Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gave Mo A Go in the Big Blue O..

Where I have been starring at Mo for 4 days! He was not out of my sight!

I know sappy title..I just thought it was cute. I am into this rhyming thing lately. IDK.. weird I know.


So I finally get a day off on Thursday..(after I have been drooling and caressing and doing almost everything to my board while it has been in my living room.. except make love to it (save that for the ocean ;-)...)... and as you all read.. I got the rest of my accessories so I could get Mo out into the Ocean like he deserves to be.

First Base coat...

Applying the top wax.. awww intoxicating.

So the night before I give him a nice wax job.. base coat and cool/cold top coat.. I love waxing my board. MY whole garage smells like surf wax..and there is something therapeutic about it.. Especially when it is "Your" Board... It can be a lot of work. It use to kill my arms, I don't know if losing a foot of board, or the fact I have built up muscles from surfing have anything to do with it. But it was easier this time around then previously.

So I barely could sleep the night before.. I was so giddy to try him out. I was up and ready as soon as I took my daughter to school. HOWEVER I was not hearing any good "surf reports" ...

So we drive down to Blackies... Now that it is the Hubs security blanket... it was BIG WALLED & JUST CLOSING OUT and FAST. Anyone who's board was not flying in the air at take off and actually got a ride was zooming! The ride was basically close outs... there really were no shoulders. Few and Far between. I was NO!! I cannot take Mo out in this. ALL I see is wipe outs in my future. That is not what I had in mind for mine and Mo's first rendezvous!... I suggest we head to Seal..and check out spots along the way.

Everything was close outs. Even Bolsa did not look so great. Although I heard it was.. BUT We could not see much on PCH after the jettys.. So maybe the tower my friend said was better was... BUT I didn't have a pass and not paying the $15 to go and see. PLUS I had to put all my money in the gas tank to make this trip. Gas we were wasting driving looking for surf. BUT I WAS determined to get Me and Mo in that Ocean..

We get to Seal.. um basically flat. I could take Mo out and paddle around..BUT I doubt I would be doing any "surfing" At least at Blackies there was some powerful White Wash to play in. SO we head back with one quick stop at the Cliffs. WINDY AS _ _ _ _! OK Back to Blackies.

It was a little less wild but still close outs. Got a little smaller, tide was filling in. So we paddle out.

Paddle out, MO was awesome and easy to paddle. I was wow this is fun. I was worried him being a bit smaller it was gonna be more effort. Thank you Valerie for Mo's volume.. Awesome!I was worried about getting over the white wash with the rocker. I timed it good and no problem. So I get outside. WOOT! I was already happy. By the way Hubs is here also and made it outside..BUT this post is about me and Mo.. so I am not putting much energy about the Hubs..(but not much has changed in his surfing skills, He is trying and not giving up so I am impressed) BOY sounds like I am cheating on my husband with my surfboard... Well maybe just a little. HA!

I take in one close out.. and stand right up on Mo! I was wow this was a lot easier than expected! The more I am on this board... the more I know I made the right decision in asking for what I wanted. ( if that makes sense? I was having doubts that if what I was asking for in a board, when getting it made, IF I really knew what I was talking about..AND I DID!)

So then I am inside and just decide to play in the white wash. TO try a few pop ups. Plus I was not really wanting to get beat up getting outside. I was getting beat up .. I was caught in the impact zone inside for a spell and just decided to ride the white wash next to the was pretty powerful. HA!..

I go outside and take a 2 more close outs. Every time I got it. Stood up could only go straight. I really wanted to turn. BUT I just could not in all that foam!

I go out one more time.. I see a wave with some shape maybe.. it looked slower like it was not just gonna just dump. I start to paddle and it is a right so I angle that way. BUT when I looked over as I caught it, I saw another guy on it coming down the line. I was aw man! But I popped up and he backed off. Thank you nice man!.. AND I dropped right down. NO nose going down.. MO just glided.. It was a short ride. BUT it was smooth and nice. I did not have to work to keep my nose up on take off, like I learned with Tallulah... Mo just drops on a wave like he should. I feel a bit guilty I may like Mo a lot more than Tallulah... I came in after that..because for as crappy as the surf was. I was impressed I got that. Plus it was So fun. I had to absorb that feeling.

As I get out. I notice conditions were getting a bit better. Smaller but not as fast and some waves were showing a bit more shape. That explains my last ride. I was contemplating on going back out. HUBS was done and hungry..but he said If I wanted to go.. go ahead. After resting a bit I realized.. I was little tired and my arms were sore. So I decided to just go in. It was almost 2 hours.. Not bad for a BAD SURF day....

V for Valerie..I know ...but V for Victorious..DONT YOU LOVE THAT LOGO? This picture makes my board look green.. but it is not that green. The lighting is playing tricks!

SERIOUSLY DON'T WE MAKE A CUTE COUPLE? .. and notice surf conditions in back yeah...However that is smaller than when I first went out..and MUCH Smaller then when we first showed up..BUT again Cute couple!

I wanted to go again on Friday..BUT noticed I did not get as much gas for my money as normal..and driving looking for surf did not help. I could not afford another trip to the beach, especially since Surf Conditions were not worth it.. I was a little bummed.

OH WELL.. Mo's Maiden Voyage..A success! I can't wait to see what he does in Ideal conditions.. can you imagine?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some Girls Get Excited Over A Blue Box.....

