Sunday, June 30, 2013

Let's get caught up!!

So I have surfed Blackies... Doheny 2 times and Bolsa 2 times since the camp trip!!

Blackies was small and It was two days after San Elijo..
Not much to report ... It was cold and drizzly and I was happy to just catch a few waves...especially since I didn't catch any on my 3 day surf trip... I think I was out for almost 2 hours.. But I remember I had fun and only hubs was with me... Seriously barely anyone in the water. 

The following week hubs and I headed to Doheney...

It was small but I had a very good time !! Our friend Mike and his son was out there and my friend Tracy showed up with her friend and beginner surfer Kevin.. Who is very good for a beginner!!

I stayed out for 3 hours!!! I have never sayed out for 3 hours... That's how much fun I was having ... I can't even tell you how many waves I caught!! They were not super strong, big or fast.. But such an easy fun day... However the sun only came out after we left..
I worked on not looking down and not standing straight up but squating  and going down the line!! 

One wave was so slow and kept stalling.. I kept walking up my board to get it moving... I walked so far up ... I walked right off the nose when the board just stopped!! LOL!!

Then I surfed Doheny the next day... Again!! My neighbor Daryl wanted to surf Doheny.. I took him with me .. He let me use his state pass to get in :-)..

It was a little bigger than the day before.. But just as much fun!! My friend Mike and his son were  back..

Daryl loved Doheny!! He used a new foam board he wanted to try and he got a lot of waves!! 

I had two very long rights with a lot of style and I was going down the line like I was born knowing how to surf!! Awww Heaven!!! Again I don't know how many waves I caught.. But I had fun and it was about 2 hours of fun..  The sun was out this day... I only came in because I was loosing my paddle power!! Scary part was it was low tide and when my board was cruising in I noticed big boulders under my board that looked like could be touching the bottom of my board!!

Then I surfed International surfing day!! Our Club planned a little event..It was cold windy and surfed sucked!! We surfed Bolsa ... Seem to be only game in town... And a few of our girls had to stay local so no trip down south... 
But I paddled out just the same... A few girls were already out there... Some like Irma did not waste time and didn't go out...and a few of them came in when I went out, but Jen,Laurie and I paddled out together!! 
Was out for about 45 minutes... I started not feeling good and had a headache!
The only wave I got that day was one close out I took all the way to shore and almost knocked over 5 teenagers playing in the white wash!! Lol... Stood on shore and watched my friends .... There was nothing worth going back out for... Just walls of crashing big close outs!! I was done! I think three days of surfing got to me!!

Laurie rarely has days off so after surf , I spent the day with her till 10:00 pm actually!! We had a blast.. Went to a very good Hawaiin restaraunt in Alameda .."Island Grill" mostly for the authentic shaved ice!! I was so excited I got the works shaved ice with two flavors passion fruit and mango.. With ice cream with condensed milk and Azuki beans!! And the small was huge!! 
We also ate some real food as well I had chicken and California roll and i ordered a spam masubi... But I was too full to eat that.. I took a bite and ate the rest later.

Ha the only pix I have  of all 5 days im writting about is of Laurie and I eating our shaved ice!!

After that we went and hung out at her house and went to Nisaan to get her car an oil change... Ironically we had the best time there .. We crack ourselves up!!

Then I had a few beers and also some carbonated water at her local watering hole... She fed me some left overs for dinner and home I went!! But even though surfed sucked!! I had a very fun international surf day!!

Then it's a Birthday surf session for the June  Birthday girls of WK.
Laurie and Tracy fall In that category actually it WAS Laurie's birthday and Tracy was the day before..
We hit Bolsa again... It's now Tuesday June 25th...
A bunch of girls show up.. Laura.. Cathy L. ...Tracy..Laurie and I show up together..then Cathy.. Lisa...another Michelle.. Nice turn out for a Tuesday!!
And as we are eating birthday donuts "at Bolsa" lol... Inside joke !! Ironically at the end of surf we gave the remainder of the box away... If you want free Donuts.. Hang out at Bolsa!!;-)

Any way we are eating donuts ... I had two donut holes.. We are looking at how small the surf is ... And I see my neighbor Daryl walk by!! I was hey we could have carpooled!! Remember I live pretty far from the beach... Lol.. And he also said he was gonna go to Doheny again..

Any way we suit up.... Join Daryl and few locals we know out there and took over the wave... The small wave!! 

Now you know from past posts I have a love hate thing with Bolsa.. Last Thursday hated it..this Tuesday loved it!! 
Even though it was small!! I had some fantastic rights!! Long going down the line . I been doing that lately;-)!!
And one left.. I had so much fun!! Was with of course the best girls in the world!! The other Cathy and New girl Michelle are begginer surfers so we were calling them in waves and just had a great time!! I totally have a lot more fun on small waves and ironically it is usually less crowded!! 

