Thursday, June 13, 2013

So much to blog!!

I wrote the perfect blog about the two times I surfed after my head injury.... And I went to delete a duplicate picture from the I phone blogger ap... And I erased the whole perfectly written blog! Ain't that a bitch!!!
So I surfed or been in the water 5 times since the accident ....I will try to do a brief write up on the first two ... Then we had our annual San Elijo trip..
That always gets its own post and then I surfed 1 foot surf yesterday for an hour.

So last week I surfed two times my first day back in the water was well I don't remember exactly when it was but it was a week after the injury... I only remember being very gun-shy about surfing  and was surprised because I Truly thought I would not be... Because I don't really know how the accident happen..but none the less I was :-(
Hubs and I went to Blackies it was not a big day... But I wish it was a better day!
If I recall it was a tad windy that day with wind comming mostly from the South and I took Tallulah out of retirement and my hubs took my side fins off .. He is now pro single fin... And thinks everyone should ride single fin! It was line taking my training wheels a off Tallulah !! So I had a few elements working against me as I'm getting back in.. Although I do like the single fin better.. Easier to turn.. But I had to get use to it... I do t really remember my waves that day ... I know I backed off a lot and one I totally caught and bailed out of fear.. I also played a bit inside and my best wave .. Nothing to write home about was I rode one close out and that is all!
So the next day I surfed was a week ago last Tuesday for Artie's Birthday surf it was just 3 of us girls Artie... Cathy our club president and me! I had a much better surf session ... Nothing crazy but I did not have the fear I had before and went after more waves and caught a few rides .. It was a small day the water was very warm and the vibe was great with the Birthday Girl!! The Dolphins also came out to play that day!!
Then after the birthday surf Artie and I had yummy ceviche salads at Baja Sharkees for her birthday lunch and then she went with me to pick up Mo from Vartanian's Surfboards.. Where he was getting repaired. 
Artie is amazing she documented the whole thing here are the pix!
James did a great job and Mo was ready for the San Elijo trip that Friday !