BUT not if you are a surfer girl!!!!

THE hubs came home with few gifts for me!

I got a new fin! Leash, and some surf wax!

Nothing says I love you like a New Fin for your new surfboard!!!
NOT just any old Fin...A Donald Takayama Fin! I heard they were good!

...although I still really wanted a proteck fin..hmm I wonder why?

And a Makaha Leash..
...I mentioned I wanted a white or clear leash.. this is clear with a white line in it. COOL!
Although he might have bought this because I always say surf wax is like an aphrodisiac to me.. hmmmmm?!?!?!?

I think I am a pretty Lucky SG!

I guess it is Love after all!!!! AWWWWWWW

Monday, February 20, 2012


Me and Mo..

Guess who came home yesterday? I picked him up on my way home from a trip to San Diego. Meet "MO" it is short for Mo' Olio which is Hawaiian for Seahorse. Appropriate.. right?
OK I am SOOO IN LOVE with him..Mo has been sitting in my living room and instead of watching TV I find I am just starring and drooling at my new found love. I keep walking over and picking him up. I can't believe how light he is, big difference in weight from Tallulah. He will also be very buoyant with how thick it is. I hope I can surf and do the board justice. I have to get use to losing a foot of board. It will be like learning all over again..maybe?

SO my hubs is picking up a fin on the way home today. I believe he is getting me a leash also. He somehow got a deal with someone at the Frog House?? I think that is what he said. I thought it was funny. He called me at work and was all excited. I got you a fin! I didn't even ask.. so sweet! We shall see how that goes.(I hope he does not for a minute think he is taking Mo out...hmm I think I see the motive behind his enthusiasm.. I may have to put lo-jack on Mo!)

Any way...I am still ordering my Proteck fin..But I want to try Mo out on Thursday my next day off, I don't want to wait for a fin to arrive. So I am just getting a standard, 7" hopefully white fin.. for now. I will let you all know how next Thursday goes. Lets hope for some easy surf conditions.

Me,Mo and Valerie!

Now onto "Mo's" Creator and surrogate. Val from Mere'Made surfboards. I was so excited to see her again yesterday. I just love that girl. Her and her whole family are just the sweetest. Her daughter and son are beyond cute. Her husband(who I met for the first time yesterday) was also very kind, and is so knowledgeable!He has been surfing practically since he could walk. I love talking to people with that much knowledge. AND who have the passion when talking about it. Now if he would stop showing off and breaking surfboards while doing those aerials. . Poor Valerie can't keep up with making them for him. ;-)I saw one of the victims up close and personal! Yikes!
Valerie herself is quite the surfer as well. If you ever read her blogs you will know that.I also had the privilege of being in the water with her once and saw what she can do. They also had an out of town guest from France staying..he too is a surfer. I think they were getting ready to go out after I left. LUCKY!
(It is great when you get to meet the bloggers who become, I feel, lifelong friends, in person. IT is so special. I now personally know 2 from my blog family.)
As I said good-bye we all got hugs.. including the guest from France.

Well again. I will keep you all update on my adventures with Mo.. I will have to take Tallulah out from time to time. Don't want her to get jealous. Plus my daughter will probably be riding her. BUT for Now Tallulah can rest. SHE has been my go to girl for nearly 3 years. She deserves a break.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A little Love for Valentines Day!

Just spreading a little love Surfer Style! Happy Valentines Day From Me to You!

It is the Love of Surfing that makes us family!

The water baths me in ways I cannot describe. The sun nourishes me and gives me a new vibe. But it's that wave the feeling when you ride..That takes my soul to to new heights. It is on that surfboard when you start to jibe! The Aloha of the other surfers true initiation to the tribe!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yet... I still LOVE Surfing.

HMM so this is what I do, when I surf on weekdays, TRAFFIC, 3 Freeways, 37 miles one way to closest wave. I am either crazy Or I am surfing's Bitch... hmmm maybe a lil of both! ...but since hubs is driving.. can you say carpool lane :-)!

Ok Ok. So now I am finally writing about my surf session last Thursday. I had Thursday and Friday off last week. SO of course if possible Surfing is on the agenda.
Since my hubs starting this journey with me..He wanted to surf with me on my day off. So he picked Thursday to take off and bond with me in the surf. All together now.. AWWWWW!!!

We end up at Blackies..which had a little something for everyone that day. BY the Jetty it was huge, I saw plenty of overhead and decent shaped waves. THEN the middle was a little weird. Smaller than by the Jetty. But watching them, they were coming in at odd angles, and different directions. Just looked weird. I don't know how to explain it. But closer to the Pier lots of 2-3's nothing really higher than chest. Mostly Rights. Also seem to be where all the beginners were. SO after the high school team got out. That is where we decided to go.

Brian paddled out past the break. It was an achievement I would say. It was not the easiest paddle out, but it was nothing like last time he surfed with me at Bolsa. SO I was impressed he got outside.

I forgot to mention A few of my friends were there surfing. Laura, Bobby, Rick, Susan. Susan surfed closest to us.

I don't know what has been with me lately. BUT my surfing skills have been hiding somewhere. I kind of lost my Mojo. If anyone sees it out in the ocean.. please let me know! Last couple of times. I Have not been in tune.

