Friday, August 28, 2009


Well I was planning on hitting the beach today.. it is my typical Friday routine almost. But my 12 year old talked me into taking her and her sister Ice skating.. we are contemplating that thought now. Since it is going to get very hot were I live, about 107 today.. oh but yet cooler than yesterday when it reached 109.

I dream of being able to live by the beach one day.. and just be able to grab my board whenever I want and hit the ocean....aaaaaahhhh one day.

Any way.. I have decided I have spent enough money renting a board. I think I am pretty much addicted to this thing called surfing. SOOOOO I am looking into (for a beginner) buying a 9' board. I was thinking of getting one of those so called Costco foam boards..but when you research them....they seem to be pretty much hated by the surfing community for a number of reasons.. Don't want to list them all...but basically, moral, safety, and environmental reasons.
So since I am just entering into this community of surfers...last thing I want to do is piss anyone off.

So I have been looking on line at used and new long boards.. range from $200 on e-bay..into the $800's.. wow.. I think I am looking for something a bit more in the $200 range for my starter board.. But it gets soooo confusing. Fun board for a beginner, long board's of all different makes. I thought a fun board was a long board. I am at awe at how many styles and sizes of boards there really are.. It is really quite interesting.

Anyway... if anyone locally.. in the Orange County, Ca area.. has any leads on a decent used board for a beginner 40 something old Grandma.. I would love to know about it. I would also appreciate any advice on buying a used board. What to look for, etc. etc.. I will also need a type of surf rack for a Jetta.. since my hubby does not like me taking the Tahoe all the time.
My budget is a bit tight...So I don't know how much of a reality this will be...... However as Natalie pointed out.. I probably could've bought a board with how much I am spending on renting one almost every week.

So that is my cry out to the surfer community... help and guidance please!

I am planning on getting out in the ocean sometime this weekend.. Maybe Sunday morning. I will see.. I know I have to get out there.. I just cant stand not being in the ocean and is all I want to do.. I don't know why..but I guess there are worse things I could be addicted too.

In other non related surfing news.. I just received an E-mail from my son in Iraq.. who is packing to come home....Not only is he returning to the states from his deployment.. he is coming home, here to Cali ..In November..he sent me his flight itinerary.. he will be here with my daughter in law and my Grand baby... I am the happiest surfing grandma around. I just had to share..because I am soooo excited.

Any how.. I will update on my status if I get out this weekend.. but if anyone can respond to this blog with much needed advice.. I would be so grateful..