Any way almost 2 hours of surf and Laurie and I decide to get something to eat.. The only one able to join us is the other birthday girl Tracy!! 

We have a nice lunch at surf taco and we all head out our seperate ways..
I had to take my daughter to work... So no hanging out late this time ;-)!!

Whew!!! I'm caught up!! Plan on surfing a few days next week so stay tune!! And I'm giving some surf lessons to my friends son and his Girlfriend.....
Can't beleive im giving a lesson!!!...Of course it will be the basics!!
When did that happen???? In three weeks i will be surfing a whole 4 years!!

So question!?!?! Does this mean I'm not a kook any longer???? 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

San Elijo The last day

I really wish I had something totally amazing to report!! 
But I really dont...Actually this may get a bit dark .. I know after you read.. You all will think this is so not the Surfing Grandma we have learned to love.. I am human and this gets a tad negative.. But rest assure.. It's a bit better since then.

Woke up Sunday did the usual 711 coffee/ tea run.. 

I was really feeling blah.. I was not ready to go back home yet.. 

Ate my yoghurt and hard boiled eggs..
Decided to surf.. Surf was smaller... Not better.. It was very jumbly.. 

Did get outside though.. It was only close outs and just not the best conditions.. And I did not catch 1 single wave!! Not even a close out.. Not even white wash to shore.. Very sad surf trip... BUT... Very good camping trip!!

I go get cleaned up take a shower and Tracy and I pack up Lola.. 
A lot of others have already departed.. Till the end it was Laurie.. Artie.. Tracy and I..

I was hungry and wanted lunch before we left so Tracy and I went to "The Besta wan pizza house" 

we scoped it out the night before.. Wanted to get pizza delivered to the potluck .. They don't deliver.. But Leucadia pizza did.. And YUM!!
Any way they had way more than Pizza so we had a nice lunch before heading home.. And got to dine next to some very colorful guys.. Who already had a lot to drink.. They were actually entertaining! 

So Tracy drops me off on Balboa Penninsula .. I have to wait for Hubs to get off work.. 
Remember I'm not feeling well my cold was getting worse.. And now I have a headache and am exhausted.. The plan was to hang out with some of our friends at a watering hole my hub frequents..

They were down the street at another place... I go look for them .. Find them pretty plastered .. Except for the DD.. She does not drink.
Low & behold I'm more excited because what do I see behind the bar in a case...!?!?!?!? Rows of Primo!! I can't find it since that party I posted about.. So of course ..  I Must have one..  
I wanted to take a pix of me and the beer ... But two Hams really wanted to be in the shot!

After wards we go back to the other watering hole.. But a B$&#* I can not stand (long story) is there!! 
(side note.. Really if I have a problem with someone.. There is a reason.. I usually get along with everyone .. Even when others don't.. So you know if I say she is a B$&#%* .. She is!!!!)

That turns into a long story too.. But just know.. I'm not Happy and just want to go home.. ( really the person raised in Santa Ana..the very rarely seen mean girl inside me.. Just wanted to rip her hair out)

But I didn't.. And when hubs called we went back to the other place I had another primo and he a jack and coke.. And went home..

Get home and remember new neighbors.. ????

Well they have two dogs.. Now anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Dogs... I just don't love dogs when they non stop bark without taking a breath... And I'm already sick..ruffled feathers by having to control myself around the B$&#* And have a headache..AND those dogs barked ALL night!! 
My daughter said they have not stopped barking since they moved in..

I'm seriously NOT A happy camper at this point!!

Just FYI .. They now about 1 1/2 weeks later do not bark at night any more.. But after asking them nicely during the day ...
5 days after they moved in and nothing was done.. Hubs 2 days after that exactly 1 week since they moved in.. Pounded on their  door at 11:30 at got a bit was either that or call the police... From now on I guess its the police.. They acted like WE were bugging them.. (side note.. Hubs was up at 4:00 am for work.. Got  home between 8:30-9:00pm... Stayed up till 9:30.. Was awoken by dogs at 11:30.. And had to get up at 4:00 am again) and we all been sleeped deprive since they moved in!!! Really what the Hell did they expect!?!?!?
ANYWAYS.. Excuse my rant..

But those dogs have not barked since!! Also nieghbor on the other side reported them to the SPCA... She too is pissed and seems more irate then us.. But she is moving soon... Lucky!!

Just another reason to rent this house out and get closer to the beach!!

Any way....Hate to end on a negative.. But I feel I had to post how it all ended.

I so just wanted to go back to San Elijo with my amazing friends!!  Even if no surf was to be had....I think I was not ready to come home yet :-(

PS.. I'm so far behind in posting.. Since this trip I have surfed 5 times at 3 different breaks.. I will try to catch up:-/

Sunday, June 23, 2013

San Elijo.. Day 2

I know I am soooo far behind in my blogging.. Besides surfing .. I also took up gardening .. And been actively seeking employment.. 
Please bear with me...