I figured this time, my excuse is, I was so worried about Brian and paying attention to him. I was worried about him being outside, What if a bigger set came in, what would he do? What if he got in someones way or went after a wave that was not his? I just really didn't focus. Sometimes this real deep motherly instinct thing is a nuisance. Because, where we were surfing it was perfect fun waves for me. I knew I could do a lot better than I was. I was not doing much of anything. Plus the people around me said they were occasional surfers from Sacramento..but they just all went after waves, without any courtesy either, so I had to watch out for them as well.

Oh I have to throw some things in here. I think it is so cute when Brian is trying to coach me and tells me to paddle for a wave, when I know it is not gonna do anything, or I am not in the right position for it. HA he has a lot to learn. I just smile, and don't say anything negative. He will get it soon. I too am still learning..but I find it funny I know, what I know now. WOW! This is good for me. Because I truly did not realize how much I have learned. Also I would be paddling out and he would think a wave was gonna break on me, BUT I clearly knew I would get over it. I knew my timing, I knew what the waves was doing and when.. He would be yelling, LOOK OUT HONEY, BE CAREFUL.. I would smile and say I am good, don't worry about me. How flippen cute.

When I finally decided Brian was a big boy and I was gonna just focus on me. I still wasn't catching waves. I paddled and paddled and nothing. I caught like 2. BUT I noticed. Susan was in the same predicament. So maybe it was not me. We both paddled for waves and nothing. Ok Ok. That made me feel better. Also when Laura got out she said she was off today also.. LAURA IS NEVER OFF. So maybe it was not just me?

Well after playing by the pier. THAT was getting a lot more crowded. Hubs said hey lets go south of pier where it is less crowded. Yeah.. Less crowded..but not as many waves. OH well. I will sacrifice so he can learn. PLENTY of my friends have done the same for me. So when we were coming back in. He catches a little something inside and took it all the way to shore. He popped up, a little late, but popped up none the less. He looked back at me like a little kid to make sure I saw . I gave him the thumbs up. He was so proud. AGAIN I am looking at my husband differently. He is so fricken cute. Maybe him learning to surf is really not a bad thing after all. This just may be what we needed right now.....

So we head under the pier. He said he needed a bit of a break. By the way, when we were outside and he wanted to head south, I said lets paddle under the pier. He looked at me like I was crazy, when I headed that direction he didn't follow. That is when he headed in. So I followed him.

We decide to walk down a bit further away from the pier, because there was maybe a total of 5 surfers and one paddle boarder right next to it. So we go away from everyone.

We get outside. I get one wipe out. Then I get one wave. THEY were few and far between. Because we went really where nothing was happening. We Sat outside and talked a bit. Talked about how nice it was. How just sitting outside was peaceful. How nice the day and weather was and how clear the water is. I was telling him how to read waves. I also gave him little pointers I learned along the way. And he was telling me how he is still trying to find his sweet spot & figure out where to put his feet when he pops up. I told him a trick I learned about finding the sweet spot when you do and are comfortable, put an X in the wax where your chin or nose is when laying on your board. That helped me a lot. I was trying to show him how to spin his board around and do the egg beater with his feet to catch a wave... He is still learning that. IT took me a long time too.

Then a nice little set comes in. He goes for one. I think he got it.. Another passes I let it and I go for the third. I didn't see where Brian was till I was preceding with my pop up. Because there was a wave between us. WHEN I saw him, He was paddling right at me. I said GO left and pointed to my left as I am popping up.. which would have been his right. He just said OH SHIT. His eyes got big and I think he threw his board. I went to my right. But got his board right in my chest and arm. I also hit my face on my board. BUT somehow I didn't get knocked off my board. I was laying on it. Then I realized my left arm was in so much pain. I go off my board and could not lift my left arm. IT HURT! So I lay on my board and let the white wash take us to shore. I get out. I cannot lift my board. He comes running and is part scared, worried and I think mad, he said, WHY did you come right at me? I said I didn't see you. He was more worried about me. I said it is ok, I am ok. I really hurt my arm, I cannot lift my board. He was gonna try to take both boards my 9'0 and the big thick boat he is using, that is like 2 of mine already.. I told him NO I got it, and lifted my big 9'0 with my right arm and carried it all the way back to the shower. I feel like I am gonna throw up I am in so much pain. I thought somehow I broke my left arm. BUT I didn't. It was just right on the muscle of my bicep. BUT my arm pit area was hurting too., I try to take my wetsuit off.. I am trying not to cry. Because if you are a surfer, you are tough and you don't cry when you get hurt. Surfing is not for sissy's I am not a sissy!. I keep telling my panicky husband I am ok, it is all part of surfing no big deal. At least it was us that ran into each other. BUT at the least crowded place HA!.
YES OUCH!!! If you are keeping count #3

We decide to go and get some bloody mary's. I could really use one. Take Laura to our fav bar on the Penninsula. Thank God my fav bartender is working who makes the BEST bloody mary's. I also get a bag of ice to put on my arm. I downed 3 drinks, some water and 2 tacos and some flautas for lunch.
Pain relief take 3 and call me in the morning. THIS is number 2

