Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Different Perspective

It's weird
walking around your home break in the afternoon during summer and still Shoobie's like it's not reality....

I decided to hang out a bit at Blackies from 2:00 pm till ??? Well I am still here blogging from the beach.
Waters warm slight wind and it's still pretty hot out just checked temp and 81 at the beach here in Newport according to the almighty I Phone.
So it's no wonder the beach is still crowded and peeps are still in the water!
It's just I feel it's not their beach and wonder if they really respect it like us "locals/surfers" do... Even though I'm technically not a local ...I am here on a regular basis and this is my home surf break... And I have been hanging out here since i was a teen! So hubs works right off this shore too.

Another thing that is wierd is how it seems like such a different place.. Usually I drive through this parking lot and know 1/4 of the peeps.... Now nothing seems familiar... The people the fact there are no surfboards and a lot of out of state license plates ...

I feel everyone should enjoy the ocean.. I just hope they respect it!
... But I want my familiar back and am ready for all these peeps to go home!
Am I the only one who feels this way??