Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gave Mo A Go in the Big Blue O..

Where I have been starring at Mo for 4 days! He was not out of my sight!

I know sappy title..I just thought it was cute. I am into this rhyming thing lately. IDK.. weird I know.


So I finally get a day off on Thursday..(after I have been drooling and caressing and doing almost everything to my board while it has been in my living room.. except make love to it (save that for the ocean ;-)...)... and as you all read.. I got the rest of my accessories so I could get Mo out into the Ocean like he deserves to be.

First Base coat...

Applying the top wax.. awww intoxicating.

So the night before I give him a nice wax job.. base coat and cool/cold top coat.. I love waxing my board. MY whole garage smells like surf wax..and there is something therapeutic about it.. Especially when it is "Your" Board... It can be a lot of work. It use to kill my arms, I don't know if losing a foot of board, or the fact I have built up muscles from surfing have anything to do with it. But it was easier this time around then previously.

So I barely could sleep the night before.. I was so giddy to try him out. I was up and ready as soon as I took my daughter to school. HOWEVER I was not hearing any good "surf reports" ...

So we drive down to Blackies... Now that it is the Hubs security blanket... it was BIG WALLED & JUST CLOSING OUT and FAST. Anyone who's board was not flying in the air at take off and actually got a ride was zooming! The ride was basically close outs... there really were no shoulders. Few and Far between. I was NO!! I cannot take Mo out in this. ALL I see is wipe outs in my future. That is not what I had in mind for mine and Mo's first rendezvous!... I suggest we head to Seal..and check out spots along the way.

Everything was close outs. Even Bolsa did not look so great. Although I heard it was.. BUT We could not see much on PCH after the jettys.. So maybe the tower my friend said was better was... BUT I didn't have a pass and not paying the $15 to go and see. PLUS I had to put all my money in the gas tank to make this trip. Gas we were wasting driving looking for surf. BUT I WAS determined to get Me and Mo in that Ocean..

We get to Seal.. um basically flat. I could take Mo out and paddle around..BUT I doubt I would be doing any "surfing" At least at Blackies there was some powerful White Wash to play in. SO we head back with one quick stop at the Cliffs. WINDY AS _ _ _ _! OK Back to Blackies.

It was a little less wild but still close outs. Got a little smaller, tide was filling in. So we paddle out.

Paddle out, MO was awesome and easy to paddle. I was wow this is fun. I was worried him being a bit smaller it was gonna be more effort. Thank you Valerie for Mo's volume.. Awesome!I was worried about getting over the white wash with the rocker. I timed it good and no problem. So I get outside. WOOT! I was already happy. By the way Hubs is here also and made it outside..BUT this post is about me and Mo.. so I am not putting much energy about the Hubs..(but not much has changed in his surfing skills, He is trying and not giving up so I am impressed) BOY sounds like I am cheating on my husband with my surfboard... Well maybe just a little. HA!

I take in one close out.. and stand right up on Mo! I was wow this was a lot easier than expected! The more I am on this board... the more I know I made the right decision in asking for what I wanted. ( if that makes sense? I was having doubts that if what I was asking for in a board, when getting it made, IF I really knew what I was talking about..AND I DID!)

So then I am inside and just decide to play in the white wash. TO try a few pop ups. Plus I was not really wanting to get beat up getting outside. I was getting beat up .. I was caught in the impact zone inside for a spell and just decided to ride the white wash next to the was pretty powerful. HA!..

I go outside and take a 2 more close outs. Every time I got it. Stood up could only go straight. I really wanted to turn. BUT I just could not in all that foam!

I go out one more time.. I see a wave with some shape maybe.. it looked slower like it was not just gonna just dump. I start to paddle and it is a right so I angle that way. BUT when I looked over as I caught it, I saw another guy on it coming down the line. I was aw man! But I popped up and he backed off. Thank you nice man!.. AND I dropped right down. NO nose going down.. MO just glided.. It was a short ride. BUT it was smooth and nice. I did not have to work to keep my nose up on take off, like I learned with Tallulah... Mo just drops on a wave like he should. I feel a bit guilty I may like Mo a lot more than Tallulah... I came in after that..because for as crappy as the surf was. I was impressed I got that. Plus it was So fun. I had to absorb that feeling.

As I get out. I notice conditions were getting a bit better. Smaller but not as fast and some waves were showing a bit more shape. That explains my last ride. I was contemplating on going back out. HUBS was done and hungry..but he said If I wanted to go.. go ahead. After resting a bit I realized.. I was little tired and my arms were sore. So I decided to just go in. It was almost 2 hours.. Not bad for a BAD SURF day....

V for Valerie..I know ...but V for Victorious..DONT YOU LOVE THAT LOGO? This picture makes my board look green.. but it is not that green. The lighting is playing tricks!

SERIOUSLY DON'T WE MAKE A CUTE COUPLE? .. and notice surf conditions in back yeah...However that is smaller than when I first went out..and MUCH Smaller then when we first showed up..BUT again Cute couple!

I wanted to go again on Friday..BUT noticed I did not get as much gas for my money as normal..and driving looking for surf did not help. I could not afford another trip to the beach, especially since Surf Conditions were not worth it.. I was a little bummed.

OH WELL.. Mo's Maiden Voyage..A success! I can't wait to see what he does in Ideal conditions.. can you imagine?