Day two wake up go for coffee/tea run .. Look at surf .. A few of us still think its way too big for us..Eat a little breakfast yogurt and hard boil eggs and a lot conversation ... We Decide Not to suit up for  morning session... But we all need to be present to meet Sunshine Macarow she is the founder of womens surf life magazine.. (Which sadly is no longer in print but was a great magazine from what I hear!) Our club president set this meet and surf up!! 

So we meet up with her to say hi and do a photo op.. And she brought us all some cute purple beenies 
A few people are not picture here.. Some hit tne surf already.. And some I don't think were awake.. 
But it was very nice to meet sunshine who I watched surf... She is very good!! After surf session that some of us Skipped out on.. 
We all ate lunch at the camp lil restaraunt Bull Taco...
Sunshine had a lot of interesting things to share.. We really enjoyed meeting her!

Some surf pix from the day .. This is Laura .. She is fearless!! That scares me!

We did decide to go  surfing around 5:00-6:00 PM We finally saw a window of a possibility ... But I along with a few others still could not get outside...
Now this time interfered with my plans to meet up with Valerie (surf mama) and I messaged her dinner plans for our group were now looking like 7:00 pm... Which unfortunately ... Did not work for Valerie and I was so upset I could not see her!! However... This is how great and awesome Valerie is!!! We plan our group dinner on Saturday a potluck where we all get together to eat a potluck dinner ... We also planned a surprise birthday celebration for one of our gals Artie ... As you know I just did a Birthday surf with her  a few days before this camp out...
Well Valerie ordered a cake and brought it.. Even though she could not stay for dinner ... And I never got to see her... She dropped it off with some of my WK gals... I was so sad to miss her... But beyond grateful for her generosity!!!

So now it's our group dinner and we surprise Artie with her cake and Birthday celebration !! 
Artie is so surprised and happy!!

She was even more surprised and happy about her birthday cake!! I cannot thank Valerie enough!! She really has no idea how much I really love her!! She not only made me my favorite surfboard in the world.. Helped me with Pabs paddle out... But she helped make one special  gal to a lot of us a very happy girl!!!

So we took another group pix with the new peeps who came day 2

We all enjoy our dinner and birthday cake... And get silly because we have lots of wine!! 
Laurie and I photo bomb Leslie pix with all her flowers I her hair!!

Susan does some hula ... While Kathleen and I play ukulele !!
Bhavani joins in and performs with Susan!!

Oh I forgot to mention the kook was decorated for Artie's birthday as well!! Very appropriate!!

And Also one of my favorite dogs .. Who has been mention on my blog in the past camped with us !!
My friend Otto!!
He is so cool hanging out in my chair around the campfire!! Otto Rocks!!!

Any way after the festivities ... We all go  to bed!! And none of us looking forward to the last day :-(.

Friday, June 21, 2013

San Elijo Trip

This is Doheny^

I am so behind on my blog... But I have to post about my annual surf camp trip with the best women in the world!! ....
...even if it was over 2 weeks ago.. 
I usually do a post of each day of the trip.. But I'm gonna try and jam it all into one blog...
Unfortunately not a lot of surfing ... But still a great trip!

So June one .. Hubs takes me to Blackies and he surfs ... I do not want to surf im tired and want to save my energy for a later surf session as we plan to hit Doho on the way to San Elijo...why was I tired you ask??? The night before we got new neighbors who moved in.. I did not get much sleep.. They move in from 9:00pm till I think after 2:00 am... All I know is I was woken up 3 times from a dead sleep due to banging.. Breaking glass and the lift gate of that u haul or Ryder or whatever kind of truck hitting the ground!! 
And the nonexistent be considerate of your neighbors does not end there... I won't get into it.. But Sunday when I came home.. It was not much better!! Ugh!! I even made them rice crispy treats that day before I left to welcome them to the hood.... 

Any way Tracy picks me up in Lola just like last year.. I load my gear and surf board and head on out towards Doho..

We arrive at Doho and find most of the Blackies crew is there... We also meet up with Laura and Kathleen... 

We take one look and the words out of our mouths are HOLEY SHIT!! It's huge..
 We debate on going in and just stand and watch in amazement!!  Kathleen says the wave is soft and easy.. But we also see some bombs break WAY outside .. I swear those had to be 15' minimum.. They were so far out you would need a boat or helicopter to get to them... But I never seen anything like it before and for sure never Doho!! The waves that were reachable were still overhead and I was very hesitant about going out!!
I'm still gunshy from the head injury and tired as I said.. I could not see myself going out in that!! I'm impressed Kathleen did.. And Laura really wanted too .. But Tracy and I passed!! 
This picture sucks.. iPhone.. But that's a wave all the way out there breaking left of the picture.. I wish I could have got a better shot.. These pictures do not do what we saw justice!!

