Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A lil update

Last weekend I went to Doheny again... Waves were 2-3 and the water was so warm.... Like 75 degrees warm!

But I didn't get to surf.... No.... But my hubs got to surf with MY friends at MY favorite surf break! That is just WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

But I been sick and needed to save my strength for my first day at work...

Any way so I have been and still am sick ... My first day of work was not the greatest ... I coughed non stop all day! I was so embarrassed! :-(
So I am trying to absorb things while sick and not myself. I was drained and tired and stressed and was in bed before 9 pm.
As for my job.... I'm not sure yet... I don't even know what I'm suppose to do...things are not very organized.. Plus they use different computer programs and systems than I'm use to... Also the equipment in the office is a little more high tech than anywhere i work before... Which is kinda cool, but still frustrating at the same time....But hey it's only been 2 days I'm sure I will get it eventually.
Everyone In the office seem very nice and it seems like a fun nice place to work.
Also if I felt better, I probably would be looking at this differently. Plus I need to feel it out. And figure out my niche and when I do... Eventually I will be fine....I HOPE!

Why can't I just surf when I want and money magically appear???

Any way so here Are some pix from last weekend...


  1. I hear you: I start my new job this tuesday and I am freaking out. If it was not for the money, I will have no problem surfing every day all year long.

  2. Both of you lovely ladies will be fine...just be true to yourselves and don't try to impress and overdo it with your new coworkers. In fact, keep the surfing to yourself at first...then gradually reveal it. Your co-workers will think you're some really cool mamas, which you are! Surfy grams...play off your sick day as something you caught when you were held down and swallowed some water after catching a nice wave...that'll make'em respect ya! ;-)

  3. Bummer to have to sit back and watch, but at least you got some pics out of it! :) Danica Martin