Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Well I should post something!

It was pointed out to me it's been awhile since I posted! Sorry no pix this time. I just added one I took a while back... It expresses what I'm feeling.

I have only been out one time since the last post.... That was almost 2 weeks ago...Just to paddle out and get that zen feeling... I was still feeling sick... And I still am... But I paddled for a few regardless... Even when I first paddled out... My lungs were burning... That's when I knew I had bronchitis... I caught 2 waves ... 1 wipeout and 1 I rode all the way in! I so did not have the energy to paddle back out... And only after 45min.

Well hubs last 2 surf sessions at Doho really burst his confidence ... He was catching a few waves from the outside at Bolsa.... A first for him!

As a matter of fact he went surfing today with MY friends!.... I am not sure how I feel about this.. I think I created a monster!!! Ha!

In other news working my new job and still sick! & Not a Happy Person... But I'm trying to put on a front...

Went to Doctors last week was diagnosed with bronchitis ... Prescribed a Z PAC ....
Thought Sunday and Monday I was getting better!
Today woke up nauseated and hot like my body was on fire and just worn!
Still went to work thinking I would feel better as the day went on... But I felt worse and kept getting dizzy! I went home from work early... And made another Dr. Apt for tomorrow... Im in week 6 of this!!
I took a nap when I got home and now I can't sleep... But still feel like crap .. Im sure my writing is probably giving off that vibe...


I am SO not me right now! And I'm at the point where I'm starting not to care about anything! My life is not a bowl of cherries currently and I can't even surf to center myself....

Well that is all...I just want to get well so I can get back on track and be me!!

Was suppose to go on a surf camp trip to San Elijo this weekend.... Its been planned for months and gonna surprise one I my fav peeps with a visit!!! Hmmm who could that be... ???

Anyway I just backed out.... So you know I'm sick if I am not going camping at my favorite place surfing with my best of friends :-(....it's what I live for!!


  1. This too shall pass...Sending you some NORCAL healing spirits and patience for your speedy recovery and return to the realm of stoke.

  2. I'm so sorry that you're not feeling well. Sending you lots of healthy healing thoughts and hope you get back in the water soon!!!!

  3. Oh nooooooooooo! we miss you down here!!!!
    I am totally burnt out by my new job... I would definitely have enjoyed seeing you... It would have been reciprocal cheer up...Take time to take care of you! You matter to us!

  4. Thanks guys... And surf mama... As you can tell I really wanted to surprise you... And we could chat about our new jobs... Being sick and new job .. Both burning me out as well!

  5. Sorry to hear that your world is all funked out at the moment. I am sending you some hugs and positive vibes (picture me with fingers to temples and eyes squished shut!). I had hoped that your new job was going to be just fab (you too Surfmama!) but I am sure things will turn around for both of you! And thanks for the post, was wondering where you were! Cheers Bron:)

  6. Thank you so much Bron! I love hearing from my friend down under .... I'm sure things will get better soon! I knew a few peeps were wondering where I been .... It's nice to be missed ;-)

  7. I'm trying to catch up on some blog reading this weekend. Been so busy since school started. I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I hope that you're doing better now. I have work next weekend, but the following weekend I am totally up for surfing Bolsa with you if you're paddling out.

  8. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. It sounds like you have had to give up quite a bit. I also cannot believe that your husband loves surfing so much too! That is great! I am still learning about blogging and I have learned so much from others. I think personally that a blog should reflect the ups and downs of life. You never know who is on the other end reading and learning how to persevere through possibly worse situations. Blogs to me can be uplifting, educational, motivational, and the list goes on. I know that it has been two weeks since you blogged, but if you see this I hope that you are feeling better very soon. Keep the stoke alive! Downtime can also be a great time to practice the Ukulele too!