Monday, October 24, 2011

I liked this and wanted to share

A friend posted this on Facebook and she got it from another site. I just loved it and thought it would be nice to share. I think ALL us surfers can relate to the words.

Since I have not fully recovered from the Bronchitis bordering on Pneumonia, and surfed and got back into my running and did everything but fully rest...or I'm just plain ole sick again. I did not surf this last weekend. BUT I heard surf was not so great anyway so I did not miss much.

However my daughter REALLY wanted to surf this weekend... AND when My 14 year old said she wants to spend time with me.. and not just spend time with me..but dign what I LOVE!!! which is rare at this age..I got all excited too. BUT Thankfully she understood I was still not well and didn't want me to risk a possible hospital stay if I surfed with her. LOL..

So nothing new to report..Hopefully I will feel well Thursday and or next days off..and hopefully there will be something to surf