We head on out and decide to get something to eat before we hit the campground..we also need to buy our food beer and wine..
Along the 5 freeway we see Artie pass by and we catch up roll down the window and I yell at her ...wanna stop and get lunch? We will hit Swamis cafe.. She says yes and then went ahead of us... It was such a "Blue Crush" movie scene moment... At least Tracy and I thought so!! We also thought it was funny and cracked ourselves up!
We Chit chat and catch up on things all the way there and before we knew it we were at the Encinitas Blvd. off ramp...
We follow Artie who pulls into Swamis "the surf spot" parking lot to turn around after we passed the cafe... So Tracy and I stop get out and take a look!! Fricken huge... We look south by where we are camping and plan on surfing and decide ... We will probably start drinking early instead!! Lol

We meet up to Artie at Swamis cafe and eat our lunch... We still have about 2 hours till check in... 
After we eat.. We tell Artie we will catch up to her at the campsite ... Tracy and I proceed to shop at the Seaside Market and if you follow Surf mamas blog this picture will look familiar to you

Valerie's Tandem pix that is hanging up in the market!! I text her this pix and say guess where we are?? 

We are very excited to catch up and see each other as well... But it never worked out... On a Later post i will explain.

This is also a bitter sweet time because last time I was here.. Valerie and I met and surfed with Pabs... So he was very much on both our minds...

Tracy and I finish Shopping and head to camp and set up Lola on the site we are sharing with pretty much the party crew of WK.. We have 4 sites all spread out in the campsite.. We all get together meet to surf and for a Saturday Dinner!!

Any way after we are set up we check out surf and it's a big walled closed out surf.. Hmmm that South swell really did show up.. But it brought funky surf with it too!! 
So we open a few longboard beers! 
The lovely Laura and Tracy!

And of course it's not a WK event or a party without Laurie's jello shooters!!

Go see the other gals who arrived and their campsites .. We go and get tacos and the best chicken soup from a mexican restaurant across the street.. 

Oh I got chicken soup because now.. I'm starting to feel a bit of a cold coming on
:-(.. Also I got sun poisoning from working in my garden that week in a bikini top and I'm tired... In pain... Itchy... Stuffy nose and sore throat... 
Sun poisoning^

BUT I'm not gonna let any of that ruin my trip !!

We drink and chat around the fireplace and of course our band the hot flashes are All there and we have a little jam's the only night all of us are there to jam.. But we did not come prepared with songs we all practiced prior ... So we wing it!

About 10:30.. After drink music and some pretty entertaining not for children adult conversation... Fricken hilarious.. 
We head for bed!!

I guess this will have to be a three part blog!!!

Stay tune!!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

So much to blog!!

I wrote the perfect blog about the two times I surfed after my head injury.... And I went to delete a duplicate picture from the I phone blogger ap... And I erased the whole perfectly written blog! Ain't that a bitch!!!
So I surfed or been in the water 5 times since the accident ....I will try to do a brief write up on the first two ... Then we had our annual San Elijo trip..
That always gets its own post and then I surfed 1 foot surf yesterday for an hour.

So last week I surfed two times my first day back in the water was well I don't remember exactly when it was but it was a week after the injury... I only remember being very gun-shy about surfing  and was surprised because I Truly thought I would not be... Because I don't really know how the accident happen..but none the less I was :-(
Hubs and I went to Blackies it was not a big day... But I wish it was a better day!
If I recall it was a tad windy that day with wind comming mostly from the South and I took Tallulah out of retirement and my hubs took my side fins off .. He is now pro single fin... And thinks everyone should ride single fin! It was line taking my training wheels a off Tallulah !! So I had a few elements working against me as I'm getting back in.. Although I do like the single fin better.. Easier to turn.. But I had to get use to it... I do t really remember my waves that day ... I know I backed off a lot and one I totally caught and bailed out of fear.. I also played a bit inside and my best wave .. Nothing to write home about was I rode one close out and that is all!
So the next day I surfed was a week ago last Tuesday for Artie's Birthday surf it was just 3 of us girls Artie... Cathy our club president and me! I had a much better surf session ... Nothing crazy but I did not have the fear I had before and went after more waves and caught a few rides .. It was a small day the water was very warm and the vibe was great with the Birthday Girl!! The Dolphins also came out to play that day!!
Then after the birthday surf Artie and I had yummy ceviche salads at Baja Sharkees for her birthday lunch and then she went with me to pick up Mo from Vartanian's Surfboards.. Where he was getting repaired. 
Artie is amazing she documented the whole thing here are the pix!
James did a great job and Mo was ready for the San Elijo trip that Friday !