My hubs Laura and I and few locals we know talk a bit. I felt much better after the drinks. My arm is turning blue now. HA. But the pain is not as bad. As long as I don't move it. Well Great so now I get bruise #3 in less than a month. Funny I got a bruise on my left arm, then a few weeks later one on my right arm and now another on my left arm. It comes in 3's right.. so now I AM DONE! NO MORE INJURIES!. I have also found a few more bruises from that day. So I have a total of 6 but the one on my arm is the worst. My armpit area is a bit swollen too. TODAY 3 days later, MY bruise is itching. Well that is a new thing. BUT I have learned if you damage nerve endings histamine will cause itching, which means it is healing. I guess that annoying part is a good thing..
SO ya. I didn't surf Friday.. because I still really could not move my arm. I guess I needed the rest. I have been icing it and taking Epsom salt baths and wrapping it in Epsom salt compresses, and living off ibuprofen. ALL PART OF A LIFE OF A SURFER I GUESS!

I keep coming back to work after my days off with bruises. People are gonna start questioning my relationship status. FUNNY this one I can say was from my husband. ;-)

Saturday, February 11, 2012


In the early stages. Very interesting to see your board like this.. At least I think so.

I feel like a new mom and Valerie of Eat Surf Love and Mere' Made surfboards is the surrogate. She created it! CHECK out the blog below on the creation of my new love!. And for more amazing pictures! HOW many people not only get a new board. BUT have a blog reference also?

This is the first picture I received of my new board. I love my board...BUT how CUTE is Valerie's daughter in the back ground.. She is out staging the board!

This is currently the center fin I am thinking of getting. NOT just because the colors will match and it will look cool. But because it is a pro teck fin..and If you have been paying attention to any of my "recent" post.. I need a kinder gentler fin. =) Here are some stats in regards to the fin:
Pro Teck Fins are surfboard fins with soft leading and trailing edges designed to enhance board performance and reduce fin cuts. The flexible trailing edge allow the water to flow smoother with less turbulence off the fin. The flexible edge also creates a "rudder action" as the water pressure bends the edge, creating tighter and more fluid turns, similar to the fins of dolphins and sharks. The flexible urethane edge also greatly reduces fin cuts compared to conventional hard edge fins.

However this board is just so beautiful.. I am kind of afraid to ride it. HA! AND put wax on it for that matter. ;-).. Hopefully there will be pix of me riding this baby soon. Again. I went down a foot in size and it is new board. I hope I adjust to it and catch some of my best rides in the very near future!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stay Cation Day 6! MY BIRTHDAY and Last Surf Day!

I call this my Birthday Blimp.. it kept going back and forth where we were camped for the day!

So now we come to the end of the Stay Cation Saga....I have to say I loved this. I just spent some really needed Me time with myself. Along with some Great Friends.

So now it comes to my Birthday. I am getting a New Surfboard. That was custom made by Mere Made Surf boards... I really wanted it for my "staycation"...but the glasser was and is a bit behind.. I still don't know if my board is done? BUT that is ok. I don't think the surf conditions were right for my new board, and I want it done perfect and not rushed. After all they are surfers... so they are on "surfing time".. SO I will be getting it Next week! Fingers crossed. Well other than my surfboard. MY birthday gift was the AMAZING day I spent with friends doing what I LOVE.

So since Brian (My husband) is joining us and he has been in the water2 times now.. HE does not want the foamy any longer. So I had to see if anyone was willing to lend us a board. A 9'0 or even an 8'0. A guy I work with said he had one. SO we go and pick it is a beautiful custom made Robert August. I could not believe he let us use it. It was a little bigger than a 9'0 we estimated it to be a 9'4.. ANY how. It needed to be cleaned up,
So I made my husband scrap off the old wax and taught him how to rewax a board. After all he is using it... he needs to learn..BUT somehow I got suckered into doing all of the base coat???hmmm.

We decide to meet up around 9:30 at Bolsa...
Tracy was bringing Lola packed with goodies and fixins for mimosas. I put the call out on FB that if anyone wanted to join us where we would be.. BUT I knew that it being Tuseday.. not many would be able. BUT the ones who planned to be there all showed up and a few extras. I saw Eric as he was getting out, got a Happy Birthday hug. Laura and Kelly were already in the water, But they had to leave soon.

PLUS the hubs ended up with the day off and it was our first time surfing together. (He was nervous about leaving Blackies.. That was my security blanket too..So I understood how he was feeling.
I felt a bit concerned, because I said oh it will be easy at Bolsa.. 1-2..and well, it really was bigger. EEk! He was a trooper and paddled out just the same.)
So we suit up and head out. I feel bad, because I just left my husband in the dust and in the white wash. I wanted to be with my friends. Honestly he would rather it be that way too. So I get outside. I have no idea where my friends were.. I saw a group of women paddling south. I have bad eyesight and thought it was them. I paddled after them, was trying to figure out why they paddled all the way down past another tower. Catch up to them. THEY are not my friends but another group of ladies looking for some of their friends. I told them I was looking for my friends and this was my Birthday surf session, and I have no idea where they are..THEY invited me to surf with them. I thanked them and kindly paddled back to where I started in search of my crew.. MY arms were dying at this point. I finally see my friends. I have no idea how I missed them??( WOW I am getting old) Then I started to look for my husband and said .. hey I lost my husband. AND some Random guy in the line up asked if I needed a substitute. HE said I had a few to choose from right there. Ha! I really thought that was funny!

