Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A lil update

Last weekend I went to Doheny again... Waves were 2-3 and the water was so warm.... Like 75 degrees warm!

But I didn't get to surf.... No.... But my hubs got to surf with MY friends at MY favorite surf break! That is just WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

But I been sick and needed to save my strength for my first day at work...

Any way so I have been and still am sick ... My first day of work was not the greatest ... I coughed non stop all day! I was so embarrassed! :-(
So I am trying to absorb things while sick and not myself. I was drained and tired and stressed and was in bed before 9 pm.
As for my job.... I'm not sure yet... I don't even know what I'm suppose to do...things are not very organized.. Plus they use different computer programs and systems than I'm use to... Also the equipment in the office is a little more high tech than anywhere i work before... Which is kinda cool, but still frustrating at the same time....But hey it's only been 2 days I'm sure I will get it eventually.
Everyone In the office seem very nice and it seems like a fun nice place to work.
Also if I felt better, I probably would be looking at this differently. Plus I need to feel it out. And figure out my niche and when I do... Eventually I will be fine....I HOPE!

Why can't I just surf when I want and money magically appear???

Any way so here Are some pix from last weekend...