Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It feels like forever since I surfed last. I should have surfed last Saturday when I had the chance. BUT gas prices are killing me. I can't just throw my board in the car on my days off and hope there may be surf when I get out there. UNLESS I have other reasons to be out. My friends went out Saturday and said I was smart not to waste the gas. I heard this past weekend surf pretty much SUCKED in the OC..and has since then. Even my beginner husband has not been out. Even though I told him he should just get out and paddle before work since he is right there and build up those paddling muscles. Pretty sad when your wife can out paddle you. WHICH I AM TOTALLY ECSTATIC ABOUT... LOL!!!! BUT I know if he is persistent he will catch up.

So now I have Wed. and Thurs. off. I am praying for some sort of surf these days. With Thursday probably being my surf day. BUT the surf forecast is not looking so good. WELL welcome March, April, May.. I remember this from last year. Sad Sad surf days. I think I even posted a "Pray for surf" post around the same time last year.

Poor Mo just came into my life and has only touched the water one time.
Any way I may take my own advice and even if surf sucks and is flat..I may just paddle around and keep my paddling strength up. DON'T want hubs passing me up anytime soon. ;-).. I like being able to out surf him.... Is that wrong?

In other news...I do not know if I ever mentioned a furry family member we had. His name was Higgins..He was an Opossum.. well after a little over two years.. he left us yesterday. I cried all day.. YEP over a marsupial.. BUT I think my poor husband was even more devastated.. HE hand raised the lil guy and named him. Believe it or not that love for his Higgins.. just makes me love my husband all the more! How many Men have soft spots in their hearts for an Opossum?
SO I want to end this post with a farewell to our Special lil guy. He was very unique and Will be missed.


I was Higgins Mommy so I carried him in my hair as a baby.

The Higgins LOVED his Captain..My hubs was daddy!

AND Higgins LOVED his Daddy...My husband would put his foot down so Higgins knew where he was to find him.

R I P Higgin