Laura was trying to take a birthday shot of me surfing on her go pro..but she had to leave shortly and there were no waves. BUT the dolphins came right up to me. THAT was cool. Honestly the closest I ever got to dolphins too. NOW that is what I call a Birthday gift. So on her go pro she got me on my board..and then she got some nice shots of the dolphins when they swam by her. She sent me the video with the song by Alter Images Happy Birthday! I love that song! So even though I am not on a wave. It is a sweet video.( I wonder how I can copy it from FB and put it on my blog?)

I try to catch some waves and I go after one, nothing. I go after another and nothing. Probably my Karma for saying hey it is my Birthday I get ALL the waves!

I know I caught at least 4 maybe 5??.. that day and 1 wipeout, just cant remember what order. I remember I caught a really fun ride all the way to shore. It is the only wave I really remember..(See I get older and already losing my memory.... or too much saltwater on the brain.. IDK)

I do know after being out for a little over an hour the first time. I wiped out and my board came flying at my OTHER ARM. I still have a bruise on my left arm from a few weeks back.. SO now I have one on my right. ANY way. It was not the fin this time.. just the board. It felt like I hit the funny bone but I didn't. I had numbness and tingly down my arm. So I get out and am pissed. I threw my board on the sand. It was my birthday and I didn't want this to be the end of my surf day..& I didn't want any wipeouts. HA!. I know what a brat... I had my fair share at the start of my staycation. The board didn't hit me as hard as last time..but I did not like the sensation I was feeling down my arm..

It would be nice if someone could teach me to STAY ON my board. These past days were not my best surf days. I have had WAY better. BUT yes I know.. better than not surfing. Honestly we were not in the Best conditions either. So I guess I can cut myself some slack!

OH well! Here is a picture I took when I got home. It is hard to take a picture of your arm this is a weird angle. But you can see I am bruised. People probably think I am abused. LOL. BUT only by the ocean and my surfboard..A LOT.. I need to stop that!

Tracy and Steffanie and Brian and Artie all get out. Brian could use a break. I felt I could to. So we go up and Tracy, put some ice on my arm.(You can see I am still in good spirits..I was not gonna get down today!) Steffanie needed to leave to go to work. Laura & Kelly were already out, she had to take Kelly to the airport. Funny I surfed with Kelly 2 times this week and I didn't see her once. HA! Well at least we can say we surfed together. BUT Laura was gonna come back.

We take a bit of a break. I decide I can feel my fingers again. We head back out.
This time it is me, Tracy, Artie and Brian.. Tracy gave Brian a few pointers on how to turtle. So he could make it outside with us. I really didn't pay a lot of attention to my hubs, I wanted some waves. SO I have great friends who helped him out.

We see a lull and start to paddle out. ALMOST make it to the outside and 3 Random HUGE swells start forming outside. ONE after another hit. I was OH shit!. I paddled to get over them I had to turtle twice. My husband and Tracy were right behind Artie and I. We make it out and I knew they were gonna get pounded. I look back and they were both already back to the shore. They got swept back. I think Tracy stayed to help Brian. As Artie and I sat outside all of a sudden the water was getting choppy. Tracy came and joined us. I start to paddle for a wave and get lifted up high and higher and look over the falls and back right the heck off. THAT would have NOT been fun. Another comes, and I did that again. I was HOLEY COW.. these are getting big. They were just closing out too! There was no shoulder you could get on, So I finally caught a smaller one and rode it to shore. I asked Brian if he was all right? HE said yes. He stayed in the white wash and was practicing his pop up. He needed to pop a little further up on the board. BUT again. My friends were there to guide him. I paddle back out. BUT just inside. I didn't feel like going all the way out. Plus it was not worth it. There were some 2-3 breaking closer in. I get one. THEN I notice my husband is out and resting on the shore. He said he was done.

I take the Robert August out. Again just inside. I catch 2 waves. THAT board is a boat and fun. YOU cannot NOT catch a wave on it. Then my friend Tracy wants to try too.
She caught 2.

I don't know if my friend is getting his board back..I am really liking this board! He doesn't use it any way ;-)

We decide it is time for mimosas and snacks. We walk up and see Kevin who just pulled up and he asked if we saw Irma. We tell him, she was not coming she was at the Drs. She was not feeling well, at least that is what we thought. WELL after the Drs. She decided to join us... and SHE was already out there.(If Irma was on her deathbed.. she would still be out there.. she is a diehard) We had no idea she was here. Mostly because we drifted so far North. Kev goes out and joins her. We get cleaned up. Laura arrives back. We set up a little camp around Lola and eat the snacks and just talk.

Kevin and Irma Join us. Irma's Birthday is the next day so it is "OUR" Birthday surf session. I have to say.. there is no other way I would have wanted to spend my day. This was PERFECT.. I think Irma felt the same.

So the end of my vacation ON Wed. I decide to stay home and just relax. I ride the bike to the park and read my book. THAT is how I ended my 7 day Birthday Week Staycation!

~La Fin~

Monday, February 6, 2012

Stay Cation Day 4

I was suppose to go back home on Saturday, But Sunday looked like it was gonna be a much better surf day, So Laurie invited me to stay another night.

So it is now Sunday..and the day I am suppose to go back home.

