Sunday, September 20, 2009

Surfboards in the Sand Event

Yesterday I went to my first surfing event. Surfboards in the Sand. It was a fundraising event for the surfrider foundation, sponsored by Pete Townsend(The Surfer, not musician). Anyone else go to this? I would like to hear your take on the day!

I went with the ladies surfing club I am going to join. What a great group of girls!!!!

Well the event was all about taking a history making photo of about 1000 or so surfers. I am not 100% sure where the photo will be published.

So I was surrounded by so many different type of surfers and surfboards, it was surreal..I am use to seeing the surfers I meet in the water, or here online. ha...Not out of the water, sweating on the beach!
Very interesting, it was hot, and we had 4 poses to do, and had to keep moving our club and our boards, for different shots. The best was the one they took from a helicopter. (so I took a pix of them taking a pix.) That is what this picture is.

Well I had a fun time, they had some booths and entertainment as well. I just stayed to take the picture and meet the ladies of Wahine Kai. We got a nice t-shirt, subscription to a surf magazine, and a rubber souvenir wrist band..not to mention got to be in a picture that will make history.. but the best part was.. the fact my fee to do all this goes to a good cause.. a donation to help keep our beaches and shoreline liter free.... so remember when you leave the beach.. don't just pick up your trash.. but have everyone who is with you pick up at least 3 or more pieces each..

KEEP OUR BEACHES CLEAN...It benefit's everyone!