Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sharing The Stoke!!

Almost a week ago Wednesday I took some great kids out to learn to nieghbor and Friend Mitzi and her daughter Kirsten came out to enjoy the Beach with us!

Remember my dear friend Lorri who passed away last November... Well it was her husbands Niece, Nephew and his Girlfriend.. I made a promise to the niece Meghan that I would take her surfing since she lives so close to the beach and for them to just ask!! So her mom kathy took me up on that.. I am very happy she did.. Most people always say oh can you take me surfing ? I always say sure!! But to never hear anything about it again!!... So I was extremely stoked to get the request! Although you know I can just get beginners through the basics!

We met at Seal Beach... Dalton and Emily are 21 and College Students live in Missouri... And Meghan is 19 and lives in Seal Beach..

It was not the best surf conditions 2-3 feet of close outs... Walls of water shape!! But good for a first day and getting to know the board and ocean and basics!

I never really gave lessons except for my kids and my sister And never took 3 people out at one time... Was a bit worried about it... But since they were older.. It worked out great!

I had my 8'0 foam board... An 8'0 foam board I also borrowed from a friend... And my 8'0 "Mo".... My precious!!! 

I give them the basic land lesson and explain the parts of a surfboard and what it does ... Have them stretch... Tell them about the surf condition they are headed out into and how to do the Sting Ray Shuffle!!!

I tell everyone to pick a board ... And since I talked up Mo so much and how I love this board more than my husband... Everyone was afraid to use him!! I say oh don't worry!! I have some great ding repair guys... It's ok!!! 

So in the long run.... They all took turns!!

Now as mentioned we are at Seal... "Sting Ray Bay" and I have never been out barefoot and exposed without a board.. So I'm taking them out and I think I did the StingRay Shuffle the hardest!! 

And Yeah saw 6 rays.... Well 5 and felt one... They all could have been the same one but I doubt it!!

So we all wade out... Then I have them all paddle to the outside!! Lucky for me chest deep water!!

I push each one into a wave so they can feel it... Yell paddle and pop up!!

Took a bit ... Of Course... But they all got to catching their own waves really fast!! And they were all Stoked!!

I have to Say Meghan was the happiest!! She had the biggest smile... Just paddling for the wave and anticipating it!!

Took them a bit to get up... They all were up for a second... But in their defense ... If they had at least a 9'0 board and the white wash was not so bumpy!! "I even got bumped off twice trying to get up in it!!"
They would have been cruising! 
Dalton has the longest ride!! Emily caught on the quickest... And Meghan had THE most fun!! I will be surprised if she does not have a surfboard by the end of this summer!!!

They were out for 3 hours!!! And they did admit it was harder than they thought..a we or most of us remember that the first time out... 

After two hours I sat on shore and watched them and ran out if I felt something was wrong ... Like when Emillys board hit her in the face !! She was fine!!

Kirsten who is 9 wanted to give it a try... So I pushed her into some white wash!! She was so cute! Her mom didn't get the pix of her getting up... These I phones are not the best for pix... But it was all we had! And her momma Mitzi is getting a bit curious about surfing too... Maybe my next lesson????

As for the rest of the day....

Dolphins came out too and were very close!! 

Seriously it was a great day!! It was the perfect first time out surf day!! And I was stoked ... They were stoked and I think the Dolphins were stoked!!

The kids left and Mitzi, Kirsten and I head for lunch and as we are leaving the parking lot we see the surf school instructor and a student who were right Next to us in the surf... Soaking thier feet!! They got hit!!! 

Im Thankful none of us did.. And that the day went very well!