Friday, June 21, 2013

San Elijo Trip

This is Doheny^

I am so behind on my blog... But I have to post about my annual surf camp trip with the best women in the world!! ....
...even if it was over 2 weeks ago.. 
I usually do a post of each day of the trip.. But I'm gonna try and jam it all into one blog...
Unfortunately not a lot of surfing ... But still a great trip!

So June one .. Hubs takes me to Blackies and he surfs ... I do not want to surf im tired and want to save my energy for a later surf session as we plan to hit Doho on the way to San Elijo...why was I tired you ask??? The night before we got new neighbors who moved in.. I did not get much sleep.. They move in from 9:00pm till I think after 2:00 am... All I know is I was woken up 3 times from a dead sleep due to banging.. Breaking glass and the lift gate of that u haul or Ryder or whatever kind of truck hitting the ground!! 
And the nonexistent be considerate of your neighbors does not end there... I won't get into it.. But Sunday when I came home.. It was not much better!! Ugh!! I even made them rice crispy treats that day before I left to welcome them to the hood.... 

Any way Tracy picks me up in Lola just like last year.. I load my gear and surf board and head on out towards Doho..

We arrive at Doho and find most of the Blackies crew is there... We also meet up with Laura and Kathleen... 

We take one look and the words out of our mouths are HOLEY SHIT!! It's huge..
 We debate on going in and just stand and watch in amazement!!  Kathleen says the wave is soft and easy.. But we also see some bombs break WAY outside .. I swear those had to be 15' minimum.. They were so far out you would need a boat or helicopter to get to them... But I never seen anything like it before and for sure never Doho!! The waves that were reachable were still overhead and I was very hesitant about going out!!
I'm still gunshy from the head injury and tired as I said.. I could not see myself going out in that!! I'm impressed Kathleen did.. And Laura really wanted too .. But Tracy and I passed!! 
This picture sucks.. iPhone.. But that's a wave all the way out there breaking left of the picture.. I wish I could have got a better shot.. These pictures do not do what we saw justice!!

We head on out and decide to get something to eat before we hit the campground..we also need to buy our food beer and wine..
Along the 5 freeway we see Artie pass by and we catch up roll down the window and I yell at her ...wanna stop and get lunch? We will hit Swamis cafe.. She says yes and then went ahead of us... It was such a "Blue Crush" movie scene moment... At least Tracy and I thought so!! We also thought it was funny and cracked ourselves up!
We Chit chat and catch up on things all the way there and before we knew it we were at the Encinitas Blvd. off ramp...
We follow Artie who pulls into Swamis "the surf spot" parking lot to turn around after we passed the cafe... So Tracy and I stop get out and take a look!! Fricken huge... We look south by where we are camping and plan on surfing and decide ... We will probably start drinking early instead!! Lol

We meet up to Artie at Swamis cafe and eat our lunch... We still have about 2 hours till check in... 
After we eat.. We tell Artie we will catch up to her at the campsite ... Tracy and I proceed to shop at the Seaside Market and if you follow Surf mamas blog this picture will look familiar to you

Valerie's Tandem pix that is hanging up in the market!! I text her this pix and say guess where we are?? 

We are very excited to catch up and see each other as well... But it never worked out... On a Later post i will explain.

This is also a bitter sweet time because last time I was here.. Valerie and I met and surfed with Pabs... So he was very much on both our minds...

Tracy and I finish Shopping and head to camp and set up Lola on the site we are sharing with pretty much the party crew of WK.. We have 4 sites all spread out in the campsite.. We all get together meet to surf and for a Saturday Dinner!!

Any way after we are set up we check out surf and it's a big walled closed out surf.. Hmmm that South swell really did show up.. But it brought funky surf with it too!! 
So we open a few longboard beers! 
The lovely Laura and Tracy!

And of course it's not a WK event or a party without Laurie's jello shooters!!

Go see the other gals who arrived and their campsites .. We go and get tacos and the best chicken soup from a mexican restaurant across the street.. 

Oh I got chicken soup because now.. I'm starting to feel a bit of a cold coming on
:-(.. Also I got sun poisoning from working in my garden that week in a bikini top and I'm tired... In pain... Itchy... Stuffy nose and sore throat... 
Sun poisoning^

BUT I'm not gonna let any of that ruin my trip !!

We drink and chat around the fireplace and of course our band the hot flashes are All there and we have a little jam's the only night all of us are there to jam.. But we did not come prepared with songs we all practiced prior ... So we wing it!

About 10:30.. After drink music and some pretty entertaining not for children adult conversation... Fricken hilarious.. 
We head for bed!!

I guess this will have to be a three part blog!!!

Stay tune!!!