Friday, January 18, 2013

Feeling Pretty Awesome!!!

Well it's been cold and surf has been flat last time I surfed was Jan 5th and it was not eventful I caught 4 waves at Blackies and it was cold!!!!!

I did surf today and I will get to that... Again really not eventful ....

Let's catch up...

I have been doing my January detox and doing really well!

No alcohol, dairy,meat not even chicken or seafood no caffeine /coffee no sugar no processed or minimally processed.. No fast food and I have been reducing my gluten intake as well ... Basically eating vegan/wheatless !!
I'm doing great!!! I feel great and I have more clarity and my senses are elevated especially my sense of smell!
I have not done any extreme exercise just 10 sun salutations every morning and walking or other yoga . Although last couple days I have been riding my sons longboard skateboard up and down our street.. And pulled my back muscle which is still sore ... Does that count as "extreme" exercise???

I did my 3 day cleanse where I just had green smoothies and salad with lots of veggies w/ lime or lemon and a cabbage veggie soup for three days and detox tea and water... Just happen I was on that fasting type cleanse last time I surfed so yeah not a lot if energy!

Now I have so much energy and lost 11 lbs!!! Woot woot!

I had some health issues ( I don't want to go into) but found out I'm ok!!! But during blood work found out I have high cholesteral !! Never ever have I had that before ... But I'm sure this diet and cleanse will help with all that!.

I also think I have a good job lead... Been interviewing at a real estate office with a few agents for an assistant position And I think I will be employed by end of the month ... Fingers crossed! I do like this office and the people! All big +'s!!!!!!!!

This weekend I'm pet/house sitting in Sunset Beach... Same house I stayed
at on my staycation last year almost to date ;-)

I got here last night and missed the sunset. ... But not today ....
I got up cleaned the cat boxes scooped dog poop and fed everyone...took the dog ... Otto on a 30 minute walk.. Then I rode a beach cruiser from sunset to HB pier .. Surf looked ok but I was waiting for my friend Irma at noon... I stopped to see my friend Eric out at Bolsa took pix and a poor guy who was surfing next to Eric just got out got hit by a Stingray after his first wave ... I felt so bad for him...blood was pouring from his heal OUCH!!!

Bike ride was 12.8 miles round trip 2 hours!!! I did stop at Bolsa and then at the Pier and did some stretching...
Came back to the house changed pack Tahoe and caught up with Irma at Bolsa...

I also gave Mo a fresh wax job after last surf session so Mo was fresh and ready to go! It feels good to have a cleaned & Freshly wax board!

It was a beautiful day... Not much wind yet and surf was not so great but we paddled out and the water was cold cold cold ... I think it was 51 degrees... I think I can handle 54 and that's it ! But again it was such a pretty sunshiny day! A pod a dolphins were outside and a big ole sea lion was inside .. We were surrounded by sea wild life! And surfing in vicinity of the stingray!

I caught 3 close outs ... That is all! Irma caught a nice long left... I was paddling for it too ...but here came Irma down the line and she looked so graceful and like she was having FUN! I'm surprised there was even one wave like that at all! We surfed for an hour ... It got blown out and swampy so we came in and realized we were the only surfers out there!

Came back to the house took a shower and drove around did some errands... Back in time to catch the sunset as seen in the following pix!

This my friends was an eventful day! And yes all was done with a sore lower back... Time for a salon pa patch...
I am not going to let that slow me down ;-)

Wonder what adventures awaits me tomorrow????

Enjoy the pix!