Monday, October 15, 2012

Blackies on a Monday Morning

So I am lil bummed about losing my job.. it really sank in..... I am unemployed!!!!
I am relieved.. but yet still wonder why they let me go?? What was it that made them make this decision? ALL I was told is that the job and I were not a good fit...BUT what made them say that? I have never been let go before... everywhere else I worked my employers really loved me!!! To this day I can get Rave reviews by them....
I know I should not happen for a reason.. it is done.. IT is a good thing.. I really was not happy there any way.. I should just move on!

So I reluctantly have.. I filed again for unemployment.. ugh! I also went on 2 interviews last Friday...

BUT today.. I had to clear my hubs was planning on surfing this morning before work.. and I decided to join him. He drove his truck and I our Tahoe. I beat him to Blackies...

When we first got there it was 1 foot and the surf report did say 1' and poor. BUT the water was warm and I just wanted to get out and cleanse my soul...

I packed my 3/2 and really wished I had my shorty..The sun was out even at 7 am I was already warm..and the water temp was amazing.

We paddle out and the paddle out was easy.. I went far outside.. I just wanted to sit a while and bask in it and meditate for a moment..MY hubs is yelling at me your too far out come in more. I said SHUT UP..I know, I want to be here.. DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!.. seriously I have been surfing longer than him..and duh I have a smaller board I know where I need to be!
The guys in the line up got a chuckle out of it.. and made some funny remarks... like whoa don't mess with her! I said HEY I have been with him for 17 years I earn the right to talk to him like that. LOL!

The ocean started picking up and the waves went from 1 footers to 2-3 and so clean and glassy!

I went after my first wave and rode it to shore..a lovely rather long left.. especially for that break! I needed that I MEAN.... I REALLY needed that!!!!

I paddle back out and was so happy..but noticed I really am out of shape with paddling..I need to build back up my paddling muscles.

I took another left and I took one that just broke on me and I rode the white wash in..and I had another left but as I was popping up a guy was on it coming right at me.. But it all worked out I got up and went left, right in front of him.. NO collision..but I think he was not too happy with me.. yikes.. SORRY DUDE!! I really didn't mean it..and honestly I didn't see him till last minute. WELL I caught four lefts in about an hour or so...

Hubs caught 2 nice rides...then his leash broke.. so we went in..

We had breakfast at charlie chili's I had egg white omelette with tomatoes, mushrooms and sausage with a side of fruit. Hubs had a breakfast plate with eggs, bacon, sausage and home fries and wheat toast.

Then after talking a bit with the blackie's crew.. we went our separate ways..him to work and me ...I went to the frog house and bought him a new leash...then..
I trotted off back to home to get some chores done and dreadfully file once again for unemployment!

I don't want to jinx it,..but I may have a good job lead!! The job I interviewed for on Friday..may be the one!! Maybe..but at this point.. I just say whatever happens... happens and what is meant to be is meant to be!!

Again.. I will try to get some more surf time under the belt.. I would like more of today please!!!!

Dory Fleet Fish Market


  1. Damn, sorry to hear about your job, but it sounds like you're already on the right track to working things out. Good decision on getting some surf for yourself. When you say Blackies are you talking about Blacks in SD / La Jolla? I surfed Monday too, and damn were the conditions GREAT! But it was a little swampy for me. Sounds like you got a good window. Four good lefts in an hour isn't so bad.

    1. No sweety.. Blackies is Newport pier! Yes I agree..... I had a great surf session... Funny I'm reading your blog posts in between doing stuff this morning!! & I am bummed because I swore a while ago I replied to one of your posts about surfing with you and briana!!! And I noticed today it was not there!! Sometimes blogger pisses me off ... This is not the first time that has happened and not just your blog :-/
      I can't remember what I said but it was yes I want to meet and surf with you and briana.. To get my number from KK or e mail and text me when your surfing ....that was so long ago too