Friday, August 3, 2012

More from day 4 of the US Open

I am just so stoked on my Rob Machado story... I wanted to give it it's own post... Such a sweet story. I included a few more pix of Rob here too.. One was taken with a friend Alain ... But I stole it and cropped it.. Tehe.. I hope Alain doesn't mind.

Any way I was able to meet and see a few other surfers as well. I think Tuesday was one of the better days .. Not crowded, well not as crowded as it can get! Everyone I think I wanted to see surf ..did that day :-)
Rockin Fig was a fun commentator on the beach.

A few of my favorite peeps were with me ..Irma, Laura and Tracy...
I finally got a US Open umbrella ... I have been wanting one the last 3 years
I also love the color theme they used this year... Black,teal, and blue... I got a way cool black Umbrella .. Thanks to Irma for getting there early.

Surf conditions were better than last year.. But still really not all that great! But the pros made it look easy and fun riding on a lot of closed out waves!

I want start by saying I FINALLY was able to meet a FB friend face to face! He is a ding repair guru... He was the official Ding repair dude at this US Open. Funny the last 2 Years it's been my friend Molly Logan.
Any way Alain from AB Surfboard Repairs was the man this year and I finally met him in person ..and he is a very positive and extremely nice guy! So I had to get a pix with him too! If anyone needs some dings repaired .. He comes highly recommended by the pros by the way ;-)... Check him out at

Well onto the pros.. I met Courtney Conlogue and took a pix with her! I was wondering if it seemed a tad creepy to have a middle age grandma get excited about taking a pix with her?... But I'm so proud of her because ,like me, she is from Santa Ana which is a bit of a rough hood to grow up in . Especially for a white girl. So to have an amazing talented female surfer rise from there!! Hell Yeah! ....and she is just the sweetest girl too!

Then there is the HB hometown hero. Brett Simpson.. But in all honosty I swear I always see that boy in Newport and HB.... But I got a pix with him too!

Then there is Sunny Garcia ....I love his smile!!! I was a bit intimidated to ask for a pix from him... I hear he can be a little mean. But he was not! He was happy to take a pix and again he has a very charming smile..Actually I was a little smitten after meeting him! He is one of the hubs fav surfer so I got a pix with him to make him jealous ;-) ha!

Sage Ericson walked right in front of me so I snapped a pix of her.

And the man himself Kelly Slater! I was 2 feet away from him. But his security team was tight and there was no getting near him when he got out of the water!
But I did hear about 20 minutes later after the days events ended he came out for photos. So my friend Irma's photog friend Kevin took a pix with him. I zoomed in on Kelly and cropped the pix ;-) friend Mitzi should not have taught me this in the I phone's my new addiction.

The weather was beautiful and it was just one of those days, that I'm gonna put down as a favorite in the memories book .

Surfers just Fricken Rule!