Saturday, April 7, 2012


It just figures!!! I was so looking forward to getting in the water Early Sunday Morning and Monday.. BUT yesterday(Friday)I woke up and I could not move!

I told hubs, I cant move!!! He said push the dogs away.. BECAUSE usually that is why I cannot move when I wake up.. all the animals for some reason lay right on top of or next to me. It is like I am their Queen or something. They wont let anyone near me funny! I usually wake up and note I get like 12"(if I am lucky) out of the 72" of the California King size bed!

But this time it was not the animals. It was my arm and shoulder blade. I was in such pain!!!

Funny I have been a ball of stress..and I obviously have been filled with tension. I have been trying to stay positive and up beat and ignoring a few negatives in my life right now. They are just little road blocks that will get fixed! BUT no matter how I try..My body wont have it.. and just wants to remind me!

So What is my BIG Stress reducer? SURFING!! So now because of this pinched nerve in my left shoulder blade..what is it preventing me from doing?... SURFING!..BOOO!!!

So now what? I have been doing the Aleve, Ibuprofin thing. I have done the moist heat and then ice thing. I had my massage therapist "Healer" son work on it for a brief moment, I did the light stretching. I have lathered myself in Icy Hot.. IT feels a lot better today..but now the pulling sensation is on my arm, and not as much in my neck. My shoulder blade feels like someone punched me in the back and is very sensitive to touch.

I keep thinking I will just try to surf a little on maybe Monday??..I want to sooo bad..BUT am thinking.. maybe I should just sit out for a bit... IF I don't I will prob make it worse.


Sorry had to vent.. Was hoping this will help relieve some of my stress as well! HA!..PLUS I know a lot of you have been here..and can relate.. So I am not alone!