I headed to Doheney...

It was small but I had a very good time !! Our friend Mike and his son was out there and my friend Tracy showed up with her friend and beginner surfer Kevin.. Who is very good for a beginner!!

I stayed out for 3 hours!!! I have never sayed out for 3 hours... That's how much fun I was having ... I can't even tell you how many waves I caught!! They were not super strong, big or fast.. But such an easy fun day... However the sun only came out after we left..
I worked on not looking down and not standing straight up but squating  and going down the line!! 

One wave was so slow and kept stalling.. I kept walking up my board to get it moving... I walked so far up ... I walked right off the nose when the board just stopped!! LOL!!

Then I surfed Doheny the next day... Again!! My neighbor Daryl wanted to surf Doheny.. I took him with me .. He let me use his state pass to get in :-)..

It was a little bigger than the day before.. But just as much fun!! My friend Mike and his son were  back..

Daryl loved Doheny!! He used a new foam board he wanted to try and he got a lot of waves!! 

I had two very long rights with a lot of style and I was going down the line like I was born knowing how to surf!! Awww Heaven!!! Again I don't know how many waves I caught.. But I had fun and it was about 2 hours of fun..  The sun was out this day... I only came in because I was loosing my paddle power!! Scary part was it was low tide and when my board was cruising in I noticed big boulders under my board that looked like could be touching the bottom of my board!!

Then I surfed International surfing day!! Our Club planned a little event..It was cold windy and surfed sucked!! We surfed Bolsa ... Seem to be only game in town... And a few of our girls had to stay local so no trip down south... 
But I paddled out just the same... A few girls were already out there... Some like Irma did not waste time and didn't go out...and a few of them came in when I went out, but Jen,Laurie and I paddled out together!! 
Was out for about 45 minutes... I started not feeling good and had a headache!
The only wave I got that day was one close out I took all the way to shore and almost knocked over 5 teenagers playing in the white wash!! Lol... Stood on shore and watched my friends .... There was nothing worth going back out for... Just walls of crashing big close outs!! I was done! I think three days of surfing got to me!!

Laurie rarely has days off so after surf , I spent the day with her till 10:00 pm actually!! We had a blast.. Went to a very good Hawaiin restaraunt in Alameda .."Island Grill" mostly for the authentic shaved ice!! I was so excited I got the works shaved ice with two flavors passion fruit and mango.. With ice cream with condensed milk and Azuki beans!! And the small was huge!! 
We also ate some real food as well I had chicken and California roll and i ordered a spam masubi... But I was too full to eat that.. I took a bite and ate the rest later.

Ha the only pix I have  of all 5 days im writting about is of Laurie and I eating our shaved ice!!

After that we went and hung out at her house and went to Nisaan to get her car an oil change... Ironically we had the best time there .. We crack ourselves up!!

Then I had a few beers and also some carbonated water at her local watering hole... She fed me some left overs for dinner and home I went!! But even though surfed sucked!! I had a very fun international surf day!!

Then it's a Birthday surf session for the June  Birthday girls of WK.
Laurie and Tracy fall In that category actually it WAS Laurie's birthday and Tracy was the day before..
We hit Bolsa again... It's now Tuesday June 25th...
A bunch of girls show up.. Laura.. Cathy L. ...Tracy..Laurie and I show up together..then Cathy.. Lisa...another Michelle.. Nice turn out for a Tuesday!!
And as we are eating birthday donuts "at Bolsa" lol... Inside joke !! Ironically at the end of surf we gave the remainder of the box away... If you want free Donuts.. Hang out at Bolsa!!;-)

Any way we are eating donuts ... I had two donut holes.. We are looking at how small the surf is ... And I see my neighbor Daryl walk by!! I was hey we could have carpooled!! Remember I live pretty far from the beach... Lol.. And he also said he was gonna go to Doheny again..

Any way we suit up.... Join Daryl and few locals we know out there and took over the wave... The small wave!! 

Now you know from past posts I have a love hate thing with Bolsa.. Last Thursday hated it..this Tuesday loved it!! 
Even though it was small!! I had some fantastic rights!! Long going down the line . I been doing that lately;-)!!
And one left.. I had so much fun!! Was with of course the best girls in the world!! The other Cathy and New girl Michelle are begginer surfers so we were calling them in waves and just had a great time!! I totally have a lot more fun on small waves and ironically it is usually less crowded!! 

Any way almost 2 hours of surf and Laurie and I decide to get something to eat.. The only one able to join us is the other birthday girl Tracy!! 

We have a nice lunch at surf taco and we all head out our seperate ways..
I had to take my daughter to work... So no hanging out late this time ;-)!!

Whew!!! I'm caught up!! Plan on surfing a few days next week so stay tune!! And I'm giving some surf lessons to my friends son and his Girlfriend.....
Can't beleive im giving a lesson!!!...Of course it will be the basics!!
When did that happen???? In three weeks i will be surfing a whole 4 years!!

So question!?!?! Does this mean I'm not a kook any longer????