Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ho Hum

Well I did not surf this past weekend. But I did go to the beach, I got to my surfing spot at 8:30 It was already packed....The rental place did not open till 9 AM.. I think they were about ready to black ball the beach by 9 AM it was so crowded. So, I ended up hanging out with a few friends. One friend and I took our daughters to a water park.. OK so she lives at the beach, I was parked and packed for the beach, yet we drive a few miles down the rode to a place that had simulated waves ...I am still questioning that myself. LOL...

Since this weekend is a holiday weekend. I know the Beach is going to be crazy packed. I don't think I will be heading out there.
So I will probably be going 2 weeks with out surfing..Phooey!

I did get a book on surfing, It is quite interesting... to help me out a little. "The girls guide to surfing." They didn't have anything like the "Grandma's Guide to surfing".. or "Grandma's gone crazy and started surfing"... HAHA... Even though I am not going to be out there. I will be reading about it, and still learning. But who knows I may get a hair up my butt....and brave the crowds and catch a wave or two.

I also may go shopping for a board.. or at least see what is out there.

Well this was the first week back to school also.. So I am not sure if there are any school projects that need to be addressed this weekend either. We will see.... come what may!

Sorry for the not so exciting post. But I felt i needed to post something.. I said I would do this everyday.. But I am trying to stay true to every week!

Well... cowabunga dudes and dudettes. See ya in the surf!