Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Surf at Bolsa

It was so much fun!!!!!

I was going to attend both Newport Beach Blackies and our Wahine Kai Bolsa Chica Halloween surf.. However being unemployed and gas prices... Left me to choose one or the other... So I chose the surf club event.

We had to wait till 10 am due to high tide.. Surf was not the best... But good enough!

We had a lot of fun... However I feel I did A lot of paddling and not a lot of catching waves...

I caught 4 ... They were not great.. One was short and sweet... One i stood up and the momento stopped so i was just standing on my board for a minute.. Not moving or nothing... Sort of funny. One i had great style and not a picture!! Then i had one where i did a lil jig on my board ... Lol and my last one I did not stand up.., just put my arms out while on my belly and flew in... All the way to shore!

It was hard staying on my board in a maids costume... I kept slipping off my board sideways.. Yes I surfed in my bikini with a maids costume thrown over and some board shorts! Thank goodness water was warm... But at first it was a tad shocking paddling out.. I was worried it was going to be too cold... But the sun was out and I was actually very warm!.. I also wore booties on my feet!
The costumes were so cool!!! My friend Irma was Wonder Women my friend Tracy was a pirate.. My friend Susan who won best costume at Bolsa was Carmen Miranda... She got best wipe out for the Blackies contest..and our club pres was a cow.. And there were much more!

Well I will now put on a ton of pix!! Much better than words !!! Enjoy...