Tuesday, April 10, 2012

R E L I E F!!!!

Ok Ok.. you ALL know I was debating on what to do Sunday/Monday..Well Sunday. I decided to rest one more day..and keep my routine of moist heat/ice/ibuprofen/aleve/light stretching and massage. The pain was eased in no time. It was starting to feel dull pain sort of like someone just punched me in the back..and the pulling sensation moved from my neck to my arm. BUT during one of my stretching sessions,I felt something shift in my neck..and a bit of relief... so I am sure whatever I did..helped.

Also I realized the pain which was a lot less, only really bothered me now, rotating my arms backwards(gotta go forward to surf ;-)..) or while I stretched across my body. Looking over my left shoulder still hurt a bit too.BUT IT WAS ALL A MANAGEABLE kind of pain.

So Monday. I put the boards(total of 3) in the Tahoe. Took 2 teenagers(my daughter wanted to teach her new "BF" how to surf)(Not sure if he wanted to impress her or me,gotta get through and impress overprotected Momma first) to my local spot and made a day out of the beach. Since we are currently on a beyond tight budget. We made left over Easter eggs into egg salad and made sandwiches at the beach..and after our surf sesh, we headed to HB and found free parking to finish off our day.(could not afford all day beach parking)IT ended up being a very relaxing and great DAY!

So first things first Get to Newport. Pull up and FLAT.. so I thought. Good for Daughter and beginner BF.. not so good for me and Mo.. hmmm

Stood around and watched. WELL.. a little motion in the ocean a few knee to even waist high few and far between..but something. Next to the Jetty looked good, but everyone was there. I think I saw a few kids that get photographed in the "OH SEA" blog pull up next to me. They were making me laugh with their bromance, and their surf talk! I wish I could have video'd it.. so cute,and very surf stereotypical.I mean it in a good way!

We suited up and my friend Irma met me there. I saw Donna, and Dave and Ray or Rey?..who I just met last week. Also I FINALLY got to know Sue's name I talk to her all the time..but never knew who she was. Love her.. she is a gem!

Everyone went out and were at various ends of the break. BUT we all said it was fun in the end.

I let my daughter teach her boyfriend in the white wash what to do after a land lesson...then I headed out with Irma.

I didn't wear booties, sun was shining and my hubs told me the water warmed up.."LIAR!!!!".. I stepped in, just cringed, and about 10 seconds my feet were numb. Oh well.. Thank goodness for the nice sunny day. THE water was so clear and clean too!

I surfed Mo, but the sets were so small and it was hard to catch waves with Mo. LOTS of paddling. I did catch a few..I am really becoming one with Mo. We are falling IN LOVE with each other. I just realized yeaterday!

I did get a few rides. I decided to try Tallulah a few times too. Since my daughter rode her. I think Tallulah is gonna officially be hers now...sigh.. the hand down begins..any way. I thought these conditions would be better on a bigger board. YES no probs catching waves. BUT I forgot about Tallulah's flat nose, So I pearl. REALLY!!?? I catch another wave and paddle out again..I think Mo is a much easy paddler and I love his rocker and how when I do catch a wave It just glides.. so smooth. SUCH a difference.

So I go back to Mo... NOW I do want to point out. My daughter has only used foamy..but we let BF use it.. who by the way has a really good pop up and stood up a lot..shhh here is a secret.. he did and does better than the hubs...
Daughter was a bit intimidated to use Tallulah, Bigger and a "REAL" board. But she rocked it. She even said.."You were right mom, it was easier on Tallulah".. So as I said..the hand down. Sad, yet joyous at the same time.

Now back to Mo and I...I have realized I already learned a lot with him. We are much more in-tuned with each other. Still a learning experience, still my surf skills with him are a work in progress..but I am getting there. NOW I can catch waves and stand..BUT I need to remember to bend knees and try to really maneuver and use the board. WHICH I have not done with him yet. SO that is my next step. Part of the reason I am saying this is a surf instructor out there was yelling at me. "BEND YOUR KNEES!!".. Oh yeah huh? Again I was just really, still trying to feel Mo. BUT I think I am getting it. SINCE also I have been surfing in not the greatest or ideal conditions...My hope is when I do, and the time comes.. I have acquired more skill and it will be magical!

After I rode the wave in, I looked at the Beach and said to myself..OH SHIT, where did all these people come from??? So yes Shoobie season is upon us once again! But no Blackballing yet. YES!!

Any way no one wave stood out..can't say I am counting waves any more right now. Just learning Mo and was concentrating on Daughter and BF.. was hoping no injuries.. and YES none were had!

But there was one wave..I had a lil incident with a surfing Grizzly Adams looking man. Yes it was my bad.. BUT really not that big of a deal especially in the small conditions we were surfing.

I was paddling out and a wave was getting ready to crash on me,(closing out) and I turned and it took me, but Grizzly was on it and I saw him coming at me and his ride was cut short..BUT in all honesty I really don't think I cut his ride short.. IT DID CLOSE OUT and that part is what I caught and went straight. So when I paddled back out, just to make sure I said..as I smiled..(really who can resist my smile?) oh hope I didn't mess up your ride there..He said you were inside and yes a little bit. I said ooops sorry it closed out on me and I didn't know what to do, so I rode it. He said you could have turtled..I just laughed and said jokingly, I don't like to turtle it scares me. He was a bit gruff and said..no big deal..but I think he really was a bit peeved. YIKES.. I moved away from him then..I didn't want to make any more "waves".

Well I surfed THREE HOURS.. yes 3 hours. I didn't feel pain in my shoulder till later,(I think the cold water helped)a little sore today..nothing ibuprofen can't fix.

Got cleaned up and packed and chit chatted with Dave,Ray/Rey and Sue.. LOVE the after and or before surf camaraderie. Decided all in all not a bad day for the conditions.

After that, we trotted down to HB, and I played Shoobie for the rest of the day( as seen in bottom and only photo of the day)BLENDED in quite nicely with the "Spring Break" crowd!