Friday, February 3, 2012

Surfing My Serendipity

LOOK FOR IT IN YOUR LOCAL SURF SHOP.. BARNES AND NOBLE..HOLLISTER..and if your lucky and still have any where you live BORDERS!. I am Published. SORRY for bragging.. Just totally STOKED they decided to use my story..and put the title of my story on the cover! YAY ME!

In other news I have been on a "stay-birthday-cation" the past couple days. I stayed at my friends Beach house for four days.That picture I posted of the Sunset was from there. Now I am back at work... I will post about my 4 days of surfing when I have time.(Ironically I only surfed 3 of the 4 days while in Sunset Beach) The other day was the following Tuesday for my Birthday. LIFE IS GOOD!