Monday, July 15, 2013

4 out of 5 and half days of surfing!

So... I wrote up an Amazing blog post on Saturday about my week at the beach house..surfing and hanging with 

And ... I was dozing off while blogging ... And I didn't save it... And my I phone turned off because of low battery.... As I lost all of it :-(....

So here I go again!!

Last week I stayed at my friends house pet/house sitting .... Yes the house I can walk to the beach and usually take beautiful pictures of Sunsets..

So arrive Sunday ... Drive to Long Beach to meet Tracy...And Tracy and I ride bikes from her house to downtown Long Beach to join our friend Tamra and few of her friends to celebrate her Birthday... Was great fun and great conversation with a bunch of great gals!!

Tracy,her friend Kevin, Irma ...

We head out and surf at Bolsa in the morning .... T23.. As I said ... I had better days and worse days.. But it was a surf day... So that's all that matters!! 2-3 and some shape but nothing great! Caught a few so no complaints!!

As I was taking pix and walking back to my Tahoe I run into my friend and ding repair guy Alain..(if you need his services get in touch with me and I will hook you up) we make plans to connect later with his lovely gal Lisa and BBQ at their new house! Was a very nice evening! Thank you again guys!
The lovely Lisa and I

Doho day!!! Was suppose to meet hubs who was shore fishing in the bay... But we missed each other...
It was Tracy and I and we had fun... Again not the best Doheny day.. Small but happy to run into some Blackies crew guys Mike and Bart!! I came running at them and they were all like....Who's this crazy girl??! I said uh shut up you know you love me..;-)... Tracy and I had snackage and went back out for a minute :-) again caught a few water was nice... But nothing really exciting!


Well morning did not look good to me at Bolsa and I had friends who surfed Bolsa and heard not worth going out... 

So I laid out walking distance from the house im staying at! It was nice to relax...
As I'm laying there I'm thinking surf looks decent should have brought my board!! (also hear later some did surf Bolsa and had a great session that day)

 Irma went for a bike ride and came and saw me while i was relaxing and said heard there was an evening glass off night before... So we decide to hook up later and do an evening surf !

We meet up at Bolsa around d 5:30 and go out and get worked ... Beat up and spit out!! I could not get outside... I almost did and I get caught in a breaking wave took me all the way back... And the drift was killer... Just dragged us North as we tried to get out :-(.
Irma and I meet on shore after getting our butts handed to us and beat up for 20 min!! And decide to head to Blackies ... I drive in wetsuit and all!!

We surf north of the Jetty because at 6:20.. Blackball was still up!!! 

But it was a gentler wave and it was nice to be out for an evening surf! We had fun... Small 1 footers Short little rides .. But rides none the less!!

It was enjoyable!!

We surf till almost 8:00 pm evening came to other side of jetty after blackball went away... Probably close to 7:00 pm!!!! Wow.
Surfed a little on that side... Caught nothing really then...

We say goodbye and see what tomorrow Thursday brings!

Thursday... Rainy drizzly non surf day! 

Day to relax and I tidied up the house I was staying at... Hung out with the animals and watched TV...
Took Otto for an evening walk... 

Connected with fellow blogger Matt from El Porto Surf blog!!!!

He shows up to Bolsa T20 with a few of his surf buddies Dais and Khang and I also get to meet his gal Brianna!

What is up with Khangs facial expression !?!?! 

As for surf .... Not my idea conditions ... They are all short borders .. Well Brianna had a bigger board! And a lot younger !

My friend Irma shows up and says ummm no!! She is not joining us for the crazy surf session... It was a tad big and it was barreling not like pipeline ... But not what I go out in.. And the north drift was horrific!! As I'm on shore stretching and watching a lot of wipe outs!!! But I decide to try  and get out twice and was pulled a tower away in seconds and never made it outside... Gave up and met
Irma on shore and watchedfor a bit I kept cringing and saying ohhhhh!!! Whoa !!!! Yikes!!! 
But the young friends of mine are doing fine!! I even see Brianna take a nice ride in...
Matt stayed out and never came in and everyone else rode a wave in got out walked south a few towers rode a wave in to be dropped off far south and get out and do this again and again.

Matt is doing the most surfing but I saw Khang and Dais doing ok too!! 

Matt catches this one wave and does a fancy maneuver at the end and waves at me like a boy showing off for his mom!!! Very cute!! I wave back and he carries on..
I got very protective watching them and trying to keep an eye on all of them! Like a momma duck watching her ducklings!

They all get out and replenish...

We go back in and we are all over the place I again try to get outside and same ole thing... I decide to play in the white wash it was powerful enough..But.

I did manage to almost get outside and I could have made it... But the wave looked really good and I was in the perfect position ... So I went for it and caught a very nice left.. And if I was at Blackies that would have been a long ride!!
I decided to end on that note!!

I stayed on shore and watched a bit more until everyone came in...
After that we talked for a few and take some pix and go our separate ways!!! 
For such a hard surf day.... It Ended up being nice!! 

I went back to the beach house tidied up and packed and headed home!

Whew!!!! What an almost week!!