Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gas Prices Putting A Wrench In My Surf Time

So I always thought that surfing was a relatively inexpensive sport.. My impression when I started was all you needed was a board and wet suit... but, I didn't take into consideration you need more than one wet suit and want/need more than one board,(Currently I have one 4/3 and one 3/2 and two spring suits and a foam board(totally grew out of, but my daughter uses it) and Tallulah my pink and purple 9' Goddess)Am looking forward to getting an 8' board in the summer to add to my quiver and a surf mat.. (I am hearing FUN things about these mats lately)

Anyway... I thought the Ocean is free..also, didn't take in consideration usually you have to pay for parking, or buy a state pass, that I still cannot afford. Plus you know extras like booties, leashes, racks, wax, sunscreen.. etc etc.. all in all it is still more affordable than other sports..and as I say is so much more than a sport.. BUT when you live 37 miles from the beach and gas prices are reaching $4.00 a gallon and you drive a Tahoe...finances lately are not what they use to be, Thanks to this great recession..THIS ALL is making me a bit nervous as to WHEN and how often I will be able to surf.. this does not make me happy.. I was already having a difficult time getting my surf on.. just one more thing to make it that much harder!

See this surfing thing is not only an addiction.. It is also my stress release,my favorite exercise, also helps with my spiritual growth... Surfing is so much more than just surfing, It makes me an all around better ME! SO I feel I am being Challenged with these gas prices here.. I already have to work around a full time job, kids, husband, living such a long distance from the Ocean, Not to mention the weather and surf conditions..NOW this!?

I always heard if you want something bad enough, you can get it!! IF there is a will there is a way! and to quote NIKE.. just do it! I am not a quitter! SOO I am determined not to let this stop me. Even if I have to Beg, Steal or Borrow.. OK well maybe not steal, I don't believe in that! REGARDLESS........