I am woken up by a very loud motor! I FB Laurie( Yes that is how lazy I was.. didn't get up and walk upstairs and ask..we were both ON FB in the same house, HA! My bed was so comfy, just didn't want to get out) and ask if that was a boat???.. because she lives on an island..and that sounded a lot like our boat motor when we owned a boat! She said no it was the guy who lives across the street, he has muscle cars and it is what he does on weekends. Well that is a joy to wake up to on Weekends. FUNNY her neighborhood is sooo Quiet on the weekdays..but I heard a lot of people up early on the weekends.

We get up and have some toast and string cheese for breakfast. We get our Coffee at 7 11 and head to Bolsa.

Everyone was gonna meet at tower 17. So we went down. Eric was there and said Kelly was out already. It really was looking a bit crowded.BUT the waves looked fun.

Laurie likes tower 23 so we head there. Her Crew is all there. She has not seen them in a while. I met a few of them before. Real nice guys. I think only one guy went out with us the rest either were just coming in or just came to look. THEY all gave her HELL for coming so late.. Laurie likes to sleep in. BUT she works hard so she is entitled.. and Seriously she lives right across from the Beach.. so she can.
We go and look and not crowded at all. Waves were a little smaller. Looked to be 2 -3 and mellow rollers. So we decide to suit up and go out. THEN my friend Rebecca shows up. I have never personally met her before. BUT funny she lives inland by me. We belong to the same surf club. We have tried to meet up to surf before. BUT it never worked out. She drove out here and we were able to finally surf together.
So it was me Laurie and Rebecca. I caught 3 waves. ONE was big. I thought that was gonna crash right on top of me. BUT it didn't, and ended up being a real fun and fast ride. Ironically the waves were hard to catch. THEY looked like they were gonna be huge, and break and you would paddle and paddle and paddle and nothing.... most of them broke on shore. BUT It was my best day surfing out of the last couple days.... and again The weather was amazing..Surf was so mellow, wind stayed away. I could have stayed out all day...BUT "Murphy's Law" I have to be at a Birthday lunch my husbands family was throwing for me and his uncle. SO I could only be out for a limited time. AND Laurie had to go into work.. Isn't that how it always seems to be? Rebecca had to get out early too, so she gets out about 20 minutes before we do. That day I got 3, Nothing too spectacular..and Rebecca I think got 3.. and I know Laurie got 2 or 3. So not bad.. especially for the short amount of time we had..and the waves were hard to catch.

Well after an hour and a half. I take Laurie back to her place.

I can't believe I spent all this time with my friend and we have not one picture together. So I really wanted to post a picture of the Hostess with the Mostess..This picture was taken on Christmas of us! I LOVE THIS GIRL! SHE SO ROCKS! But if you go back a few post you will see her again..All I am gonna say is.."It's a Head!!!" HAHAHA. IF you read my post last spring about our annual camping trip. YOU would get it and THIS is the same Laurie.

I head home for my Birthday Lunch/Dinner. On the drive home I heard it was postponed another hour.. I could have surfed more!! But that is ok I needed to get home unpack and I took a LONG HOT BATH. We had Fried Turkey and salad and mashed potatoes and stuffing. HA you would have thought it was Thanksgiving..and A really Yummy Chocolate Cake with Bavarian creme filling.

Then I went home and crashed..

Monday... even though I was still on Vacation.. I cleaned up my house and did some laundry and made a nice homemade meal. So nothing too exciting to post about Monday. SO I just thought I would throw it in at the end here... NEXT POST DAY 6 of my Staycation and my BIRTHDAY SURF!..That was a fun day... again.. stay tuned!

Stay Cation Day 3

Ok So here we are on Day 3 Saturday. Again after a late night out I am awake at 6:30. I do not need to be. But yet I am. This is the first day Laurie gets to surf with me. The other 2 days she had to work. SHE works a Lot..and since she is a CPA..She is REALLY gonna be working A LOT. So the girl could use some much needed surf time. We hear a bunch of our friends are meeting at Bolsa. But it looked a bit big on surfline, and if I remembered correctly a lot of shore breaks. However a few friends said they had a great day.

We walk to 7-11 to get some coffee and then walk to the Beach to check it out. You just have to look to the left to see what Bolsa was doing. IT already looked crowded too. As we were standing on the beach the wind gust kept coming and we were getting pelted by sand. The waves did look a bit intimidating but some decent shape. I really just was not in the mood to get pounded again. Not yet anyway..I heard later that day the cliffs were going off and there were long lefts. I "heart" lefts" =) Oh well...

Laurie nor I felt like dealing with crowds and we wanted a bit smaller and less intimidating surf. So we pack up our boards and gear and head over to Seal.

Says 2-3 but that was by the pier..where it was very crowded. On top of that a surf school with "A LOT" Of kids dragging their leashes were headed right to that same area. So we went a little North where it was more like 1' with an occasional 2', but no crowds. The wind calmed down and it was a really nice "Juneuary" day. It felt good to just be out in the water.

I cant believe how bad it was for me. I caught one ankle biter and pearled. REALLY I pearled? ON a 1' wave?!?!?!?!!?LOL. I caught nothing but a sunburned face after that. NOTHING!!!However there really was nothing to catch. I think Laurie got 1 or maybe 2 rides..BUT I am happy she really needed it. I think she said this was her first day out since November?

