Saturday, September 21, 2013

Nice little surf session

Tried to go out surfing last Wed. But it was a tad to crazy for me.

But yesterday Friday, I met some friends to surf and take our friend Susan out for a Birthday lunch.

We all met at Blackies and surfed and had a blast. Waves were actually small, it was kind of drizzly out... But water was warm and very clean and clear and a lot of the crew was out having a great time !!

Surfed for 2 hours! I loved being in the water... Felt so good and since it's been about 3 weeks since the last time I surfed ... I needed it so badly! 

After  surf ...a handful of us went out to eat .. And my friend Tracy who is friends with Susan too, showed up and I dragged her to lunch also ;-)

We ate at Green Leaf some good healthy food  and for dessert had some amazing gluten free cupcakes! 

After contemplating over a second surf session .. We decided not too and head home!

But I went out... Even though I really still am not feeling very social... 

Glad my friends made me go... I needed it more than I realized ... And I needed my friends too!

One day at a time!!!