Sunday, May 8, 2011


One of my Mother's Day Gifts.. I think this ROCKS!

OF course first thing on the Agenda today is to wish all those AMAZING MOMS a Happy Mothers Day.

I am a Mother of 5 Crazy Great kids and I want to post about that.
I had to work today.. which is fine by me.. I want next weekend off for a surf trip to San Elijo with some of the most amazing woman surfers I know. Truly magnificent, wonderful, Great friends I am so fortunate to have. SO that is above and beyond a fair sacrifice to work today.

But just because I am working does not mean I am not celebrating Mothers Day.
I have already received an arrangement of Red Roses and Purple Status, from my youngest. I got a card that sings Girls Just wanna have fun with a Diva looking Chihuahua on it (I have one and love Chihuahuas), along with.. wait for this....2 surf magazines. I LOVED THIS! I also received a phone call from my Soldier in Afghanistan. I love hearing his voice and His Mother's day wish was the best..BUT apparently I even have a gift waiting at home that just arrived from him as well. I D K what it is yet. What a surprise. My daughters are staying home and doing some cleaning up around the house. I think I am getting Dinner tonight too, and even more surprises to come. I have Amazing kids. AND even if I got no presents from them. JUST their love is the most Special thing a mom could ask for. I also have been greeted at work with many mother day wishes.. and will shortly be indulging in our brunch here. THE perks of working in a Country Club.

Please those of you who have a mom.. DO cherish them and every moment. I never really knew my mom. (I wont get into that).. BUT I want you to know YOU are very lucky to have one. SO treat her like a QUEEN today..and THOSE MOMS OUT THERE.. Happy Mother's day ...I hope it is the best you could ask for!