Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is in the air...

....UM yeah.. I really think someone messed with Mother Nature because I am freezing my a$$ off and I was a whole hell of A LOT warmer in January.. hmmmm Something is wrong here...

ANY way I am bored, bored, bored. I have Spring Fever and am itching to do more than just sit here! I Have not surfed in a while.. Looking forward to my next day off Thursday.. Surf is "suppose" to be somewhat decent.. COLD, but decent..So I am anticipating getting wet, and nourishing myself and feeding my soul in the pacific.. no matter how cold. It will be like taking a much needed cold shower.. if you know what I mean??? I have urges that need to be dealt with and only a surfboard and salt water and a wave will do! I have read books, magazines, ALL my surf blogs and watched surf on youtube (as my younger surf boys call it..SURF PORN).... IT IS NOT CUTTING IT! I am at that point where surf is like a drug and I am in desperate need of a fix!..I know surf is not always "great" in Spring.. and I don't know why I am getting this so early..

My name is Michelle and I am a surf aholic..is there a group for that?

Ok I vented.. still don't feel better! I always get like this during spring.. hmmm!!

I wanna get my spring cleaning done, I want to plant some stuff in the garden, I want to go camping..and I want to SURF!!!

So how do you handle Spring Fever?