Thursday, October 11, 2012

What is really important!!

Well I lost my job today..
.. They said it was not a good fit! Yep I agree!! I was not very happy there...

So I feel relief! But I soo do not want to do the whole unemployment thing again!

Any way I guess I get some more surf time under my belt .... Just in time for gas prices to skyrocket :-/

Well as seen in this picture... I know what is truly important and what Makes me Happy!! Being A Grandma.... And the simple things in life :-D


  1. Sending you good vibes today! Gas prices do stink and If I could ride my motorcycle with my board I would do it! Our gas prices are right around 3.60-3.80 a gallon. Hoping you find a job that suits you. It is never fun to be in a job where there is too much conflict. I think it even suppresses our immune system more than we know! Looking forward to your next surf adventure!

    1. Yep I agree and I would LOVE to have your gas prices we have prices from $4.55 -to over $5.00 here in California..
      And I was so sick the whole time i worked .... Maybe that is why I never really got well! I know the best job for me is out there.. Now I'm a bit gun shy.... I don't know if I want to work in an office... I don't like being tied to a computer or a chair... I like be able to move around and I need some structure and organization .... And I want to actually work not sit there and have no iidea what is expected of me.... I like to shine and want to make some sort of difference and help people. ....but oh my goodness am I surrounded with the best friends and genuine people ... I may be broke and poor now.... But as a good friend just pointed out... I am Rich in friendship... And that makes all the difference in the world!

  2. Like you said you were sick the whole time you were working over there: you were sick of your job!
    You'll bounce, I am sure. I send you all my best wishes for the search of the RIGHT job for you.

  3. Don't worry Mama; each (or every ... aiiiiie ) change in the life brings unexpected joys.... :-))))))