Monday, December 14, 2009



Say Hello to my first "real"board.. got a deal on Craigslist.. she is brand new! Now that I have had friends look at her and the guy I bought her from. All say the little flaw on her not a big deal.

I am so Happy my boards Ding is just cosmetic.. hooray. So I have my 9' board. And a new wetsuit.

Now I just need to try them out! I really did not think I would be surfing this winter.. just wanted to try it "surfing", thought I would do it through summer and be a seasonal recreational type surfer.. but you know.. I really love it in the water. Even if I am just paddling around out there. I am very happy with ankle biter waves.. I am getting better every time I go out there.. so winter a great time to practice..and get use to the thicker wetsuit and new board.. By spring.. I should be a lot more talented and comfortable with Tallulah, and a spring suit!

Hope Santa puts some surf wax in my stocking this year.. =-)