Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WHY do we do what we love even if it almost kills us?

Yeah so um anyway if you read my last post..I ran a 5K sick and then went surfing the next day..against the will of my husband who was worried about my health..So I went to the Doctor yesterday, Been sick for over 10 days and now..I have an annoying cough..thought I would just get some cough med, because the over the counter stuff and my all natural sunny days cough drops didn't cut it...and find out I have Bronchitis.. bordering Pneumonia..and NOW I am on some serious Antibiotics, Steroids and an Inhaler..Was told if I don't take my meds and rest. I will end up with full blown Pneumonia and prob a hospital stay...... I don't really like medicine and try to do things holistic style..BUT that did not work so much this time. AND I was shocked at how much medicine and pills I had to take. Yesterday in one sitting I had to take 6 pills and 2 puffs of an inhaler. WTF!? I called my pharmacist who filled the prescription and argued this cant be right.. I am gonna OD over here..BUT nope it was right. WOW!

...Even after that I was still gonna attempt a surf/camp trip this weekend up North and surf Mondos and visit the Avocado Festival. BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS ALL YEAR!!! My friend Tracy can't stop talking about Mondos and how much I am gonna love it. Plus I love Avocados and am in need of a good camp out.....

But my husband is ready to tie me up and throw me in the closet.. for my health and my own good....So I guess I better rest..