Tuesday, July 24, 2012

3 Day Surf Trip to San Elijo.. Let the journey begin

Oh boy I have sooo much to blog about ... This is gonna be a bit of a mini series. Plus there should be parts of this story also posted on surf mama 101 blog and one man crowds blog. We all met up and had a surf session this past weekend as well!

So Friday woke up at 5 am so my hubs and I could surf before I left to head down south. He also had to go to work ...so we surfed Blackies. When we arrived it was low tide and flat. Water was nice but I used my full suit just the same. I was gonna run out in board shorts and rash guard... I did later that day down south.

Well I caught 0 that morning ... But did warm up my paddling muscles. Hubs caught a few white wash and played inside. His pop up is getting better at least when he is popping up the front of the board is not shooting straight up like before. And he did pass me up paddling out... As I knew soon he would. However it was a flat day and he is on a 9'6 and I an 8'0

Well we get out its 8:15 and its already getting warm at the beach.

Tracy pulled up in Lola and we pack up my camping and surf gear and get ready to head down south for our surf clubs annual San Elijo surf camp trip! This is my 3rd trip... It's one of my favorite event our club does! This year I traveled and camped with one of my fav peeps Tracy!

We stop in Doho along the way... No surf a few bumps here and there and it was a tad crowded and the surf school was getting ready to go in.. So we decided to proceed to San O and check things out.

San O looked fun! But again crowded. Tracy and I felt more secure if we had a few WK gals there to block for each other.. But it was a beautiful day so we stayed a bit to just watch and had a beer before we continued our journey!

We go to leave and 2 different guys came up to us and said we had a flat tire.!!!
We were both shocked! Get out to look and sure enough flat!

Some guys had portable pumps and we pumped up the tire it did not hold the air it was Shredded in one area... Pretty bad .. We must have ran over something. ??? So we find the spare but found out we didn't have a jack. We were not sure where the jack would be. So I go up and down San O knowing there had to be at least 1 other VW Westfalia (after all it's a "surf van")...well at the other end I find 2 owned by some middle aged guys. I tell them our dilemma and one guy said "I will show you where the jack is located but I'm not fixing anything "... I tell him we are down a ways but he said he is not walking down there and showed me where the stuff should be in his van! Seriously though his tone of voice and how he talked to me was a tad on the A$$ hole side. I just smiled and said thank you! Whatever!

Well we can't get reception on the cells to call AAA below the cliffs so we pray the air holds till we get to the guard shack at top of hill! It does and we get AAA to come and rescue us!

So we head on our way to Encinitas!!

We made it safe and sound! Whew!

We set up camp and have a beer and get some shrimp and fish tacos at the campsite's lil taco stand Bull Taco!
The stuff is yummy and reasonable!

I also bought a few decorations to lively up our camp area so I decorated too!

Girls start arriving and setting up and when we all get situated we head out for a surf session! It was so hot and we all could use a bath in the pacific Yes 2 in one day for me!

I go in a rash guard and board shorts!
Water was WARM!!! Really not a lot of surf.... But more than normal kelp and sea grass! That stuff was everywhere! It grabbed your legs leash and stopped you while trying to paddle ! Ugh I wore booties because of the rocks and other things under the waves (and yes that was quite a fashion sight to see for sure) but wished I had my full suit so I didn't have to feel that slimy stuff as much! I swear it felt like sigmund and the sea monsters were grabbing me!!!
Also a good size leopard shark was surfing with us apparently. A lot of the gals saw it... I didn't .. But I did sea a seal or lil sea lion and a few dolphin.

Well 2 surf sessions for me and no waves :-(..
Oh well time to head back to relax and have wine!

The sun was starting to set and we went and got a nice lobster salad and a bean and cheese burrito for dinner (Tracy and I shared) of course wine!

Day one was pretty eventful and we were exhausted!

We started a campfire ... Laurie appeared with her infamous jello shots! A WK event staple! Yes I had beer wine and jello shots ay ai ay!!

Instead of gathering around the campfire we all gathered around a lantern??? It was still pretty warm out.

Then around 10 we all headed to our tents.. Cars ..motor home and as for Tracy and I Lola!

Well stay tuned the saga continues!