Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This is what I have been doing.... and dreaming about too!

AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH.. Spring is in the air.. it is finally going to start warming up. I hope the water does too. Maybe I can ditch the 4/3 put on a 3/2 soon, or even better a SPRING SUIT! One can only hope..BUT it is feeling great outside, I got the itch to do something outdoorsy! SPRING FEVER IS HITTING and I definitely NEED to surf. BUT..alas...I am stuck behind a desk at work in front of a computer..so if I cant surf, or enjoy the outside. I am at least going to blog about it.

I have not surfed in I don't know how many days. On my days off it was either raining, or the water was dirty, or surf just sucked..and basically when all my friends were surfing I was stuck at work...but in all reality I don't think many of my friends surfed much lately either.. So not to be a brat..but that does make me feel better.

I am looking forward to Thursday....my next day off. I am so in the water. EVEN though I will be out late Wednesday night. I have a friend who now lives out of state, visiting for a bit,she is an amazing singer, songwriter, guitar playing,BEYOND talented, all around GREAT person! She will be doing a local gig Wed. night. SO I hope I get up the next day to catch a few waves..because I need to.
I have been having a lot of stress lately, and I really think it is intensified by not being in the water. I have not had any social life or surf life in a few weeks..and that makes for dangerous conditions for those around me.. family and work. SO... the count down to Thursday is on..

ALSO..Saturday, our surf club is planning a road trip. IF it all works out in the transportation area.. I will be blogging soon about surfing a new uncharted spot for me. CAN'T wait.. very excited.

Well for now all I can say..for those of you lucky enough to enjoy this weather. Have fun outside..and don't forget the sunscreen.. YES that big yellow thing is the sun..and for my surfing friends that are out there,and will be until Thursday, catch a few for me!!! But please save me some on Thursday.. I really need them.