Thursday, May 23, 2013

Yes... I broke my surfboard with my head!

I'm not exactly sure what happen!
On Monday I got back in the water for the first time in a month! I just recovered from my lovely foot injury! Just me and hubs headed out! 

Monday it was a sunny day ..water was was fun.. Small 2-3.. Easy waves..
My first ride was the best!! A nice right.. They were all rights!! 
It felt good to be back on the board.. I caught 3 more fun rides after.. I was having a better surf day than the last couple times I went out!! I was Happy!! 
Plus the vibe in the water was good everyone was having fun!

I however was tired from not getting a good night sleep the night before and having not been in the water for a while ...

I tell hubs I'm taking one more in... I sit inside a bit ... Go for a wave and ..BAM ... Wipeout!!!
I'm not sure exactly what happen .. But when I was under water I heard and felt a big crack!!
That just so happen to be my surfboard hitting my head! 
I was dizzy popped out of the water yelled for my husband and laid on my board and let the white wash take me in..
I saw Will a fellow surfer out of the corner of my eye yelled for him and reached and grabbed hold of him .. I said I hit my head bad .. Please help... 
He said first looked like my head was bleeding and walked me to the sand..I had my eyes closed .. Because I was dizzy and nausea..
Someone grabbed my hands and guided me the rest of the way... It was my friend Mike Frank . He said Michelle its Mike Frank.. Your gonna be ok..
He sat me down on the beach and I was able to open my eyes and was trying to focus. I was dizzy and a bit dazed and confused.. He sat and talked to me for a bit till the lifeguard got there and my husband made it in.
I was not bleeding it was more of like a skin knee looking sore.. 
The lifeguard did all the tests.. I seemed fine.. They put ice on my head and made me stay still for a bit. He asked what part of the surfboard did I hit and my hubs picks up my board and everyone gasps!! At this time I'm surrounded by a lot of the Blackies crew.. And probably a few people I did not know!!
I saw my board and the damage my head did to it!! And my hair was stuck in the board!! I was scalped by my surfboard !!!
Then I started crying!! I was being tough and not crying like a sissy !! But then I saw my board and even the lifeguard "Ryan" thought he lost me... I'm not sure if I was shocked at what I  saw and my hair hanging off and embedded in my board... Or the fact my board ... My beloved "Mo" was damaged!

After settling down and getting the OK  from lifeguard Ryan to move...I took off my wetsuit and said goodbye and Thank Yous!!

I went home relaxed and took Advil..
Lifeguard said I did not need to go to the hospital  and told Brian what to watch for.. But I/We have head/concussion experience.. Haha... So I stayed home and just relaxed.

So I made it through the night! It was a restless painful night..
I woke up and was in pain .. More than the day before and I lost my taste buds ... I can't taste anything... And everyone is hounding me to go and get looked at.
I call Kaiser ... Speak to An RN.. Her suggestion after finding out I lost sense of taste.. To go to ER .. And have an MRI

I finally go to the ER.. My friend/neighbor drove me after her And my sister lectured me to go!
I get the same exam the lifeguard did And I got a CAT Scan.. 
All turns out OK!! No trauma or bleeding to the brain and no symptoms  of a concussion !!
They see pictures of my board and just like all the surfers at the beach... Say they don't know why I do not have more damage and I'm lucky!

They give me Norco for Pain.. And say to rest for at least a week!

As for loss of taste.. May be the swelling pressing on a nerve messing with my sense of I have to rest and give it time!

So that's where I am now!!

I hope this blog makes sense.. I was waiting a few days to write it... But again I do have a head injury!
As Pabs would say... Here be the pix! I posted my pix of my head first day and the next day!

Friday, May 3, 2013

A week without surfing

Ok I remember when that was no big deal.. But I have not gone over a week in a while it seems!
So am having withdrawals..
Checked surf at Blackies on Tuesday but low tide and no surf detoured that... However saw a few starfish on the pier pilings ....AND...A whale family with a baby just where the surf line up would be.. Hubs said they were so shallow because there was a baby... And shallows help protect them during their journey back North..Below is a picture .. The best i could get with my I phone
.... I considered going surfing today.. But i went out last night with hubs to see my friend Kirsten in her new band Calico at a coffee house in Newport i guess it's good I did not..
Because my last surf adventure at Doheny a week ago last Tuesday. Which I did not blog about.. Uneventful really ..But..
I guess my board hit my foot.. And it did not hurt.. It was a lil swollen and that night I put on my walking shoes went for a walk and it hurt... Hmm.
But the next day it was bruised pretty bad ,..however since it has not been hurting as much as it looks like it should I been using it and doing whatever..
Now as of a few days ago.. It's been bugging me..SO
Now I decided to rest it!! The bruise is getting better .. I'm not sure if it is because it's been a week and 3 days or because I started using an Arnica gel another surfer recommended .. But since I started using this as of yesterday I see an improvement :-).. It's a homeopathic medicine and I think every surfer should keep this in their surf bag for aches pains swelling and bruises!!
So now i have been resting it.. Sort of.. Not running and surfing.. And trying to do activities not involving the foot so much.
However im not one to sit still .. So been sanding my stairs and doing some yard work..
Next week I plan to surf!! Fingers crossed!