Friday, December 21, 2012

A winter dip in the cold pacific

I have surfed 2 times since my last post...
Tis the season keeping me busy and the weather.

I can't remember the last surf experience I know it was At Blackies.... Been surfing Blackies a lot... It's where hubs likes to surf... But I need to mix it up soon.. Lol

Any way the only thing I remember from the time before last was I caught all the waves but nothing too extreme ... My hubs got his first surf owie
He wiped out and took a fin to his ripped his wetsuit... But did not cut his skin... Just Left a red mark and bruised.

So yesterday we surfed Blackies was in traffic and the cold temps were making me think twice about this decision! Then surf sucked low tide and waves at 1-2 no shape and air temp 45 and water at 56..
It was cold and I did take a while to warn up... But I have surfed colder before.

I caught one left 3 close outs i just rode in like a boogie board and 1 wipeout..
I got out because the cold was making my right leg and hip cramp.. And I could not surf any more.... Guess its part of being a Grandma ;-)

Hubs didn't catch but 1... He was experiencing the intimidation you feel after a wipeout from last time.. I kept telling him he just needed to catch one just one even If he pops up in white wash... To get over it...
He caught one and we called it a day!

But the day was clear and you could see Catalina Island and I just needed to be out there!

So I'm saying it was a good day surfing..
Then I spent the evening with hub on the boat while he worked the Christmas parade.... houses and boats with extravagant decorations and lights.... Really helps to get you in the Holiday spirit... And the friendly company and wine helped too!!

Like I said Tis the season!

Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas from me and mine!!