As we were out there I swear I saw Lola..Dont know Lola read the last post.. AND sure enough there was Tracy waving at us from the shore. We go in to say hi. She didn't go out with us. She stayed on the shore and Laurie and I went back to play for a bit more. I still caught nada!.

We sit in Lola and hang out a bit. Then decide to check out Harbor Surf. We also realize we could eat lunch. So we hit Surf Taco. It was delicious. I had one shrimp and one grilled fish taco. AND an ice cold Corona. Hit the spot. Perfect after surf food, Even if some of us really didn't "surf". Tracy's husband Charlie showed up, scared the crap of out me. Some guy walking up behind me, puts his hand on my shoulder and eats my chips. You should have seen the look on my face till I realized who it was.

After we finish eating we meet up with Charlie at BeachWood BBQ and he buys us all a small beer. That place is pretty interesting.. they brew their own beer and it is really good!

We say goodbye to Tracy. Head back to Laurie's. I go to read my book and end up crashing out. I think my body had enough. HA. Laurie apparently had a nap too. Then she was headed out to go to dinner with some friends. I really was worn and wanted to stay home. I just walked out again for another sunset.

There were some surfers out on their boards as the sun was setting and I took this picture after the sun set. It was a lovely scene. I want to watch the sunset from my board. Maybe this summer the hubs and I will!

Came back, warmed up my left over pasta from the night before. Read for a bit and was out by 9PM.

Was woken up to my door opening and a big plunk on my bed..And Laurie's Dog Otto, in my face. He didn't want to be alone. SCARED THE BEJESUS out of me. So he curls up and takes over the whole futon till his mommy comes home. Then I sleep again.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stay Cation Day 2

So after I get my keys, I head back over to Laurie's house. Where Tracy is on her way to pick me up in her way cool Westfalia, she has named Lola. We have many fun adventures in Lola! Tracy may own her,but she is very dear to a lot of us. I know I am talking about a VW van..but the memories that have been made in less than a year have been priceless already. We were thinking of Surfing Doho in the after noon. But I guess there was no surf. So we packed our surf boards and walking shoes. We were to meet up with our friend Irma, after she got off work and were gonna decide what to do. Because if there was no surf. We were gonna do a hike. Or Both if my friend Irma had it her way. HA!

So we ended up checking out Blackies.. It looked a lot like the day before. I really did not feel like getting beat up again. So we decided to go for a Hike.

WE hiked El Morro which overlooks Crystal Cove. It was a beautiful sunny warm perfect day. We did 4 miles and it took us an hour. I have to say that was a killer hike. THE FIRST 2 MILES WAS STRAIGHT UP! Then a plateau and then pretty much straight down. Yeah.. My piriformis muscle was not happy with me for few days after that. BUT I was already having issues because I run a lot and where I live there are hills.. but not like this.

HOWEVER the View was spectacular. As we trekked upward we stopped occasionally for a breather and looked out at the ocean. Saw a pod of dolphins playing in the surf. The afternoon breeze was starting which helped keep us cool. What a hike, I am grateful for the workout and the amazing company. We had some cold coronas after. I swear a nice cold beer is the best after a long hike. I guess we should have drank water..BUT I did carry a water bottle while hiking.

So after that I was taken back to Laurie's. I text her and say hey lets go to dinner. I wait for her to come home.

I decide to try and catch the sunset again. So I trot off to the shore line.. It is a little after 5 and perfect timing.

I got a few pictures of the sun setting. The offshores were starting to kick up the
breeze was warm. I loved sitting there listening to the Ocean and watching the sunset and I felt the wind blowing through my hair,it was just whisking away my troubles & worries. I was relaxed and content and happy. I thought to myself.. THIS is how I should always feel. So I took a picture to document it. I look like I am stoned here I have been told.. BUT I promise you I was not. I was just in the moment.

I felt it was magical and spiritual and ALL was right with me and the world. I don't feel like that a lot.BUT I have to say after that moment, something in me really has changed.. Or maybe it was the fact I just needed to get a way for a bit. Funny just a moment makes things right.. not material things. I really felt much happier with what I was doing a little get away, spending time with friends, and spending time with nature... than if someone gave me a material token of any kind. IT really was what I needed.

Any way I walk back to Laurie's waited for her to come home. After she gets home we walk to a little Italian restaurant. She Kindly treats me for my Birthday an early Birthday gift..WOW how lucky am I.. I have the best friends! I was just happy she let me crash at her place, but I get wined and dined too.. what a deal! We get a bottle of Chianti and the best bruschetta I have ever had for an appetizer,then our salads come. By the time our entries came, I was stuffed. I ate a few bites just so I could taste it. I got the rest to go. After that we walk to her fav local bar,She gets a beer & light weight me, I have a carbonated water.. I was still feeling the wine and needed to pace myself. Met some quite interesting people. Friends of Laurie's. One just totally reminded me of Spicolli. HA..Then we walk to a pub like bar for some live music and I buy us each a beer. Laurie introduced me to a few more people. They were all so nice. It felt good to be out..But I was getting tired. I had 2 long days and this is night two out past midnight.. Not normal for me..and we were to wake up early to surf the next day. I am usually asleep by 10! Laurie probably thought I was not having a good time, She asked if I wanted to leave. I said no. I really was having a good time. I was just drained. We are sitting there, I did a lot of people watching while listening to the band. A very sweet and chivalrous English man another friend of Laurie's buys us each another beer. And when introduced to me, he took my hand and kissed the back of it. THAT was so charming. Well we listen to the band a bit more and finish our beers. Then we head back home. Walking was fun in the wind. HA. I think I got more exercise those two days than I do a week at home. I love the Beach lifestyle.
Any how was lulled asleep by the winds. I slept good again!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Let the Stay-Cation Begin

