Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 3 the last day at San Elijo

Well day 3 I wake up before anyone in my site ... So I decided to walk the shore line... It was low tide ... Oh yeah and I was in my PJs!

So as I walk along in the very warm water barefoot at 6:30 am...looking in all the lil crevices of some of the exposed reefs I see full dead lobsters.. And crabs and remains of some kind of a jelly fish.

I later looked up to see what kind if Jellies they were and I found an article that the prior week up and down the coast if Encinitas over 100 stings wee reported.. I'm glad I read that article after I was home .. I prob would not have gone in the water if I knew about this jelly fish invasion before hand!

As I was walking I hear some one whistling from above the cliff and it's Artie and Laurie... They were headed to 7 eleven to get coffee. So I join them ... Still in my PJs we walk and get coffee and I get Tracy a cup too! As we walk by the Cardiff Kook I notice he has been changed again!!! Wow 3 time this weekend! When we got there he was dressed up for a congratulations it's a boy! Then it was celebrate Love... Pix on Pabs posts.. And now as a well wishes for Tiger Woods..

Get back to camp wake Tracy up with a fresh cup of coffee !! I am a good Lola roommate! A good way to ensure I get to camp in Lola again ;-)

We have to wait for tide to fill in to surf again. So Tracy goes and gets a breakfast burrito from Bull Taco we split it and then start to clean up and break down camp!

I took a pix of my sleeping quarters .

While we are doing all this one of the girls hubs said the spare we had on Lola looks cracked in the side and we may want to get a new tire before we head up North. .. Another husband confirmed we prob would not make it home .. Since we now did not have a spare ... It's Sunday we get a bit worried if we will make it home.

So Tracy started looking for places to get a tire for a 1986? Westfalia on a Sunday in Encinitas...

... I am meeting Pabs and Valerie for a surf sesh ... So I ask Tracy ifit's ok I still go and she says yes.. But now she was not wanting to go.. Surf was not so great and tire issue was bringing her down :-(

Pabs and Valerie show up while we were still getting organize ... I tell them I will suit up and meet them down there .. Pabs has already surfed Swami's and was not felling 100 %.. I later found out he somehow injured himself in the rib area...more on that later :-(
Kathleen also showed up for a last surf session with us ... So a bunch of the girls and I head down the 100 stairs to surf and catch up to Pabs and Val. I was a smart girl and brought my Rail Grabber invented by the one and only Linda Benson!!! Oh yeah that puppy saved my arms carrying my board up and down that killer hike of stairs!

Not much surf really... But Pabs and Valerie were taking off a lot... They are both much better surfers than I ..

Even though Pabs was in a lot of pain.. You would not know it by his style! He is poetry in motion on his board!

And quite the character. One time he was on a wave and I was paddling way indside trying to get the same wave and he came swooping by me and goes right in front of me and holds out his hand and asks If I need a tow!! He was here Michelle grab my hand!! It was hysterical and no I never caught the wave! But all the girls got a good laugh out of it! Laurie said it was one of her favorite parts of the day. Artie sort of got it on her gopro.. She posted it on our clubs page and I'm trying to figure out how to copy and post it here! I have not been able to yet .

Valerie gets out and takes a few pix.. She got one of me standing on Mo.. Not the best ride but a ride none the less.
It was cool surfing with Valerie and our 2 Mere Made surfboards! She is one above and beyond talented and artistic shaper.... I suggest you check out her Mere Made Blog... It's on the side here......>
It was a lot of paddling and a lot of Seagrass and a lot of small waves but not much catching for me:-(

I was sitting next to Pabs chit chatting and getting worried about how much pain he seems to be in.. When a wave starts to form so I go for it!
Then I finally paddle and get on one decent ride with a relatively smooth pop up and I rode that baby to shore!! It was my wave of the whole weekend! Yep sometimes it just takes that one wave... And all is well in the Universe .....but where was Valerie with her camera then?? Oh yeah back in the lineup with me and Pabs. Hahahaa

After that Pabs came in so we did too! He seem to be in A LOT more pain than when he got there. But he still managed to take some pix with us.
(Pabs is a stud...he surfed and smiled for pictures and the poor guy was dying with pain)
I see If anyone in my group can help diagnose him. We all felt he either dislocated a rib or pulled a muscle.

Jens hubs Alan carried Pabs board up the stairs and then he went to the lifeguards to see if they had any advice.

They suggest he go to get seen by a professional. I felt so bad it was just the beginning of his vacation.

He and Val leave and you can read his posts on his blog to see what he did from then on.... But as of the last time I personally spoke to him after we were all home for a few days he was still in pain :-(

As for me I get dressed and pack up and Tracy and I head off to get a new tire for Lola we have till noon according to the tire place so we have to hurry.

We get there all goes good. While waiting for the tire we have lunch and walk around TJ Max..... About 1 1/2 hours later we are on the road home.
Yes we made it safely!

Bean is Happy I am home and now won't leave my side!

Wow what a weekend! But Yes... I Can't wait for next year!