Tuesday, June 25, 2013

San Elijo The last day

I really wish I had something totally amazing to report!! 
But I really dont...Actually this may get a bit dark .. I know after you read.. You all will think this is so not the Surfing Grandma we have learned to love.. I am human and this gets a tad negative.. But rest assure.. It's a bit better since then.

Woke up Sunday did the usual 711 coffee/ tea run.. 

I was really feeling blah.. I was not ready to go back home yet.. 

Ate my yoghurt and hard boiled eggs..
Decided to surf.. Surf was smaller... Not better.. It was very jumbly.. 

Did get outside though.. It was only close outs and just not the best conditions.. And I did not catch 1 single wave!! Not even a close out.. Not even white wash to shore.. Very sad surf trip... BUT... Very good camping trip!!

I go get cleaned up take a shower and Tracy and I pack up Lola.. 
A lot of others have already departed.. Till the end it was Laurie.. Artie.. Tracy and I..

I was hungry and wanted lunch before we left so Tracy and I went to "The Besta wan pizza house" 

we scoped it out the night before.. Wanted to get pizza delivered to the potluck .. They don't deliver.. But Leucadia pizza did.. And YUM!!
Any way they had way more than Pizza so we had a nice lunch before heading home.. And got to dine next to some very colorful guys.. Who already had a lot to drink.. They were actually entertaining! 

So Tracy drops me off on Balboa Penninsula .. I have to wait for Hubs to get off work.. 
Remember I'm not feeling well my cold was getting worse.. And now I have a headache and am exhausted.. The plan was to hang out with some of our friends at a watering hole my hub frequents..

They were down the street at another place... I go look for them .. Find them pretty plastered .. Except for the DD.. She does not drink.
Low & behold I'm more excited because what do I see behind the bar in a case...!?!?!?!? Rows of Primo!! I can't find it since that party I posted about.. So of course ..  I Must have one..  
I wanted to take a pix of me and the beer ... But two Hams really wanted to be in the shot!

After wards we go back to the other watering hole.. But a B$&#* I can not stand (long story) is there!! 
(side note.. Really if I have a problem with someone.. There is a reason.. I usually get along with everyone .. Even when others don't.. So you know if I say she is a B$&#%* .. She is!!!!)

That turns into a long story too.. But just know.. I'm not Happy and just want to go home.. ( really the person raised in Santa Ana..the very rarely seen mean girl inside me.. Just wanted to rip her hair out)

But I didn't.. And when hubs called we went back to the other place I had another primo and he a jack and coke.. And went home..

Get home and remember new neighbors.. ????

Well they have two dogs.. Now anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Dogs... I just don't love dogs when they non stop bark without taking a breath... And I'm already sick..ruffled feathers by having to control myself around the B$&#* And have a headache..AND those dogs barked ALL night!! 
My daughter said they have not stopped barking since they moved in..

I'm seriously NOT A happy camper at this point!!

Just FYI .. They now about 1 1/2 weeks later do not bark at night any more.. But after asking them nicely during the day ...
5 days after they moved in and nothing was done.. Hubs 2 days after that exactly 1 week since they moved in.. Pounded on their  door at 11:30 at night...it got a bit ugly....it was either that or call the police... From now on I guess its the police.. They acted like WE were bugging them.. (side note.. Hubs was up at 4:00 am for work.. Got  home between 8:30-9:00pm... Stayed up till 9:30.. Was awoken by dogs at 11:30.. And had to get up at 4:00 am again) and we all been sleeped deprive since they moved in!!! Really what the Hell did they expect!?!?!?
ANYWAYS.. Excuse my rant..

But those dogs have not barked since!! Also nieghbor on the other side reported them to the SPCA... She too is pissed and seems more irate then us.. But she is moving soon... Lucky!!

Just another reason to rent this house out and get closer to the beach!!

Any way....Hate to end on a negative.. But I feel I had to post how it all ended.

I so just wanted to go back to San Elijo with my amazing friends!!  Even if no surf was to be had....I think I was not ready to come home yet :-(

PS.. I'm so far behind in posting.. Since this trip I have surfed 5 times at 3 different breaks.. I will try to catch up:-/