OK well I have been off my "stay-cation" now for 3 days..and am just now getting around to blogging about it.. I will post in sections so it is not too Long. I will also try to keep my stories brief =)
SO Lets Start with Last Thursday...
Last Thursday Day one of my "stay-cation" I was fortunate enough to stay 4 days and three nights with a very generous friend at her Beach House in Sunset Beach..She lives on a little Island in a very unique multi story home. That alone makes it cool.

So first thing first I am packed and drive down to start my first day meeting friends in the after noon for my first Surf of the 7 days off of work. Well it was noon and we meet at Blackies..Surf was a bit weird. Bigger than I anticipated..but a bit rough and closing out too. BUT still surfable.. SO I thought.

I was so stoked to see my friend Bobby there. He went out while I was waiting for my friends and I watched him put on quite a show out there. He is such a good surfer!

Then my other friends showed up and we headed out.

Well I caught 1 wave.. not very exciting.. but hey it is a ride.. and I had 4 wipe outs. One I hit my head on the bottom of the ocean floor. Yeah.. um ouch.. Another apparently my friend said my board went all Tombstone..and yet another.. my board hit me in the head..but not hard..And one I almost knocked my friend off his board REALLY!! Then I was just getting beat up right and left trying to get outside. The White wash kept pounding my abs, as I was trying to walk my board out.. IS that considered an ab workout? I am sorry but I don't call that a good day surfing! Especially since I was starting my vacation. ugggh.

OH so we are out for about 2 hours? I am done, and I was over getting beat up. I cleaned up my board at the shower.. walked to the Tahoe, unzip my wetsuit..and My Key to my Tahoe is missing.. ARE YOU Freaking kidding me!!?? REALLY!!!??? So I did my first key sacrifice to mother Ocean. GREAT!

Well everything I phone,towels,shoes,clothes..extra clothes since I am packed to stay awhile are all locked in my Tahoe.
I don't even know my husband Cell phone number!He is the only one with our one and only other key to the Tahoe. So I had to use my friends phone,I called his work (which my friend looked up on her I phone, Thank you smart phones). ASK for his Cell phone #.. THEN wait for him to respond after I left messages.He did and then he had to drive down with the extra key 37 miles..But he did not complain once.. WHICH I was expecting him too, so that was a nice surprise. SO while we wait, My friend Tracy goes.. "Let me get you a Beer!" I am all umm??? I have no clothes I have a bikini a wetsuit and no shoes.

So Tracy has a pair of her husbands board shorts and shirt..(mismatched of course, LOL) and buys me a pair of cheap, but cute flip flops from a little store.

We went to Mutt Lynches..(I am sure they thought I was a homeless person) HA!. We shared Nachos and I had a BIG schooner of beer! I think I needed it!

Hubs came dropped off key and left. Said Goodbye and Thank You to Tracy and headed to Lauries.

Cleaned up, waited for her to get home

..added my surfboard to her quiver, Tallulah looked good with other boards.

Hung out with her really cool Dog Otto..

I really wanted to watch the sunsets while I was out there. After ALL it is called Sunset Beach! So I rushed out to the shoreline, but found out I just missed it. OH well it was still nice!

When she got home, we headed out to a jewelry party at her friends. It was an enjoyable relaxing evening, her friends were all so nice. We drank wine, nibbled on finger food, browsed jewelry. She bought some cute earings. Headed back home.. well her home my temp home for a few days...had another glass of wine..& some much needed girl talk. Sometimes woman are the only ones who really get it when you need to talk. Then it was after midnight. WAY past my bed time. Plus poor Laurie she had to get up and go to work the next day. I do want to point out her guest room has the MOST comfortable futon I have ever slept on! I was actually wondering if it was really a futon. Usually my back hurts on them.. but I slept like a baby all three nights!

Got up the next morning. STILL woke up at 6:30 because that is what time my internal alarm clock is set to. UGG. Can't even sleep in on my vacation. My head was hurting a bit. I was trying to figure out if it was the wine,Staying up late, or the hitting of head on sea bottom, or when my surfboard hit me on my head.. or all of the above. ALL I know the rest of the day I had a lot of ibuprofen to get me through it. I was not drunk or anything..but if I have more than 2 glasses of wine..I always get a bit of a headache...and I had a little bit more than 2 and a BIG beer that day. HA!

I went to Jack in the box got a quickie much needed fast food breakfast and coffee. Sat at the beach ate and enjoyed my view.

Also right after breakfast, went and got(extra)keys made at Home Depot in HB..and I have to say enjoyed my view there too! The guys who helped me were all very helpful and looked like surfers. I was wow the guys at my Home Depot don't look like that.. I may be traveling for my DIY supplies from now on.

I think this is good for the first post so, Day 2 of my StayCation will be continued.... Stay tuned!'