Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Well I should post something!

It was pointed out to me it's been awhile since I posted! Sorry no pix this time. I just added one I took a while back... It expresses what I'm feeling.

I have only been out one time since the last post.... That was almost 2 weeks ago...Just to paddle out and get that zen feeling... I was still feeling sick... And I still am... But I paddled for a few regardless... Even when I first paddled out... My lungs were burning... That's when I knew I had bronchitis... I caught 2 waves ... 1 wipeout and 1 I rode all the way in! I so did not have the energy to paddle back out... And only after 45min.

Well hubs last 2 surf sessions at Doho really burst his confidence ... He was catching a few waves from the outside at Bolsa.... A first for him!

As a matter of fact he went surfing today with MY friends!.... I am not sure how I feel about this.. I think I created a monster!!! Ha!

In other news working my new job and still sick! & Not a Happy Person... But I'm trying to put on a front...

Went to Doctors last week was diagnosed with bronchitis ... Prescribed a Z PAC ....
Thought Sunday and Monday I was getting better!
Today woke up nauseated and hot like my body was on fire and just worn!
Still went to work thinking I would feel better as the day went on... But I felt worse and kept getting dizzy! I went home from work early... And made another Dr. Apt for tomorrow... Im in week 6 of this!!
I took a nap when I got home and now I can't sleep... But still feel like crap .. Im sure my writing is probably giving off that vibe...


I am SO not me right now! And I'm at the point where I'm starting not to care about anything! My life is not a bowl of cherries currently and I can't even surf to center myself....

Well that is all...I just want to get well so I can get back on track and be me!!

Was suppose to go on a surf camp trip to San Elijo this weekend.... Its been planned for months and gonna surprise one I my fav peeps with a visit!!! Hmmm who could that be... ???

Anyway I just backed out.... So you know I'm sick if I am not going camping at my favorite place surfing with my best of friends :-(....it's what I live for!!