Monday, August 1, 2011

I have not posted lately, because I have not surfed, and this is why...

Well First off I want to start with I finally got a new 3/2, see pix above. It is last years model but who really cares? I got it on sale and I think that is great! Now if I can just try it out?!
This is why my epipen is in my surfbag! Allergic you ask? I was told deathly....
I was scanning surf blogs and online articles about surfing and this pix was in "hot shots" Yes those would be the meters at Blackies... YIKES..Thought I share with you.

OK so onto me and the why I have not been surfing, besides the fact.. surf really has not looked so great anyway. So I feel I am not missing much. BUT I have not surfed since my last post July 17th. One is my work week seems to be consisting of 7 to 8 to 9 days in a row work with an occasional 2 days off. ON my last couple days off, I went to the OC fair one day. It was fun, I suggest you try the chocolate covered bacon. I had a few Dr. Apts. Nothing serious, just routine. BUT I did have her look at my shoulder on one of these visits. Will get to that in a bit... I have been busy with a mini remodel of my living room. Then this past Sat. I went to the US open. It was the only day I could go, I REALLY WANT TO GO NEXT SUNDAY. But I have to work. Now before you all tell me to call in sick... My coworker had surgery today and it is just the 2 of us in our dept. So it is OK. PLUS first week of Sept. I have a 9 day vacation coming up and she has to work for me. =) Even if I didn't have vaca, it is still ALL GOOD!. Sunday I was considering surfing in the AM..but there is my shoulder issue. YES the same one! So I spent some much needed bonding time with my 17year old daughter. We both needed it!

AND back to my shoulder... well my Doc says she thinks it was a pinched nerve, and I have been doing what she says with the Advil 600 MG 3 times a day and applying heat, and soaking in a warm bath with Epsom salt. I have been BEGGING my son who is a massage therapist to work on my arm/back/shoulder..but our schedules are not in sync. I am trying to figure out where the pain actually is. Seem my neck has a sore spot, my shoulder blade, and the socket area of my shoulder too. With a burning that has turned into a pulling sensation down my arm to my wrist. Hence why doc thinks it is a pinched nerve. I don't know if one thing is causing all this pain. OR if it is 3 separate issues. NOW,I have 3 separate injuries from the past. SO I don't know if they just get aggravated or what.

The last FUN surf sesh at Bolsa is when I hurt myself last and... It is still not better. SO YES.. I finally made an apt. with a chiropractor for this Wed. Mostly because a co-worker had them call me. I guess I have been complaining about the pain for some time, he is sick of hearing me whine..also I am always rubbing my neck or shoulder walking through the golf shop. I am ALWAYS in pain. I can't run it hurts, and I finally got up to 5 miles, it has been about a month since I have ran, and I can feel a difference in my body. I can't do yoga..and don't get me started on weights even 5lb dumbbells. Now Me not being to exercise of course there is the weight gain, But I just feel better and now I am feeling sluggish and just Yucky! I need to be active..I am just not myself if I don't move!

So everyone can relax..I am getting it looked at again.

Between all that and not being able to surf. It is sad when your 14 year old says, you are always mean lately are you going through the change??

AND on that note ladies and gents I will leave you.!