Sunday, June 23, 2013

San Elijo.. Day 2

I know I am soooo far behind in my blogging.. Besides surfing .. I also took up gardening .. And been actively seeking employment.. 
Please bear with me...

Day two wake up go for coffee/tea run .. Look at surf .. A few of us still think its way too big for us..Eat a little breakfast yogurt and hard boil eggs and a lot conversation ... We Decide Not to suit up for  morning session... But we all need to be present to meet Sunshine Macarow she is the founder of womens surf life magazine.. (Which sadly is no longer in print but was a great magazine from what I hear!) Our club president set this meet and surf up!! 

So we meet up with her to say hi and do a photo op.. And she brought us all some cute purple beenies 
A few people are not picture here.. Some hit tne surf already.. And some I don't think were awake.. 
But it was very nice to meet sunshine who I watched surf... She is very good!! After surf session that some of us Skipped out on.. 
We all ate lunch at the camp lil restaraunt Bull Taco...
Sunshine had a lot of interesting things to share.. We really enjoyed meeting her!

Some surf pix from the day .. This is Laura .. She is fearless!! That scares me!

We did decide to go  surfing around 5:00-6:00 PM We finally saw a window of a possibility ... But I along with a few others still could not get outside...
Now this time interfered with my plans to meet up with Valerie (surf mama) and I messaged her dinner plans for our group were now looking like 7:00 pm... Which unfortunately ... Did not work for Valerie and I was so upset I could not see her!! However... This is how great and awesome Valerie is!!! We plan our group dinner on Saturday a potluck where we all get together to eat a potluck dinner ... We also planned a surprise birthday celebration for one of our gals Artie ... As you know I just did a Birthday surf with her  a few days before this camp out...
Well Valerie ordered a cake and brought it.. Even though she could not stay for dinner ... And I never got to see her... She dropped it off with some of my WK gals... I was so sad to miss her... But beyond grateful for her generosity!!!

So now it's our group dinner and we surprise Artie with her cake and Birthday celebration !! 
Artie is so surprised and happy!!

She was even more surprised and happy about her birthday cake!! I cannot thank Valerie enough!! She really has no idea how much I really love her!! She not only made me my favorite surfboard in the world.. Helped me with Pabs paddle out... But she helped make one special  gal to a lot of us a very happy girl!!!

So we took another group pix with the new peeps who came day 2

We all enjoy our dinner and birthday cake... And get silly because we have lots of wine!! 
Laurie and I photo bomb Leslie pix with all her flowers I her hair!!

Susan does some hula ... While Kathleen and I play ukulele !!
Bhavani joins in and performs with Susan!!

Oh I forgot to mention the kook was decorated for Artie's birthday as well!! Very appropriate!!

And Also one of my favorite dogs .. Who has been mention on my blog in the past camped with us !!
My friend Otto!!
He is so cool hanging out in my chair around the campfire!! Otto Rocks!!!

Any way after the festivities ... We all go  to bed!! And none of us looking forward to the last day :-(.